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Submitted by Ben K. Sager


Canfield, Theron P.
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Artesian, Sanborn County, South Dakota.
(1836 - Oct. 8, 1894.)


This is the top of the large family gravestone. The stone is shaped like a lectern with a closed book setting on it. The cover of the book shows a five point star with the letters "GAR" in the center. Then just below the star it shows:

CO.C. 27


This picture is the military stone for Theron P. Canfield in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery at Artesian, Sanborn County, SD. Unfortunately, this is a very poor picture. We were there at the wrong time of day for the light. Also, the moss on the stone was very hard. All I had was a toothbrush and some paper towels so did not have any luck with the moss.


This picture is the footstone for Theron. It has the following lettering:

Theron P. Canfield
Born 1835
Died 1895

We did the first two pictures Saturday evening and then started out on Sunday morning from Huron with Artesian being our first stop of the day. The storms were over and the sun was shining. Unfortunately, the humidity was still very high and the mosquitoes were out in swarms. I took several pictures of the gravesite and I will be sending you 3 more pictures. Maybe you could make a montage.

In the first picture (of the entire lot), the footstone for Mrs. Canfield shows the following:

Azalia Underhill
Born 1856
Died 1887