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27th Iowa Top Banner

Personnel from the 27th IA Infantry

Wounded at Yellow Bayou, LA

May 18, 1864

Name Company Notes
Adams, Timothy G. K in the side and back / mustered out May 9, 1865 at Davenport, IA
Bates, Solomon W. B in the hand / mustered out 8/8/1865
Bender, Henry A. E in the hand/ discharged 2/1/1865, Keokuk, for wound
Betsinger, Nicholas B in the hand / discharged 8/11/1864 at St. Louis, for wounds
Botsford, Harrison B in the hand / mustered out 8/8/1865
Budd, Charles W. E in the hand / mustered out 8/8/1865
Hoover, Charles, Jr. H in the groin / mustered out 8/8/1865
McLennan, Thomas R. A in the neck / mustered out 8/8/1865
Morse, Alpheus A. F in left lung / discharged 5/16/1865, Jefferson Barracks, MO for wounds
Nelings, Daniel A. E in the foot / mustered out 8/8/1865
Sargent, V. W. F in both thighs / mustered out 8/8/ 1865
Sevoy, William I. A in the right ankle and left knee / Died 5/21/1864, Red River
Landing, LA of wounds.
Shriber, Leonard M. A in the face / mustered out 8/8/1865
Slocum, Charles a. G wounded / discharged 2/8/1865

This battle has several names:

Old Oaks
Yellow Bayou
Bayou de Glaize
Calhoun Station, LA

I have listed the soldiers under the name of the battle based on the Roster.