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   Patrick and Elizabeth M'Coy, Michael Martin, Owen Bradley, Michael Moran, — Fitzgerald, Cornelius Ahern, and Mary Cunningham, were charged with riot, and assaulting several watchmen of St. Giles's parish in the execution of their duty.
   Mr. Gurney stated that the defendants were eight out of sixteen against whom a bill had been found for a most serious riot ; the other eight did not choose to appear to take their trials at the present sessions.— The jury were, some of them perhaps, acquainted with what a riot amongst the lower order of the Irish was. He in the course of his profession had known something of the subject, but nothing that ever came near the present ; and it was owing to a merciful Providence that the defendants, instead of standing where they did, were not standing at the bar of the Old Bailey to take their trials on an indictment for murder. The defendant(s) formed part of the inhabitants of a court called Lacelles-court, in Broad St. Giles's, which it seemed, was noted as a place of terror to all peaceable persons ; so bad was it, that even watchmen dreaded to enter it, and whenever a row occurred there, whish [sic] was not unfrequent, the patrole always mustered as strong a force as they could before they ventured to enter it. On the night mentioned in the indictment a christening had taken place at one of the houses, a ceremony, which like funerals amongst this class, was always kept up with great spirit, and frequently ended in mischief. Such had been the case on this occasion, when, though there had been a plentiful share of spirits, yet the mischief predominated. The company did not part till twelve o'clock, when some of them determined to visit a friend who lodged in the court, at the house of a woman named Murphy ; M'Coy and Ahern, accordingly stopped at Mrs. Murphy's, and knocking at her window, enquired for her lodger., Mrs. Murphy asked what they wanted at that late hour, when one of them replied, "let the w---e come out, and we will shew her." Mrs. Murphy's ire being roused by this attack upon her chastity, did open the door, but it was only to throw a wet cloth in M'Coy's face, who in return broke her windows ; and some of the glass flying in Mrs.,. Murphy's face, cut her in a dreadful manner. She upon this hailed the watch, and Roberts and the other three came to her assistance ; and she pointing out M'Coy as the man who had assaulted her, they were about taking him to the watch-house, when several who stood round, amongst whom were the defendants, drawing large bludgeons, which they concealed under their coats, attacked the watchmen, who springing their rattles for further assistance, a dreadful riot ensued, which lasted for an hour. Oram, a patrole, received a severe cut on the head, and another on his arm. Roberts, also a patrole, was shut into a room in one of the houses, where he was beaten in a most dreadful manner about the head and body, and his nose was nearly severed from his face by a blow from a fire-shovel ; the women having taken an active part in beating him when on the floor, and he was ultimately left for dead ; and after the riot was quelled, he was found in that situation by some of the watchmen. These circumstances he would prove and it would then be for the Jury to say whether any or all the defendants were guilty.
   These facts were proven in evidence, and the Jury found all the defendants guilty except Owen Bradley.
Courier 10 December 1810
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On Wednesday a man named William Ahern, against whom information had been sworn about twelve years ago for the murder of Bartholemew Harrington, at Ballinvushig, in the liberties of Cork, was drinking in a house near the Ferry-point, Passage, having returned from England but the day before, when the Rev. R. Lloyd a Magistrate for the county, who heard of the circumstances on investigating an assult that happened between Ahern's brother and another man, went to the house, attended by Mr. John Lancaster, of Passage, and Mr. Lloyd's servant, and immediately secured him, and on the brother of the deceased, whom Mr. Lloyd sent for at some distance, having identified him, he transmitted him to the Mayor of Cork, under escort from Monkstown barracks, to be fully committed for trial.
Limerick General Advertiser 24 September 1811
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Wednesday se'nnight, W. Ahern was committed to the City of Cork gaol, charged with the murder of B. Harrington, at Ballinvushig, 12 years ago. Ahern landed from England only the day before.
Hampshire Telegraph 14 October 1811
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Head Quarters, Sydney, Saturday, 1st February, 1812
HIS EXCELLENCY the GOVERNOR is pleased to direct the under-mentioned ACCOUNTS of the POLICE FUND, and the FEMALE ORPHAN INSTITUTION FUND, for the Quarter ending the 31st December, 1811, to be published for general Information. By Command of His Excellency the Governor.
J. T. CAMPBELL, Secretary.   
Nathaniel Lucas for Carpenters' Work done to the Gaol of Sydney  . . .  £1641s
Thomas Legg for the Erection of Buildings and other Improvements, done at and about the same  . . .  £110
John O'Hearne for Stone Work and other Repairs done at same  . . .  £572s
The Sydney Gazette 1 February 1812
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Cork Assizes April 2: William Ahern, indicted for the murder of Patrick [sic] Harrington, perpetrated in the year 1801, guilty of manslaughter, to be burned in the hand, imprisoned for 12 months, and find security for his good behaviour for seven years.
Limerick General Advertiser
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MR. E. LORD and FAMILY, being about to leave the Settlement for Van Deimen's Land, request all Claims against them may be presented immediately.—Also, the following Servants ; John Thomas, Murte Ahern, Charles Antonio, Margaret Ham, Mary Ann Donovan.
The Sydney Gazette 5 February 1814
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On Saturday, 25th Inst. by the Rev. John O'Connell, Mr. James Ahern, Woolen-Draper, Liscarrol, to Eliza, seventh daughter of Tim. McCarthy of Kilfaddimore, in the county Kerry, Esq.
Cork Advertiser & Commercial Register 5 July 1814
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At Montreal, Mr. Samuel Hyde, merchant, to Miss Eliza Ahern, daughter of Mr. Ahern, Quarter-Master 100th Regiment.
Military Register 6 July 1814
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No. 3 Broad Lane Cork.
Thomas AHERN
Truly grateful for the Encoragement he has met with since his commencement in Business, begs leave to acquaint his Friends, and the Public, that he has just laid in a General Assortment of the most fashionable Articles, all which he will dispose of on the most reasonable terms. April 3
Cork Advertiser & Commercial Register 23 May 1815
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On the opening of the Court this day, the Solicitor General made a very able and eloquent speech on the trial of [Thomas] Neil and [Andrew] Ahern for assaulting and taking a gun from Mr. Dudley of Cahir. The trial occupied the Court from ten in the morning until six in the evening, when the Jury retired, and after a few minutes consultation, returned a verdict of Guilty. Baron George immediately pronounced sentence of Death.
Dublin Journal 23 January 1816
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Abstract of the Convictions and Acquittals at the late Special Commission in Clonmel: Thomas Neal and Andrew Ahearn were found guilty of robbing Mr. James Dudley of a gun, and snapping a pistol at him with intent to kill. Executed at Cahir Friday last.
The Times 9 February 1816
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John Tuthill Esq.
Mat. Ahern, Executor of
Timothy Ahern, deceased.
Pat Dundon, Executor of
Edward Dundon, deceased
By virtue of his Majesty's writ of Fieri Facias, to me in this cause directed, I will on Saturday the 7th day of September next, at the Hour of 12 o'Clock at noon, in the New County Court-House, Limerick, set up and sell by Public Cant, to the highest and fairest bidder, the Interest which said Timothy Ahern had in the Lands of DUNKIP —of which all persons concerned are to take notice—Dated this 28th of August, 1816.
THOS. H. ROYSE, Sherriff.     
These Lands were let in 1788 for a term of 31 years, at the Yearly Rent of 1l. 10s. per acre, and are of the best description of Meadow, Fattening, and Tillage Lands.
The Limerick Evening Post 29 August 1816
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The following are the convictions in the County Court :— . . . 
Patrick Ahern to keep the peace.—Ibid.
Dublin Journal 12 September 1816
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JAMES AHERN, offences against the king : coining, 15th January, 1817. James Ahern was indicted for having in his custody and possession a forged Bank of England note, knowing the same to be forged. The prisoner pleaded GUILTY. Transported for Fourteen Years. First Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Recorder.
Proceedings of the Old Bailey 15 January 1817
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Committed By George Massey Esq, to the county jail, Dan Ahern, charged with having a quantity of wool in his possession for which he could not account.
Limerick General Advertiser 30 May 1817
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MARRIED in Doneraile on the 14th inst. by the Rev. Dr. Lewis Walsh, Mr. John Ahern, of Mallow, Grocer, to Miss Harding.
The Cork Mercantile Chronicle 17 July 1817
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   Accounts state that the Kangaroo, Lieut. JEFFREYS commander, was at Batavia shortly before the Greyhound's arrival there, and that Mr. Garnham Blaxcell died there; as did also, John O'Hearne and P. Donnally, who went from hence for England in that vessel.
The Hobart Town Gazette 16 May 1818
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Yesterday morning by Rev. the Mr. McNamara, Mich. Fitzgerald, Revenue Officer of Cove to Mary Ahern.
The Southern Reporter 12 September 1818
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CLONMEL, NOV. 14.   
Committed to our gaol yesterday morning, by the Rev. Leslie Battersby, James Reeves, steward to Robert Prendergast, Esq. of Greenmount, and David Noonan, labourer to the said Robert Prendergast, charged with a violent assault on Leslie Battersby, jun. and Thomas Hoye ; and John Noonan, herd to the said Robert Prendergast ; James Corbett, lime-burner to the said Robert Prendergast ; and Lawrence Ahern, labourer to the said Robert Prendergast, charged with felonious assault with intent to murder, and robbing Leslie Battersby, jun. of Scart.
British Press 23 November 1818
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 . . .  In the Ebrington, Lobbett, from Cork, M. Ahern, 160 pigs . . . 
The Bristol Mercury 29 March 1819
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An immediate Possession given,
Lately occupied by GARRET AHEARN,
Application to EDWARD LABARTE, Attorney.
Clonmel Advertiser 10 April 1819
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21st August, 1819.
His EXCELLENCY approves of a Pound being established forthwith in the District of Holsworthy ; and that Murtaugh O'Hearne, Constable of that District, be Keeper of the said Pound.
                                          By His Excellency's Command,
                                          J. T. CAMPBELL, Secretary.
The Sydney Gazette and N.S.W. Advertiser 21 August 1819
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On Saturday evening by the Rev. Thomas O'Keeffe, Mr. Maurice Daly, to Mary, second daughter of the late Mr. John Ahern of this city.
The Southern Reporter 9 November 1819
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