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End-of-War Transferees from 27th Iowa to 12th Iowa:
From Footnotes to Roster of the Regiment in
"Campaigns and Battles of the Twelfth Regiment Iowa Veteran Volunteer Infantry"
by David Reed.

Submitted by Donald J. DuBay

Transferred from Co. "A", 27th Iowa, July 13, 1865

Cotton, Isaac
Hawkins, Hiram
Pratt, Lemuel

Transferred from Co. "B", 27th Iowa, July 13, 1865
Page 272:

Anderson, Magnus;
Anderson, Olaf;
Butler, Arctus W;
Churchill, Edwin;
Dickens, J.W.;
Dubay, William;
Gardner, William E.;
Harrison, William H.;
Hector, Andrew;
Hector, Peter;
Iverson, Amon;
Medary, Thomas C.;
Melton, Franklin;
Peterson, John A.;
Price, Fred P.;

Transferred from Co. "C," 27th Iowa, July 17, 1865
Page 278, (ibid):

Barnes, James;
Brant, Allen;
Canfield, Theron P.;
Dawson, John;
Gillam, Ezekiel D.;
Jackway, G.H.;
Jewell, James E.;
Kelsey, E.A.;
Martin, Charles I.;
Muchmore, Stephen D.;
Patterson, Samuel W.;
Proctor, George W.

Transferred From Co "D" 27th Iowa, July 15, 1865:
Page 284 (ibid)

Cooper, Hiram L.;
Dwyer, Edward B.;
Gordan, Thomas L.;
Hall, John L.;
Hanneman, John;
Minger, Rudolph;
Montgamery, William;
Newman, Martin;
Parno, August;
Radamacher, Corp. Chas.;
Quigley, Dennis C.;
Wicke, Charles

Transferred from Co "E" 27th Iowa, July 16, 1865
From Page 290 (ibid)

Ashline, Lewis;
Bell, J.H.;
Bradley, A.W.;
Burke, John;
Fox, D.E.;
Green, H.J.;
Goslin, N.H.;
Hawkins, Paul; (not on Roster)
Henderson, James E.;
Hudson, G.W.;
Hudson, J.W.;
Meyers, J.D.;
Morgan, C.;
Shaw, C.A.;
Shaw, J.K.;
Stevenson, L.W.;

Transferred from Co. "F" 27th Iowa, July 26, 1865
Page 296 (ibid)

Bower, Wm. R.;
Freeman, E.J.;
Garrison, C.M.;
Grice, A.F.;
Clark, Judson;
Lukens, Joseph;
Mackey, H.W.;
Olmstead, Henry;
Sargent, James F.;
Sargent, Geo. W.;
Smith, T.J.;
Tripp, Aaron W.;
Trumbull, James F.;
Wandle, Alex;
Wilson, W.N.

Transferred from Co. "G" 27th Iowa, July 15, 1865
Page 302

Crane, John;
Crowell, James M.;
Fisher, William N.;
Green, Leander;
Hall, Giles;
McCanna, James A;
Munson, Joseph;
Montgomery, W.V.;
Rowe, John;
Thompson, A.H.;
Tinker, Joseph;
Wright, C.T.;
Young, Ami S.

Transferred from Co. "H" 27th Iowa July 17, 1865
Page 306

Blank, A.B.;
Conlin, James;
Cormick, H.H.;
Henderson, J.L.;
Kautz, Charles;
Keller, H.W.;
Laughlin, H.J.;
Logan, J.W.;
Rich, W.F.;
Stanford, Alford;
Stockwell, C.M.;
Stockwell, E.M.;

Transferred from Co. "I" 27th Iowa, July 15, 1865
Page 313

Sergt. Alden E. Wolcott;
Corp. Peter Lewis;
Behnke, Frank;
Clark, Frank;
Knodt, Carl;
Lewis, Lewis;
McCallum, Daniel D.;
O'Neil, Andrew;
Poesch, Lorenz;
Reardon, John;
Schmidt, John;
Schoepf, John.
Wolcott, D.H., Died Nov. 3, 1865

Transferred from Co. "K" 27th Iowa July 15, 1865
Page 319

Beckner, J.M.;
Cotton, A.B.;
Carter, R.H.;
Chambers, H.;
Davis, C.H.;
Hutchinson, E.M.;
Proctor, J.G.;
Williams, Isaiah;
Wynn, Warner