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Worcester County, Maryland

Grantor & Grantee

Deed Index 1742-1844

Original Record

LDS Film # 0014565

Deed Books

Original Record

LDS Films:

#0014527 D 1755-60

#0014535 E 1760-63

#0014535 F 1763-66

#0014536 G 1766-69



(*) abstract below


Grantor Grantee Instrument Libre and Page


Jacob Jhn Collin Bond D-491*

Jacob Jhn Collin Bill of Sale D-492*

Jacob Andrew Gibb Deed D-495*

Samuel Jms. Round Bill of Sale E-268*

Josiah Andrew Gibb Deed E-411*

Ezekiel Andrew Gibb Deed F-407*

Robt. Jon^th Boyce Deed G-143*

Levi & A. Shaw, D^vd Miflin Deed G-214

Jhn Fassitt

Leven Jhn Selby Deed G-353*

Hampton Wm. Holland Deed H-21*

Levi Parker Selby Deed H-60*

Geo. Hayward

Peter Choille

L. Parnell

Wm. Whittington

Samuel John Chamber Bill of Sale H-184*

Samuel Geo. Hayward Deed H-277*

Robert John Mitchell Bill of Sale H-492*

John John Evans Deed H-507*

Leven & Wm,Stephen Deed K-318

Betty Hill

Leven Jhn Hall Deed K-340

Luke Zadoh Selby Bill of Sale L-82

Samuel Isaac P. Smith Deed L-364

Mary Jhn. Selby Deed L-506

Leven Thos. Martin Deed M-278

Leven Wm. Hopkins Bill of Sale M-495

Hampton Wm. Hickman Deed N-53

Hampton Hillary Pitts Deed O-381

Hampton & Laban Taylor Deed O-543


Wm. W. Maxamillion Pwr of O-682

Hopkins atty

William Zadoh Selby Deed P-151

William Thos. Martin Deed Q-132

William Steph. Sturges Deed S-249

Mathew Jhn. Sturges Deed V-210

Mathew Jethro Morris Bill of Sale W-31

Samuel Jhn. L. Martin Deed X-349

Samuel Mary James Deed X-604

Mathew Litteton Purnell Deed Z-208

Samuel Smith Horsey Deed AA-46

Mathew, exe Cath. G. Purnell Bill of Sale AM-23

Lem^l Purnell

Josiah Josiah Hickman Bill of Sale AM-194



Mathew State of MD Bond AP-656

Leml P.Spence

D^vd.K. Hopkins

Benj. B. Negro Louisa Deed of AP-527 Mary &Sally manumission

Benj. B. Jhn C. Hardy Deed AP-728

David K. & Major Farr Deed AR-259

Rhoda Bishop

John Wm. West Deed AT-286

John Jms. Hopkins Deed AT-290

John Wm. West Deed AT-391

David K & Geo. F. Funess Deed AU-227

Sam^l Handy Jhn H.Clark & wife

James & Thos. West Deed AZ-202


David K & Lem^l P. Spence AZ-299

Geo. Hudson & others

John Jms. Derickson Deed JCH #2-72

John Elisha L. Purnell Deed JCH #4-163

Nancy H.& Spencer White Deed GMH#2-259

Jms. Hopkins

James & Spencer White Deed GMH#2-259

Nancy H.

James L. Isaac Harrison Deed GMH#2-401


David K., Mathew Purnell Deed GMH#6-67

M.C. Smith,

Johnson Gray &


Jesse K Jhn. L. Stevenson Bill of Sale GMH#6-168


Grantor Deed Absracts

Hopkins, Jacob

Worcester---Name of tract: Hopkins Discovery---Acreage: 75

8 Jan 1760 Rec: 9 Jan 1760, D-491

Worcester---live stock and chattel---8 Jan 1760 Rec: 9 Jan 1760, D-493

Worcestor---Name of Tract---Hopkins Discovery---Acreage:75

13 Jan 1760, D-495

Hopkins, Sam^l

Worcester---negro man slave---12 Dec 1761 Rec: 25 Dec 1761, E-268

Hopkins, Josiah

Worcester---Name of Track: Hopkins Discovery---Acreage: 75

30 Nov 1762 Rec: 10 Dec 1762, E-411

Hopkins, Ezekiel

Worcester---Name of Track: Hopkins Discovery---Acreage: 16

2 Aug 1765 Rec: 12 Aug 1765, F-407

Hopkins, Robt.

Worcester---Name of Track: Chance---Acreage: 100

1 Aug 1767 Rec: 4 Aug 1767, G-143

Hopkins, Levi

Worcester---Name of Tract: Inch and Onorton's Lott---Acreage: 400----Name of Tract:

Golden Quarter---Acreage: 30,

25 April 1767 Rec: 17 Oct 1767, G-215

Hopkins, Levin

Worcester---Name of Track: Huxters Choice---Acreage: 78

2 Mar 1768 Rec: 1 April 1768, G-353

Hopkins, Hampton and Leah, wife

Worcester---Name of Track: Stockley Adventure---Acreage: 150

14 April 1769 Rec: 19 April 1769, H-21

Hopkins, Levi

Worcester---Name of Track:Convieniency---Acreage: 94---Cassill---Acreage: 6

21 July 1769 Rec: 22 July 1769, H-60



Hopkins, Sam^l

Worcester---Name of Track: Good Hope---Acreage: 150

27 Jan 1770 Rec: 27 Jan 1770, H-184

Hopkins, Sam^l

Worcester---Name of Track: Good Hope---Acreage: 150

6 April 1770 Rec: 7 April 1770, H-277

Hopkins, Robt. (Innkeeper)

Worcester---Household Goods

17 Jan 1771 Rec: 26 Jan 1771, H-492

Hopkins, John (Taylor)

Worcester---Name of Track: Chance---Acreage: 50----Lively Hill---Acreage: 22

5 Mar 1771 Rec: 5 Mar 1771, H-507





(*) abstracts below


Grantee Grantor Instrument Libre and Page

Surn (?) Sam^l Hopkins Deed B-270

Levi Arnwell Showell Deed B-202

John Fassitt

Matthew & John Martin Deed B-78


Sam^l Glass Deed B-439


Levi John Outten & Deed F-199*

John Furlong

Levi & Levin Townsend Deed F-210*

Levi Hill

Levi Levin Townsend Bill of F-212


John John Mumford Deed G-221*

Hampton Geo. Smith

Mathew Abra^m Cordery Bill of G-461*


Sam^l Mary King Deed of H-208*

Whittington, Exs Release

of William

John Wm. Holland Deed I-225

Levi John Gilby Deed K-311

Mathew Wm. Campbell Bond M-177

Mathew Wm. Campbell Deed M-187

William Levi Hopkins Deed of M-495


Sam^l & Thos. Martin Lease N-217


Hampton Sam^l Taylor Bill of O-231


Sam^l Elisha ? Deed O-652

Mathew ? Campbell Deed O-693

Maxmillion Wm. Hopkins Power of O-682


Mathew Cert. of Qualification O-554

Dep. Register of Wills

Mathew Cert. of Qualification P-371

as Deputy Clerk

Mathew Cert. of Qualification Q-156

as Deputy Clerk

William Micajah Johnson Bill of T-278


Sam^l John Arnstead Deed V-656

Mathew Littleton Purnell & Deed Z-206


Sam^l Isaac P. Smith Deed AA-44

David K. Cert. of Qualification AC-342

Of Dep. Surveyor

Mathew Dixon H. Kenneth Bill of AD-416


Mathew Thos. S. Gray Deed AM-25

David K. Cert. of Qualification AM-146

as Surveyor

John Wm. Watts Deed AM-245

John John Fooks Deed AN-310

John John & James Deed AN-519


Mathew Elinor Cutlor Deed AO-79

wid. of John

Mathew Eliz. Tassitt Deed AO-80

wid. of James

David & Jms. B. Robbins Deed AQ-666

Rhoda Bishop

David & Major Tarr Deed AQ-670

Rhoda Bishop

David & Dan^l Maddox Deed AR-184

Rhoda Bishop

David & Ambrose White Deed AR-287

Rhoda Bishop


David John C. Bacon Deed AS-122

Rhoda Bishop

John Wm. West Deed AT-288


James Cert. of Qualification AU-570

Justice of the Peace

David & Rowland B. ?? Deed AV-195

Rhoda Bishop

James Cert. of Qualification AX-23

Justice of the Peace


David K. & Joesph S. Callman Deed AZ-381

Rhoda Bishop

David K. & Sam^l P. Spencer & Deed JCH#2-35

Rhoda Bishop wife& Geo Bishop

David K & John Sturges Jr. Deed JCH#2-44

Rhoda Bishop

John James Derickson Deed JCH#2-183

David K. & Thos. A. Spence Deed GMH#1-67






Hopkins, Levi

Worcester---Name of Track: Convieniency---Acreage: 100---Castle---Acreage:33

13 April 1764 Rec: 11 May 1764, F-210

Hopkins, John

Worcester---Name of Track: Chance---Acreage: 50---Lively Hill---Acreage: 22

22 Oct 1767 Rec: 4 Nov 1767, G-221

Hopkins, Mathew---cow and calf

14 Oct 1768, G-461

Hopkins, Sam^l

Worcester---negro girl named Edith---deed of release from Mary King Wellington

19 May 1766 Rec: 20 Feb 1770, H-208

Hopkins, Levi

Worcester---Name of Track: Onorton's Lott---Acreage: 25 1/2---Inch---Acreage: 150

8 Aug 1761 Rec: 8 Aug 1761, B-202


Additional Deed Submissions


Peter Wilson Coldham, Settlers of Maryland: 1751-1765, (Baltimore;

Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.,1996) pp 140-141

Early Settlers of Maryland; 1766-1783

Submitted by Mimi

Worcester County

Hopkins, Levi

Worcester County---Name of Tract: Golden Quarter---Acreage:

212---29 Sep 1762---Reference:BC24/494;BC28/567

Hopkins, Hampton

Worcester County---Name of Tract: Hopkins' Point---Acreage

536---27 Nov 1783---Reference: BC50/463

Hopkins, Levin

Worcester County---Name of Tract: Middlemore---Acreage:

23---09 Oct 1782---Reference: BC50/302


Hopkins, Hampton

Worcester County---Name of Tract: Double Purchase---Acreage: 246---24

Oct 1744---Reference: LGC/61

Hopkins, Robert

Worcester County---Name of Tract: Chance---Acreage: 10---18 Mar 1747---

Reference: TI4/411;BY5/217

Hopkins, Samuel

Worcester County---Name of Tract: Beech Silvania---Acreage: 1,144---10

Sep 1747---Reference: TI3/188;BY1/506

Talbot County---Name of Tract: Ealom---Acreage: 93---13 Jun 1744---

Reference: EI6/717;LGC/414

Worcester County---Name of Tract: Hopkins Chance---Acreage: 385---16 May

1748---Reference: BT/482;BY1/73

Worcester County---Name of Tract: Troublesome---Acreage: 793---20 Mar

1747---Reference: BT/488;BY1/72





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