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Submitted by Kathy


Benjamin C. Lockridge
Buckley Cemetery
Buckley, Pierce County, Washington
(January 26, 1841 - Dec. 13, 1916)
Corp 27 IA Inft. Civil War
Elizabeth M., His Wife


This particular photo will always be special to me. It was the very first tombstone photo I got way back when I started my website. It inspired me to try to find out what happened to the men of the 27th. Who knew at that time, that it would turn into a 15 year project!! ejj

Subject: Benjamin C Lockridge - Co. D 27th Infantry
Date: May 29, 1999

Dear Elaine:

I live in Buckley, Washington, a small town about 65 miles southeast of Seattle near the foothills of Mt. Rainier.

Several years ago I was walking thru the local cemetery and happened across the grave marker for the above civil war soldier. At the time I wondered who he was, what side did he fight for, and how on earth did he end up in Buckley?

Each Memorial Day I think about putting a flag on his grave, but never knew which one would be appropriate. A rebel soldier would certainly have a fit if I place a Union flag on his grave!

Via the website in Utah I located his name, the date of birth matched the tombstone, 1841, and it listed Kentucky as state of birth. I went back to the cemetery and wrote down "CORP 27 IA Inft, CIVIL WAR". Returning home I began my search.

He is listed in your directory as being assigned to Co. D along with his brother Daniel P Lockridge.

According to the tombstone, he died in 1916. I know of no family in the area and have no idea what happened to Daniel.

I thought you might like to know where one of your soldiers ended up and should anyone come looking for him you can pass the information along.

If you can tell me where I can get a picture of his unit's battle flag I will see that it is placed on his grave next Memorial Day.



May 31, 1999


This has turned out to an interesting Memorial Day weekend, all thanks to a Civil War veteran named Ben. (Thanks Ben!)

I may have a lead on a family member, should it turn out that they have a picture of him they will let me copy I will send it along with the photos I took yesterday at the Buckley Cemetery. When I get my film developed I will send you (via US mail) pictures and a rubbing I took from his tombstone, which reads:


I will also send a map of the cemetery showing the location of his grave.