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William, the son of Abraham is located under the Fayette Co. PA records! 


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History of Fayette County, by Franklin Ellis, Philadelphia, L H Everts
and Company, 1882, p720      

Perry township, Fayette County, Penna 
Burial grounds
On the road leading from Perryopolis to the Red Lion, and near the
township line between Perry and Jefferson, stands the old Quaker
meetinghouse or rather the ruins of it, for the roof has fallen in
leaving only the ancient walls standing. This was built by the Friends of
the vicinity so many years ago that none now living remember its

Adjoining the site of this old meeting house and also adjoining the
lands of S Strickler, T Shepard, and heirs of Benjamin Brown, is the old
Quaker burial ground, surrounded by a substantial iron fence and kept in
good condition by a small fund donated by some one of the Quaker sect for
the purpose. In this old cemetery lie interred the remains of many of the
early Friends and other settlers of the vicinity: Jonathan Hewitt; John
Shreve; Joseph Shreve; Samuel Cope; Joshua Cope; Isaac Cope; John Negus;
Joseph Negus; Joseph Shepard; William Nutt; Jesse Couldron; William
Griffith and many others. With the exception of this old ground, the
places of interment of those who died in Perry township in early years
were upon the farm.

In Perryopolis a burial ground was established on the land of the
Methodist Episcopal Church, but burials are now chiefly made in the Mount
Washington Cemetery, which was laid out on land taken for the purpose
from the farm of Cyrus Martin about a mile and a half south of the town.
There is also a cemetery in use at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in
the Browneller settlement.


History of Fayette County, by Franklin Ellis, Philadelphia, L H Everts

and Company, 1882, p826 

Washington township, Fayette County, Penna

Samuel C Griffith was born in Westmoreland County, Penna, November 28, 1795. When young his father moved to Washington township, Fayette County, Penna, and located upon the farm which his son afterwards owned, and upon which his widow now resides. Mr Griffith's early years were spent in farm work., factory work and attending district schools. When seventeen years of age he engaged in school teaching. For forty years he continued this work during the winter season only missing one winter. He was one of the best and most widely known surveyors in the county, and spent much of his time when not engaged in teaching in surveying.

His father, William Griffith , becoming involved by endorsing for some of his neighbors the farm was sold by the sheriff and Samuel Griffith bought it; that was in 1822.

He was married March 27, 1823, to Esther Farquhar of Washington township, Fayette County, Penna. They had seven children, six of whom are living: Mary Griffith married to Levi B Stephens; Elmira Griffith married to David P Stephens; Emlen B Griffith married to Margaret A Guffey, and again to Elizabeth Crouch; Euclid C Griffith married to Martha Stephens; Sarah Griffith married to Thomas Watson; and Esther F Griffith married to Thomas C Griffith.

Mr Griffith was a member of the Quaker meeting till the time of his marriage. He was turned out for marrying out of the Society. He was a justice of the peace for many years, and was a general business man, wrote and acknowledged many deeds, married people, wrote articles of agreement, etc.

His widow thinks his father's people came from Wales. His moral status like that of all Quakers was good. He was a jovial man and a valuable and respected citizen. He was industrious, always engaged in some useful work. He was much above the average in intelligence, a great student of mathematics and history. He was a careful workman. His penmanship was elegant. All of his work was done well. He died July 11, 1873, mourned by the entire community. His remains rest in Little Redstone Methodist Church Cemetery.

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In 1868 the Methodists of Southeastern Nottingham erected a chapel at
Ginger Hill. The building was completed in the summer of 1868, and
dedicated in November of that year, the Rev. James R. Mills preaching the
dedicatory sermon. It was given the name of Edwards Chapel, in honor of
the first pastor, Rev. Charles Edwards. 

Succeeding Mr. Edwards the pastors in charge have been the Revs. James Meachem, R. B. Mansell, Samuel G. Miller, W. J. Kessler, Joseph H. Henry, and E. B. Griffith {son of Samuel C.}, who was
assigned the charge in 1881 by the Conference of Butler. 

The trustees have been William Jones, Andrew Griffith, John Hess, William McKindry
Nicholson, Zebulon Hess, Jesse Jones, and William Griffith

Stewards, John Kahle and Andrew Griffith

Sabath-school superintendents, Andrew Griffith, David Sumny, Homer Burgett, and William Jones. The church has a membership of one hundred and four, and a Sabbath-school attendance of




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1910 Fayette Co., Andrew GRIFFITH

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