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Company I

Record of Events

Supplement to the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. Part II, Vol. 20, PP 603-637. Edited by Janet B. Hewett. Assistant Editors Joycelyn Pinson and Julia H. Nichols. Broadfoot Publishing Company, Wilington, NC, 1995. Record of Events for Twenty-seventh Iowa Infantry, October 1862-June 1865.

The companies kept records of activities, including how far they traveled (and by what method i.e. marched, by train, by steamer). Some Companies kept more extensive Records of Events than others. Even though there is very little mention of specific soldiers, it gives you a pretty good idea of what they were doing during a specific time period.

To see a record of events associated with a particular company, click on the company letter above. NOTE: be sure to also check out the Record of Events for the Staff and the Regiment. It gives pretty extensive information about the 27th Iowa in general.

October 3, 1862 - January 1, 1863 -- Stationed at Jackson, Tennessee

  • I hereby certify that on October 31, the Twenty-seventh Regiment, Iowa Volunteer Infantry was on the march in Minnesota. That they were in the woods beyond the limits of civilization; that we had with us no blank muster rolls and did not muster for pay on that day and that we were mustered into the United States service as a regiment by Captain George S. Pierce, on October 3, 1862 and were not mustered again until December 31, 1862. I ask that the men be paid on the rolls of December 31, 1862 from date of enlistment unto that date.

January 1 - April 15, 1863 -- Stationed at Camp Reed, Jackson, Tennessee

March - April 1863 -- Stationed at Corinth, Mississippi

May - June 1863 -- Stationed at Moscow, Tennessee

  • June 4, 1863 -- On Tuesday, the regiment and company moved from Jackson, Tennessee, where we had been stationed since January 9, to Moscow, Tennessee on the Memphis and Charleston Railroad. We moved by railroad, distance sixty-five miles.

July - August, 1863 - Stationed at Clarendon, Arkansas

September - October, 1863 -- Stationed at Little Rock, Arkansas

November - December, 1863 -- Stationed at Memphis, Tennessee

  • Changed station from Little Rock Arkansas to Memphis, Tennessee, distance about 375 miles; forty-four miles by rail, the remaining portion of the distance by river. No marching.

January - February 1864 -- Stationed at Canton, Mississippi

March - April 1864 -- Stationed at Alexandria, Louisiana

May - June, 1864 -- Stationed at La Grange, Tennessee

  • [For record of events, see Company D.]

July - August, 1864 -- Stationed at Memphis, Tennessee

September - October, 1864 -- Stationed at Pleasant Hill, Missouri

  • September 5-17, 1864 -- Left Memphis, where last mustered by transport for Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, 484 miles. Arrived September 17.
  • September 25, 1864 -- Went by rail to Mineral Point, Missouri on Iron Mountain Railroad, sixty-one miles.
  • September 28, 1864 -- Returned to Jefferson Barracks, sixty-one miles.
  • October 2, 1864 -- Marched in pursuit of General Price via Franklin, Jefferson City, Lexington, Independence, and Little Santa Fe.
  • October 25-30, 1864 -- Abandoned the pursuit and returned to Pleasant Hill, Missouri via Harrisonville, arriving on October 30, having marched 382 miles since leaving Jefferson Barracks. Whole number of miles traveled, since last mustered for pay, 988 miles.

November - December, 1864 -- Stationed in the field, Tennessee.

  • October 31, 1864 -- Left Pleasant Hill, Missouri, where last mustered on October 31, and marched to Saint Louis, Missouri, a distance of 290 miles, arriving there on November 18.
  • November 25-30. 1964 -- Left Saint Louis by boat for Nashville, Tennessee, where we arrived November 30.
  • December 15-16, 1864 -- Was engaged in the battle of Nashville.
  • December 17, 1864 -- Started in pursuit of General Hood and marched eighty miles up to time of muster.

January - February 1865 -- Stationed Chalmette, Louisiana

  • Last mustered on the road from Nashville to Clifton, Tennessee, while in pursuit of the Rebel Army under Hood. From Clifton, the company went by steamer to Eastport, Mississippi.
  • February 9, 1865 -- Remained until February 9, then took steamer Tarascon for New Orleans.
  • February 21, 1865 -- Arrived and camped on Jackson's battleground. Distance passed over 1,700 miles.

March - April 1865 -- Stationed at Montgomery, Alabama.

  • March 7-8, 1865 -- Left New Orleans on steamship for Dauphin Island, Mobile Bay. Arrived there March 8.
  • March 19, 1865 -- Remained until March 19, when we moved up the east side of Mobile Bay and invested Fort Blakely near the city of Mobile.
  • April 9, 1864 -- Captured [Mobile] by assault.
  • April 13-27, 1865 -- Marched for Montgomery, Alabama, where we arrived on April 27.

May - June, 1865 -- Stationed near Montgomery, Alabama.