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Quoting from "North Carolina Bastary Bonds,"  by Betty J. Camin, 1990

"The 'Bastary Bonds' of North Carolina are just as the title states - bonds
posted because of the birth or impending birth of a bastard child.  These
bonds were intended to protect the county or parish from the expense of
raising the child.  It is asked that in reading this material, the reader do
so with love and understanding of the problems of these men and women.

When the pregnancy of a woman or birth of a child was brought to the
attention of the court, a warrant was issued and the woman brought into
court.  She was examined (questioned) under oath and asked to declare the
name of the child's father.  The reputed father was then served a warrant and
required to post bond.  If the woman refused to name the father, she, her
father, or some other interested party would post the bond.  In some cases it
was found that the mother and reputed father together posted the bond.  If
the woman refused to post bond, or declare the father, she was often sent to

The time period covered by this book is from the formation of the county to
about 1878. The author felt that publishing anything  more recent might be
disturbing to some.  This book only contains the records for 30 counties. 
She further suggests that if you wish to have a copy of the original bond or
bond book entry,  that you go to the NC Archives or hire a researcher to
locate the paper.  At the time she published, the original material in the
state archives had not been microfilmed.  She did state that microfilm of the
court records were available for a fee from archives.

This is all I know about the bonds, so please don't ask me anything  more :).

County/Date    Mother                   Bondsman            Bondsman   Bondsman

Catawba Co.......
  Sept 1873      Violet
Hunsicker   Cain Whitenberg   Elam Hunsicker   Cain  Hunsicker
  Feb 1877        Selina Huffman     David
Hunsinker, Jr.     David  Hunsinker, Sr. 

 Jan 1877         Evina Gibbs          Miles
Hunsucker     Henry Smyre

Alexander Co..
 Jun 1874        Julia Alexander     Silas


Hope this helps.

Sylvia, Greenville, Pitt Co., NC


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