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Book Source:  PA Archives Vol. VI,

Militia & Associators


Cumberland Co. PA

Class Roll of Capt. Noah Abraham's Company

August 5th, 1782

William KIRBY  8th class

Cumberland Co. PA

Thomas KIRBY 3rd Class 

[The copy didn't have the pg. bef. the record to see the unit he served in]

Thomas KIRBY 6th Class  [I think this is the same as below]


6th Company of the Fourth Battalion of Cumberland Co. hAMILTON TWP.

Commanded by Samuel Culbertson, Lt, Colonel,

October 24th 1782

Thomas KIRBY, Cl'k Private


Robert SLOAN

Isaac KIRBY (refer to PA Families)  was in the Rev. War, N.J., Pvt. 1777-1779, Battles of Princeton and Monmouth (DAR verified), Jan. 3, 1777. It is certified that records show that Isaac Kirby served as a pvt. with Capt. Zacharia Clevenger Co., Col. Wm. Shreve's 1st Reg., Burlington Co., NJ Militia
Jan. 1st, 1777 for one month.      He served as a Private with Col. Wm. Shreve's Reg., Burlington Co.,  NJ Militia, Nov. & Dec. 1777 (45 Days). Served as a Pvt. with Capt. Zacharia Clevenger Co., Col. Wm. Shreve's Reg., Burlington Co., NJ Militia June & July 1778, 29 days. At Battle of Monmouth, Jun 28, 1778 he served as a Pvt. with Capt. Marmaduke Curtis Co., 2nd Reg.,
Burlington Co., NJ Militia, 6 mo.. in 1779. All above service during the Revolutionary War. He was born in 1756 and died in Green Co. Penn. in 1834. (Ref: From - STATE OF NEW JERSEY - OFFICE OF ADJUTANT GENERAL)
(Vol. II, p. 158 U.S. Pensioneir State Penna. certificate from Adj. Gen., NJ.; Vol. IV, pg. 3? - p. 656, Official Register of Officers and men of the Revolutionary War, of New Jersey, by the Adj. Gen.) Book - Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files, p. 1964: W 1196 NJ Line, sol was born 23 Sep 1756. He lived in Burlington Co., NJ at the end of Rev. War and for several years after thereafter, then moved to Greene Co., PA; and sol. married there to Phebe Hains at the home of her father (not named) 1 mile west of Waynesburg, PA on 15 Sep 1799; sol. appl 20 Sep 1832 in Greene Co., PA where he had lived for 42 years, and sol. died there 1 Feb 1834, and his wife appl. there 17 May 1849 age 77


Mary Kirby
Residence: Chattanooga, Tn
#706 Cedar St
County: Hamilton
Birth Place & Date: June 27th 1859, Calbert Co., Alabama
Right of claim: "I claim through my father, John King."
Married: Yes
Name & age of Husband: William Kirby, age 64 yrs.
Father's name: John Kirby
Mother's Name: Mary King
Mother's maiden name: Mary Marler
Father born in Calbert Co., Alabama
Mother born in Knox Co., TN
In 1851, they lived in Calbert Cp., Alabama
Date of Father's death: 1863
Date of Mother's death: 1864
Names of brothers & sisters of Mary Kirby
Julius King, killed in civil war
Henry King, died in infancy
Willaim King, lives in Indian Territory
John King, killed in civil war
Jackson King, killed in civil war
Jasper, lives in Hot Springs Arkansas
Lucinda Wickham, died in 1902

Names of grandparents:
William King b. in Calbert Co., Alabama, Mary King
Alexander Marler b. in Lawrence, Alabama
Mary J. Marler

All were dead in 1851 except Grandmother Mary J. Marler who lived in
Lawrence Co., Alabama
Names of all their children
Father's side:
James King - died before the war
Martha King, died before civil war
Martha King - lived in Indian territory last heard from
Mother's side:
Martha Marler
died before civil war
Alexander Marler, died before Civil war
Mary King, died in 1864



Revolutionary War Applicants for Pensions

Year Book of IL Society of Sons of Am. Rev.

page 170
471. 8371.
Born, Putnam, Ill., October 28, 1833; admitted January, 1896:
Rev. Wm. Kirby=Hannah McClure Wolcott.
Elihu Wolcott=Rachel McClintock McClure.
Sam'l Wolcott=Jerusha ----
=Jerusha ----

BRIG.-GEN. ERASTUS WOLCOTT. Was born in South Windsor, Conn., September 21, 1722, and died in East Windsor, Conn., September 14, 1793. In the spring of 1775 he was sent by the Connecticut legislature, with Dr Johnson, to Boston, to investigate the designs of the British. In January and February, 1776, he was colonel of the Nineteenth militia regiment, at the siege of Boston. During the same season he superintended the erection of harbor fortifications at New London, Conn., and
garrisoned Fort Trumbull and Fort Griswold during the summer. In the same year he was appointed brigadier-general of the First brigade. He served along the Hudson river in 1777, resigned in 1781, in January. He was a representative of histown in the general assembly and speaker of the lower house. Later he was representative in Congress, and judge of the Superior court. Reference: Conn. Men in the Rev. War, page 438, etc., etc.

Roster of Soldiers from North Carolina in the American Revolution

Pierce'S Register
[p.313] VOUCHERS
page 395
Militia Absalom Kirby 445 Newbern Dist.


I, too, am working on the Kerby/Kirby genealogy. I am back to William W.Kerby, Rev War Vet, from Virginia. Lived in Nelson and Hanover counties. Was born ca 1759. Died Aug 1848 in Monroe Cty, WV. Had 2 sons, Martin, andMiner, and a dau Nancy Jane Kerby. Sound familiar?
Would love to hear from you re your line'
Phyllis Cady

General Index Cards

#3708 Francis Kerby, Private 7 Virginia Regiment

#3709 Francis Kerby, Private 14 Virginia Regiment

#3702 James Kerby, Private 1st Regiment, M381, Roll 789

William Kerby, Private Taylor's Regiment, Deduction Roll, Oct. And Nov.
Abstract 1779, Whiter Company, deserted.  M881, Roll 1087
Appears in a Book under heading: List of Soldiers of Va. Line on
Continental Establishment who have received Certificates for the balance
of there full pay Agreeable to an Act of Assembly passed Nov Session
1781, Received by himself on Feb 11, 1782 the sum of 36 pounds.  Vol
176, page 181

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In April, 1778, the Berkeley County, Virginia, court ordered that aid be given the wife of Patrick Kirby, who had been a soldier in the Continental Army.


             Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers from
                  Pittsylvania County, Virginia
      This roster of Pittsylvania soldiers has been compiled with great
difficulty.  It is hoped  that this list will be the beginning and
descendents will add to it.  Names have been drawn from private letters,
pension papers, and genealogies, and from the following sources:
Thomas Carter Chapter,   Daughters of the American Revolution
Encyclopedia of the American Revolution by Mark Boatner, and McKay
History of Pittsylvania County  by Maud Carter Clement.  J.P. Bell. 1919
Historical Register of Virginians in Revolution  by John H. Gwaltmey
List of Revolutionary Soldiers of Virginia by H.J. Eckenrode
Revolutionary Land Records. Vol 1 Virginia by Gaius Marcus  1936
Virginis Militia in Revoluntionary War by J.T. McAllister.  1913
Records in the Clerk's Office of Pittsylvania Sounty
Virginia State Archives
National Archives.  (The National Archives contain the records of those
who applied for the Pension act of 1932 and in some cases contains
considerably more information than given here)  Those marked with a *
applied for a pension, which required a written record of their military
activities in the war.

KIRBY, John, Jr.   Soldier. Va Militia


Virginia Albemarle County of On this day of April 1851 personally appeared before me, John Morris, a justice of the peace for the aforesaid County, Elizabeth Kerby, widow of
William Kerby, a resident of Albemarle County, aged eighty five years
,who being duly sworn, according to law, doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provisions made by the act of Congress passed the 29th day of July 1848, who was a soldier in the war of the Revolution which will fully appear by reference to the papers upon which he obtains a pension and was put upon the Virginia roll, under the act of 1818 which papers are now in the pension office.  She further declares that she was married to the said
William Kerby shortly after the close of the Revolutionary war, the day and date not recollected and that her husband the aforesaid William Kerby died on the 17th day of August 1848 and that she was not married to him prior to his leaving the service but the marriage took place previous to the second of January eighteen hundred, viz., at the time above states.  She further swears that she is now the widow of the said William Kerby, and that she has never before made any application for a pension, she further states the reason why she had not made application sooner is that she has employ two agents who have failed to present her claims.
Signed Elizabeth Kerby

By John Morris, J.P.

State of Virginia
County of Albemarle

On this lst day of January 1821 personally appeared in open court, being
a court of record for said county William Kerby aged sixty one years the
19th day of November last, resident of said County who being first duly
sworn according to law doth on his oath declare that he served in the
revolutionary war as follows, that he enlisted in the County of Hanover,
State of Virginia in the year 1771 and that he served during eighteen
months until the year 1781 where he was discharged from service at
Sallsbury in North Carolina, that he enlisted under Thomas Richardson
and was transferred to the Company of Capt. Shibling attached to Bufords
Regiment, that he was in the battle of Guilford, Camden, at the Siege of
Ninety Six and the battle of Eutaw Springs and was discard in 1781
having served 18 months and that he made a declaration in August 1818
and that he has obtained a pension Certificate Number 7091 and I do
solemnly swear that I was a resident citizen of the United States on the
18th day of March 1818 and that I have not since that time by gift sale
or in any other manner disposed of my property at any .... as to bring
myself within the provinces of the act of Congress, entitled "an act to
provide for certain persons engaged in the army and naval services of
the United States during the Revolutionary war" passed on the 18th day
of March 1818 and that I have not nor has any person, if trust for me
any property or securities contract or debts due to me nor have I any
means other than what is contained in the schedule hereto amended, viz.,
one heifer, one one spinning wheel, ....chairs, one chest, one table,
one ... and  oven, one ..pan one earthen bowl, four pewter plates, two
dishes, five  knives and eight forks,3 tubs and two  ..sheets and two
???, 3 hoes and two ??and one one old gun and one pair flat irons, ?
cups and saucers.

Signed William Kerby

State of Virginia
Co. of Nelson

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Revolutionary War Records VIRGINIA SECTION III

4755 Portis, Kirby (Representative) Soldier 3 years

Revolutionary War Records VIRGINIA
RECEIVED BOUNTY LAND FOR REVOLUTIONARY SERVICES, RICHMOND, 1835. JOHN H. SMITH, COMR, &C. [The names in this Document have been rearranged alphabetically, separating the Navy--G. M.

Kirby, Thomas, Soldier, Inf.


Kirby, William, Soldier, Inf.

Revolutionary War Records VIRGINIA

Kirby, Lewis, Soldier


Virginia Soldiers of 1776, vol. 1

Virginia Soldiers of 1776 Affidavits.

Kirby, who is now living.

Virginia Soldiers of 1776 Affidavits.

Richmond, Va. Circuit court, 26 Jan., 1850. On motion of Joseph Segur, it was evidenced that
William Kirby of Elizabeth City Co. died intestate, leaving as his heirs at law John L. Peek. Copy teste, E. Robinson, Clerk.

Virginia Soldiers of 1776 Affidavits.

Know all men by these presents, that I, Thomas Peek duly qualified admstr. of the estate of
William Kirby, decd., and guardian of Edward K. Peek, infant orphan of Eliza Peek, decd. do
hereby appoint James Skinner of the city of Norfolk my Atty. to obtain warrant due William
Kirby and Edward K. Peek for the services of John Parrish, decd. Signed, 10 Jan., 1853. Ackn.
before J. M. Willis, J. of P. Elizabeth City Co.

Virginia Soldiers of 1776 Affidavits.

Thomas Peek was granted administration of the estate of William Kirby, Eliz. City Co. Nov. 25,
1852. He was also appointed guardian of Edward Peek and Eliza Peek at same court, and same

These are Revolutionary Records from the Library of VA. (See War 1812 for ordering info.)

Revolutionary War Records VIRGINIA SECTION III
(21) Virginia Military Land Warrants

190 Kirby, John Drummer War

RevJn.gif (1609 bytes)

RevJnKir.gif (2412 bytes)


Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots: Volume 2

KIRBY David Old Harris farm, nr Alvaton, Warren Co KY 59
KIRBY Ephriam Cem, Ft Stoddard, nr Mt Vernon AL 60
KIRBY Jesse Drakes Creek, nr Bowling Green KY 26
KIRBY Jesse Harris farm, 10 mi N of Bowling Green, Warren Co KY 57
KIRBY John Briggs Cem, Ballston, Saratoga Co NY 77
KIRBY John Maple Cem, Berlin CT 56
KIRBY Seth Sr Smith Cem, Charlton, Saratoga Co NY 70

Revolutionary War Period

Bible, Family & Marriage Records


J. Chan Edmondson

John V. Sobieski


Many family names other than the Soldier's surname are included in some of

the Bible and family Records submitted in Revolutionary War pension

applications. Widows' applications were rejected for want of proof of

marriage; so widows commonly cut or tore pages containing family records

from Bibles, ledgers, journals, etc., to submit with their applications.

This action taken by the widows unwittingly preserved countless family,

Bible and marriage records for future generations of genealogical

researchers. Publishing these family records in printed form enables the

genealogical researcher to locate family records which might otherwise go


With this in mind one can see how publishing these family records in printed

form enables the researcher to locate family records which might otherwise

go undiscovered and greatly broadens the scope of the use of pension

applications as a research tool.

Authors: J. Chan Edmondson and John V. Sobieski

4051 Buena Vista Street

Dallas, Texas 75204-7803


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KERBY, Christopher – S32356

Declaration of Christopher Kerby – Washington Co., Arkansas Terr., 19 Dec.

1835 – aged 75 since 10 Sept. Christopher enlisted in Surry County, NC, at

the Old Store near the Yadkin in July 1779. Christopher enlisted in a company

of light horse volunteer dragoons commanded by Capt. William Underwoods in

the regiment of Col. Martin Armstrong and Joseph Williams. He was immediately

selected as ensign of the company.

>From the Old Store the company proceeded across the Virginia line through

that section of country bordering on the line (the now counties of Henry,

Patrick, Wythe, and Washington). The object was to take, dispose, or kill a

party of Tories who had passed into Virginia from North Carolina and were

devastating the country and “otherwise annoying the Whigs.” Kerby acted as

Ensign in Capt. Underwoods Company until December when the troops were

discharged at Captain Garland’s near the Flower Gap in the state of Virginia.

This service as ensign lasted four months and five days.

On July 1, 1780, Christopher Kerby again volunteered as a private at Surry

Courthouse and served as a volunteer private of horse or dragoons in the

company commanded by Captain James Shepherd. The company proceeded to

Freemans ? on the Yadkin River, where his company was joined by companies

commanded by Capt. Joseph Phillips and Capt. Minor Smith. The three companies

were placed under the command of Maj. Joseph Winston and proceeded to Wilkes

Courthouse, NC, where they were joined by other troops. Together they

composed Col. Benjamin Cleaveland’s regiment of North Carolina militia or

volunteers. At Wilkes Courthouse Ensign William Hewlett of Capt. Shepherds

company retired from the service and Christopher Kerby was appointed to fill

the vacancy. In early August 1780 the regiment went up the Catawba River and

joined the regiments under Colonels Isaac Shelby, John Sevier, and William

Campbell. They then advanced to the Cowpens, SC, where they were joined by a

small force of South Carolina volunteers under Col. James Williams. From the

Cowpens the combined forces proceeded to Kings Mountain where they engaged

and defeated the British and Tories under command of Major Ferguson. From

Kings Mountain after the battle, the American troops proceeded on their

return as far as the head of Kings Creek in Wilks County, where Kerby was

detached with a small party of men to disperse, take, or kill a party of

Tories near Fishers Gap in Surry County commanded by one Goins. Kerby marched

to that place but the Tories, having received intelligence of the planned

attack, hid themselves or retired from that section of the country. Kerby’s

party returned to Surry about the end of October 1780. Kerby served this tour

one month as private and two months and fifteen days as Ensign.

In late January or February 1781 Kerby entered service at Hamlins ? Old Store

in Wilks County and served as a private of horse or dragoon under Capt. Joel


Captain Lewis marched the company to reconnoiter the British between

Salisbury and Moravian town. They then pushed on to Guilford to General

Green’s army. However, General Green ordered Captain Lewis’ company to

return to protect the country from the Tories.

Christopher was born 10 Sept. 1760 in Halifax County, VA. He resided in Surry

County, NC, at time of Revolution. After the Revolution, he moved to Green

County, TN, then to Washington County, Arkansas Territory.

Christopher had commissions as Ensign – one in Capt. Underwoods company

signed by Col. Joseph Williams and one in Captain Shepherd’s company signed

by Col. Cleaveland. However, these were destroyed in 1826 or 1827 when his

house burned in Green County, Tennessee.

Persons in neighborhood who can swear to his character and belief in his

service are James Coulter, Sr., John Dodson, Jonathan Newman, Robert Parks,

Mark Bean, and James Crawford.

Aff. of Thomas Pogue – Washington Co, Ark. Terr, 19 Dec. 1835 – Pogue, a

resident of Washington County, states he lived within one half mile of Kerby

for twenty years in Green County, TN. Pogue had seen Kerby’s commissions as

ensign and remembered well the burning of Kerby’s dwelling house. Pogue has

known Kerby many years and lived in his “immediate neighborhood.”



KERBY / KIRBY, Edmund -- [Haun, NC Rev Army Accts, Journal A, p. 186 – Edmund

Kerby received pay for 28 days of service in Capt. William Shepperd company

of light horse disarming Tories and on expedition to Cross Creek] [John

Venables pension declaration mention Lt. Edmund Kirby, light horse 1780



KERBY / KIRBY, Jesse W9489

This Virginia soldier was born Oct. 23, 1757. He married Sophia ____ (b. 23

Sept. 1760) on March 18, 1778. He resided in Henry County, MO, at time of

enlistment. He moved from Henry County, VA, to South Carolina, then to Warren

County, KY, by at least 1809. Jesse died 17 Sept. 1852. His obituary

indicates he had been married over 74 years, had 13 children, 135

grandchildren, and 303 great-grandchildren. Leonard T. Kirby of Warren

County, KY, stated he had served with Jesse.



KERBY/KIRBY, John [William Underwood file mentions receipt from John Kirby

for militia service]



KERBY/KIRBY, Leonard T. S31183

This Virginia soldier entered service as a substitute for his father David

Kerby in Henry County, VA. He served two tours with Jesse Kerby (see file).

He and Jesse Kerby were living in Warren County, KY, in 1832 (then aged 72).

He moved from Pittsylvania County, VA, to SC, to KY, then TN, then back to KY.



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