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bulletUse the buttons above to post and read TROUTMAN Queries, Biographies, Obituaries, Wills, Bible Records or Deeds. All posted information must show a TROUTMAN, TRAUTMAN, etc. connection.
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bulletWhen posting information, please provide appropriate information in the subject area, such as name(s) of primary individual(s), location, and dates.
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Why Post Your TROUTMAN 
Family Info Here?

The TROUTMAN  Surname Boards are the perfect vehicle for researchers to share information in a convenient manner. This information will be available in a searchable format for years to come. I would like to very much encourage those who visit the TROUTMAN  Surname Boards to not only search for information that might be useful to them, but to also "leave behind" a little of their own research so that other's might share in what each submitter has about their own ancestors. This can be done by entering Obit. info, Bible Records, etc. that may enable other researchers to "find you" through a trail you've left behind. Thanks!

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