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Abstracts of Court Minutes:

13 April, 1774

Lambert Hopkins to John Calloway, deed, pr. by Daniel Bankston

Ord. road be laid out the best way from Salisbury road above Andrew Banks [bankston] to the mouth of Huwary River and the following: Daniel Bankston, Jacob Bankston, Jacob Calloway, Lambeth Hopkins, John Martin, Jacob carter, Joshua Carter, Buckner Kimbell, Andrew Bankston, Dunkin Rone, William Hendley, Drury Ledbetter, John Walker, and John Calloway lay out the same.

12 July, 1774

Ord. Job Calloway be overseer of rd from County line to Lince’s Cr. and that hands of Zacariah Henderson, Geo. Runnald, James Rogers, Sr., James Rogers, Jr., John Dunn, Edward Moore, John Walker, Robt. Walker, Stephen Treadwell, Wm. Hendley, Tunstall Rone, John Potete, Joseph Henderson, Jacob Bankston, Andrew Bankston, John Calloway, Jacob Carter, John Martin, William Ellis, Lambert Hopkins, Moses Cocks, John cocks, and John Royal work same.

14 July, 1774

John Martin to Lambeth Hopkins, by Edward Moore.

The following documents refer to a grant of land along the Yadkin River bounded by Samuel Parsons

No. 224--Warrant of Survey--Lambeth Hopkins for One Hundred & Fifty Acres of Land in the County of Anson on the No Et side of the Adkin river above Garr Creek, joining Saml. Parson’s upper line. First (?) day of May 1769.

Survey--”This Plott Represents the Hundred and fifty acres of Land in Anson County N.E. of the Yadkin Beginning at a Stake by a Black Gum on the River Bank near opposite of a High Cleft of Rocks about 1/2 Mile above the Mouth of Garr Creek and Runs N. 10 W. to & with Saml. Parsons upper Line 42 chains and 73 links the S. 90 (?) W. 38 (?) Chains and 73 Links then S. 10 E. 34 chains and 73 links by a Turky Oak on the River Banks then down the River to the Beginning. Surveyed for Lambeth Hopkins the 8th of July 1768. [Chain carriers: John Beard and and Sampson Barn]

No. 2581 County Anson; Acres 150; Grant No. 99; Issued 16th December 1769. Book 20, Page 507.

The following documents refer to a grant of land of 200 acres on the Peedee River.

No. 2964--County Anson; Name Lambert Hopkins; 200 Acres; Grant No. 137; Issued Jan 22, 1773; Entry No. 224; Entered 3” May 1769; Book No. 22; Page No. 154

This Plot Represents 200 acres of Land in Anson county on the SW side of Peedee River Beginning at a Stake in William Ellis’s Line on the Clover fork of Long Creek, and Runs thence No. 35, Wt. 179 Poles to a small forked Red Oak thence No. 55 Et.. 179 Poles then So. 35 Et. 179 Poles, then So. 55 Wt. 179 Poles to the Beginning. Surveyed for Lamberth Hopkins, Octob. 7th 1772.

The following documents refer to a grant of land issued to John Hopkins on the 16th of December 1769.

No. 83--John Hopkins--Warrant of survey--Four hundred Acres of Land, in the County of Anson On the main fork of Mc Lanes Creek, below Pickens path.

No. 2586--County Anson; Name John Hopkins; 400 acres; Grant 104; Issued 16th December 1769. Book No. 20; Page No. 508; Location on McLains Creek. 21st day of December 1768.

This Plott Represents Four Hundred Acres of Land in Anson County on McLain’s Creek between the Yadkin and Edwarry (?) Beginning at a Turky Oak in a Small Hollow said to be the Corner of MC Culloch’s A--------- upper side of the North prong (?0 of said Creek and Runs thence S 2 W 63 Chains and 25 Links to a Stake among 2 pines and a Turky Oak Pointer (?) then No 88 W. 63 chains and 25 Links to a stake among 3 Pines then No 2 E 63 Chains and 25 Links then Direct to the Beginning Surveyed for John Hopkins the 24th of August 1769.

The following documents refer to a grant of land issued to John Hopkins on the January 22, 1773.

No. 2963--County Anson; Name John Hopkins; 100 Acres; Grant No. 136; Issued Jan. 22, 1773; Book No. 22; Page No. 153; Location No. E Side of Peedee River. Beginning at a large Red Oak.....on the N.E. side of Plumb Branch of Beaver Dam Creek.

This Plot Represents 100 Acres of Land in Anson County on the No E side of Peedee River Beginning at a Large Red Oak in Mc Culloch’s Line on the N.E.s side of the Plumb Branch of Beaver Dam Creek and Runs thence So 58 Et 127 Poles to a Stake then No. 58 Wt 127 Poles then So 32 W 127 Poles to the Beginning. Surveyed for John Hopkins Oct 5th 1772. [Chain carriers: Thomas Jones and Wm. Clemments]


Lambeth Hopkins will is dated 29th June 1798. Jacob bankston, Jacob Autrey, Priscilla Hopkins (wife) Executors.

Had plantation, horses, hogs and cattle. Three Negroes--Molly, Cloe, and Fanny. Household furniture and working tools remain in hands of wife. Youngest children namely Samuel, Solomon, David, and Joseph would have one years schooling. Estate includes a note for $240 and one for 1200 pounds of tobacco.

MARS HILL BAPTIST CHURCH RECORDS Members were from Clarke-Oconee Co., GA

From the history of the Mars Hill Baptist Church: “...Gathering in the one-room school on the first of June 1799 were nine men and women formin ghe original congregation and “these ministers and helps”--Thomas Mercer, William Berrey, Alexander Autrey, Daniel Bankston (may be the father of Priscilla Hopkins) , Harmon Reynolds and Bedney McCoy...

Members inculded Jacob Autrey, Priscilla Hopkins, Jacob Bankston, Baptist minister (may be the brother of Priscilla Hopkins), John Hopkins and Henry Mitchell. Also a Polly Hopkins.


“Copied from Georgia’s Roster of the Revolution, by Lucien Lamar Knight, 1967”

Page 217 Lambeth Hopkins 287 1/2 acres Washington County, bounded N. Vacant, E. Pittman, S. Oconee River, W. Harris. Warrant 2910, July 23, 1784,Page 340.

Page 286 Lambert Hopkins 230 acres (on reserve) Wasington Co. counded N. Phillips, S. E. and S. Tennill, W. Green Brier Creek. Survey 772 3-7-1786, P. 366

Page 366 Lambeth Hopkins 287 acres, Washington County, bounded N. Harris, E. Vacant, S. Timothy Pittman, W. Oconee River. Survey 797. July 23 1784, P. 374.


I have copied these from the notes of Bess Hall Pearce. I have not verified them by sending for copies. J Voran

"Copy of Photostat of Records in Georgia Department Archives and History, Atlanta, Ga."

State of Georgia Dr (?) to Robert Carr for ranging as Captain of the militia in Wilkes County, Georgia, by order of Co. John Dooly

John Owtry first Lieut
George Runnels, second Lieut
Zachariah Henderson Sargt
Lambert Hopkins
Robert Trapp
Saunders Walker
John Coats
Black Sanger
Alix Owtry Ser
William Hopkins
Tunstall Roan
Wm. Jackson
Henry Summerill
Moses Trapp
Luke John Morgan
Asa Morgan
John F. Fling
Robert Hammott Ser
Robert Hammot jr.
Wm. Phillips
Wm. Ellis
Fredrick Ellis
Edwd Hammett
Jacob Owtry
Jacob Williams
Isaac Williams
Dennis Maddod (sic)
George Bagby
Jonathon Higgin
Robert McNaon
Thomas Norton
Alex Owtry
John Phillips Ser
Benjamin Phillips
Wm Young
Daniel Young

From the 15th of September to the 15th of October 1778 this acct. Proven before me this 9 day of Janr. 1779

Robert Carr

Wm. Downs John Dooly Col
I do certfy the above amt.

Ga Roster of the Rev. by Lucian L. Knight lists:
Hopkins: Isaac, Lambert, samuel, William--p. 376-384

There are thre Lambeth (Lambert) Hopkins , one who died in Jackson, filed in Clarke county, 1780. Lambert Hopkins early settler of Newton county (Probably his son) Nov. 17, 1830 in wilkes county Records, Vol. I and II. Lambert Hopkins, Will Burke Co. 1853-1870.

Taxable Property, Capt. Awtry's District, Lambeth Hopkins 1802 Wilkes County.

Judy Thomas Voran

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