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Brodtbeck, Otto
Angelus - Rosedale Cemetery
1831 W. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, CA
(April 6, 1845 - April 24, 1895)

Additional Information about the Family Plot from the Find a Grave Volunteer

Otto Brodtbeck 1845-1895 (top left)
Emilie Brodtbeck 1854 - 1922 (top right) (wife)
O. W. Brodtbeck 1876 - 1902 (bottom right) (son)
Adele Brodtbeck Cowan 1882 - 1939 (bottom left) (daughter)

Also off to the side was another upright military stone that was unreadable. I got the foil out of my graving bag and was able to get an impression for:

S.D. Brodtbeck
12th Iowa Inf