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The Maybury Family
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Beginning with a family of
skilled iron workers in Elizabethan England

Hammer Forge drawing by J. Lewis

Our earliest known Maybury ancestors
lived in Sussex, England
New family branches began as some Mayburys
moved to Ireland, America, Australia and South Africa

Books About
The Maybury Family
The Maybury DNA Project

Tracing the Maybury family DNA signature
through many generations

  • The Mayburys published in 2011
  • Ten other books about the family
  • About the Maybury DNA Project
  • Latest DNA Project Report -- If this very
    complex report looks erratic, please try a
    different browser (Firefox, Chrome,
    MS Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer. etc.).
  • The Mayburys of
    Surry County, Virginia

    Francis Maybury and Elizabeth Gilliam
    and their descendants
    Mayburys yet to be identified

    How do these individuals
    connect to the larger family?
  • Francis Maybury and Elizabeth Gilliam
  • Important error about Francis Maybury
  • Was Margery Gilliam a Henshaw?
  • Male descendants through six generations
  • Southside Virginia Genealogies
  • The Mabry Mill in Virginia
  • Buford Mabry, Southern Storyteller
  • Knoxville's Mabry-Hazen House
  • Diary of Lewis Mabry's business trip
  • Are Mabrys related to Pocahontas?
  • Earlier Mayburys in America?
  • Journal of John Mabry (1764-1845)
  • Randolph Mabry, born 1774 VA
  • The Mabrys of Abbeville County SC
  • Delilah Mabry of Abbeville County, SC
  • Reuben Langdon Mabry of SC
  • The Mayburys of Bucks County PA
  • John Mayberry of Mercer County, PA
  • Charles Mayberry of Hunterdon Co NJ
  • The Mabrys of Sumner County, TN
  • Francis Maybury in early eastern TN
  • Rezin Mabry of SC, AL and LA
  • James Washington Mayberry of AL
  • John Mayberry of Sussex County, NJ
  • The Maybury Photo Archive
    Photos from many branches of the family
    African American
  • Downloadable early Maybury photos
  • African-American research
  • Mabry family slave records
  • Interviews of former slaves
  • New research since publication of
    The Mayburys
    Mayburys in
    American Wars
  • The Early Maybury family in Sussex
  • County Kerry Mayburys
  • William Mabury of Currabeg
  • Pennsylvania Mayburys
  • The American Revolution
  • The War of 1812
  • The Civil War
  • Civil War Letters and stories
  • Miscellaneous information
    about the Mayburys
    Other Resources
    for Genealogy
  • A Maybury family timeline
  • 117 ways to spell Maybury!
  • How does YOUR family spell it?
  • The Maybury Family Newsletter (1995-2011)
  • Miscellaneous Records by State
  • An early family in Wales
  • Start tracing your ancestors
  • Genealogy resources on the web
  • How to determine your relationship
  • Mabry Family reunions each year
  • Birthmark is common but not unique
  • Beware of "Family History" scams
  • About Don Collins and
    the Maybury Family web page
  • About Don Collins and the Maybury page
  • Frequently asked questions

  • The definitive book
    on the Maybury family

    The Mayburys culminates sixty years
    of research into the origins, history
    and growth of the Maybury family.

    654 pages plus another 1,095 pages
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