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This is an online diary of my latest trip to Ireland.
Dennis J. Ahern

Friday, March 4th

The GRO was much more crowded on the Friday than the Thursday. It may be that I got there a little later because I spent some time at the cybercafe across O'Connell Street from the GPO. The Planet Cybercafe has a membership deal where for 6 euros for a month you get 50% off all Internet charges. There is a catch, however, in that they charge 3 euros an hour during peak times, noon to 8 p.m., which is OK by me if I only use them in the early morning on my way to the GRO or NLI (National Library of Ireland).

I had no better luck with Friday's five. It can be very frustrating, turning in these slips and getting copies back for people you are not interested in. I've heard that they are supposedly about to switch to a computer system where you can look up the index online, but you will still need to order photocopies for each one. We'll have to wait and see.

Tried a place by the GRO for lunch, called appropriately enough "Lunch!" at 4 Lombard Street. They have soup and sandwiches and you can get a cooked Irish breakfast until noon. They were pretty busy. There's also a pub on the corner of Lombard and Pearse that does a carvery at lunch. I've eaten there on past trips. It's good if you want a pint of cider after wrangling with the GRO all morning.

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