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French-Canadian Surnames:
Variants, Dit, Anglicizations, etc.

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(1) Yandow Guindon   (7) York Jacques
(6) Yanor Yenor     Yott Huot
  Yax Hiacs     Yotte Huot
  Yax Hiax     You De La Découverte
  Yax Iacks     You Guyon
  Yax Jacks     You Ladêcouverte
  Yeado Rlendeau     You Rochefort
(6) Yeanar Yenor     You Youville
(6) Yeanor Yenor   (6) Young Dion
  Yelle Hyelle   (7) Young Dionne
(6) Yenior Yenor   (1) Young La Jeunesse
(6) Yenner Yenor   (7) Young Lejeune
(6) Yenoir Yenor     Youong Lajeunesse
(6) Yenor Geynart   (6) Youso Coutu
(6) Yenor Guenard     Yout Huot
(6) Yenor Yanor     Youville You
(6) Yenor Yeanar     Yuon Guyon
(6) Yenor Yeanor     Yuon Yon
(6) Yenor Yenior   (6) Yurno Yenor
(6) Yenor Yenner     Yvelin ?
(6) Yenor Yenoir     Yvernache Livernoche
(6) Yenor Yeunor     Yvernage Livernoche
(6) Yenor Yurno     Yvon DeFlem
  Yerse Beaulieu     Yvon Flame
  Yerse Diers     Yvon Frichon
(6) Yettaw Guertin     Yvon Héon
(6) Yeunor Yenor     Yvon Hyvon
  Yger St. Michel     Yvon Jeber
  Ynard Enard     Yvon Lafontaine
(5) Yon Calais     Yvon Leber
(6) Yon Dion     Yvon LeBer
(1) Yon Guyon     Yvon Phlem
  Yon Joy     Yvon Saint-Michel
  Yon Ladéroute     Yvon St. Michel
  Yon Yuon     Yvon Versailles
(6) Yon-Dion Dion   - - -

Updated March 14, 2001
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