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John Mitchell

Riverside Cemetery
Charles City, Floyd County, Iowa
(1821 -May 22, 1864)


John Mitchell
May 22, 1864
42 ys 8 ms 27 ds

Catherine C.
Beloved Wife
of John Mitchell
Apr. 19, 1891
63 ys 6 ms 1 day

The following additional information has been provided by Chris Tonn:

I have researched the following and have not found any evidence that John Mitchell is buried in the Riverside cemetery in Charles City, Iowa.

Charles City newspapers for May/June/July 1864
Floyd County Courthouse
Charles City Library
Riverside Cemetery Books
Catherine's VA widow pension file

He is listed as buried in Floyd County in the "History of Floyd County 1882". However, Daniel Dean is also listed as being buried in Floyd County and he is buried in Memphis, TN so that is not a reliable source.

John purchased 6 graves in Riverside Cemetery when 3 of his sons died in Nov, 1860. His name is listed on the tombstone. It looks to me like all the names were added at the same time since the engraving all look alike. Possibly occurred when Catherine died.

Cemetery books list the following people as buried at this site:

Grave 1 empty
Grave 2 John G Mitchell, d. 1915 (his name is not listed on the tombstone)
Grave 3, 4, 5 Child Mitchell (unknown which child is buried in each grave, Robert, Samuel, James G)
Catherine d. 1891

I'll continue to research and will add the family tombstone to John Mitchell's memorial this week.

Please add in John Mitchell's bio section that no evidence has been found that he is actually buried there. If he is found buried elsewhere later on this will clear up any confusion that might occur.