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Descendants of Henry Burruss

Generation No. 1

1. HENRY3 BURRUSS (JACOB2, JOHN1)1 was born 1720 in King William County, Virginia, and died 1765 in Louisa County, Virginia. He married ELIZABETH TERRY (?)1 Abt. 1745 in Louisa County, Virginia.

Child of HENRY BURRUSS and ELIZABETH (?) is:

2. i. JOHN4 BURRUSS, b. Bef. 1755, Louisa County, Virginia; d. Bef. 1819, Louisa County, Virginia.

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN4 BURRUSS (HENRY3, JACOB2, JOHN1)1 was born Bef. 1755 in Louisa County, Virginia, and died Bef. 1819 in Louisa County, Virginia. He married MARY HARRIS March 1787 in Abemarle CO, VA2. She died June 06, 1819 in Louisa County, Virginia.



     I searched the index of the Burris/Burrus Research Book (compiled by John W. Burris, 37813 Road 197, Woodlake, CA  93286) and found some material for you. pages 74-75.  31.  6 Jun 1819.  Book O, page 314.  Mary Burris widow of John Burris and Henry and Lucy Burris, John and Elizabeth Monday, Henry and Lucy Coats, John and Lucinda Burris and Overton Burris, in consideration of $300.00 paid by David Bronough, 115 acres. Land on (Contrary Creek ? - JWB)     Louisa co., VA page 76.  Children of John and Mary (Harris) Burris.  Louisa co., VA.

          John Burris, Jr. married Lucinda Nuckells 6 Oct 1817

          Ann Burris married Alexander Nuckalls 17 Nov 1817

          Elizabeth Burris married John Munday 20 Jan 1808

          Lucy Burris married Henry Coats 16 Dec 1818

          Overton Burris married Ann Garrett 12 Nov 1822.

          No more information found for John and Mary (Harris) Burris.

         Good luck in your searching.



Children of JOHN BURRUSS and MARY HARRIS are:

i. JOHN JR.5 BURRUSS, b. September 23, 1794, Louisa Co., VA; d. August 05, 1864, Forsyth County, Georgia; m. (1) LUCINDA NUCKOLLS3, October 06, 1817, Louisa County, Virginia; b. April 09, 1798, Louisa County, Virginia4,5; d. June 1850, Forsyth County, Georgia; m. (2) SARAH W, Aft. 1850, Forsyth County GA.  Lucinda was the sister to James Alexander Nuckolls.

luncinda.jpg (74655 bytes) 

Lucinda's grandaughter Martha Hunt and her husband William J. Thompson, my great-grandparents, and was probably taken about 1910 (W. J. died in 1914). 

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John Burriss: Located in 1850 Census Forsyth Co., GA at Dwelling 654

#654 John Burriss 55 m Farmer VA 1795

John H. Burriss 23 m 2000 VA 1827 {pictured above}

Christenia Burriss 15 f VA 1835

Martha Burriss 14 f VA 1836

William Burriss 12 m GA 1838

Mark A. C. Burriss 10 m GA 1840

BURRESS, John 63m farm. Va.

Sara 56f Va.

Henry 7m Ga.

(pg. 126 494 #890 890)


Lucinda Nuckolls Burruss was still in VA at the time her parents estate was settled in 1835.

1850 Mortality Census of Forsyth County, Georgia

The census recorded 29 deaths (excluding slaves) within the limits of Forsyth County during the year. Only information of genealogical importance is included in the transcript that follows.

(From Microcopy T-655, Roll no. 7, National Archives and Records Service, GSA, Washington, DC.

Burris, Lucinda 51 Virginia Jun

ii. ELIZABETH BURRUSS, m. JOHN MONDAY, January 20, 1808.

iii. LUCY BURRUSS, m. HENRY COATS, December 16, 1818.

iv. OVERTON BURRUSS, m. ANN GARRETT, November 12, 1822.

v. ANNE BURRUSS, b. June 19, 1801, Louisa CO, VA; d. March 29, 1858, Cummings, Georgia, Hall County6; m. JAMES ALEXANDER NUCKOLLS7, November 17, 1817, Louisa County, VA8; b. April 15, 1796, Virginia9; d. September 20, 1875, Whitfield County, Georgia10.


Epitaph: "Sacred to the Memory of Anne Nuckolls, who departed this life Mar. 29, 1848, age 57 years, 9 months, 9 days."


Burial: Cummings, GA near old home on Holland Road

Census: 1840, Census of Hall county as female 40-50

Children: Issue: 4 sons, 6 daus.

Migrated: 1858, Grave near old home, Cumming, GA



1.  Re John Burrus and Mary (Harris?):

        o  John died intestate in Louisa Co., VA sometime between February and November of 1814.  The Louisa Co. records recite that on 11/24/1814 the inventory and appraisal of the estate of John Burrus, dec'd, was returned by Henry Harris, Administrator, having been performed by Patterson Boxley, Joseph Boxley and Waller Lewis.

        o  Mary (Harris?) Burrus, widow of John, was very much alive until 1841 when she, too, died intestate.  The Louisa Co. records recite that on 12/13/1841 the inventory and appraisal of the estate of Mary Burrus, dec'd, was returned by Overton Burrus, Administrator, having been performed by John L. Collins, Oswald McGehee and William C. Waller.

        o  The date and place you depict for the marriage of John and Mary is incorrect.  The March 1787 marriage bond in Albemarle Co., VA pertains to another John Burrus, with the prospective bride identified in the bond as Anna Ferguson.  I don't believe anyone can yet say with specificity when John and Mary married.  Given that their eldest known child, a son Henry, appears to have been born abt.1785, one only can say with some confidence that the marriage likely occurred in or before 1785.  One supposes that it occurred in Louisa Co., but
supposition is all that is.

        o  I cannot personally point to any official documentation to support the widespread belief that Mary was nee Harris; it's for that reason that I continue to follow her supposed birth surname with a (?).  Like most others, I believe her birth surname to have been Harris, and that belief is supported by considerable circumstantial evidence, but as of now it remains a belief, only.

2.  Re Lucinda Nuckolls Burrus:  I've always -- and with some reason -- believed her death to have occurred on June 22, 1849, rather than in June 1850 as you depict.  Is this merely a typo, or do you know something I don't?  In that regard -- and given the succeeding 'note' re Lucinda -- please note that the '1850 Mortality Schedule' for Forsyth Co. reflects deaths occurring in the preceding year.

    As for the progenitor you depict -- Henry Burrus:  While I happen to think that Henry may well be the father of John (<1755-1814), I'm not aware that anyone has ever/yet been able to substantiate or conclusively demonstrate such a relationship.  If this has been accomplished, could you provide some details -- or provide the name and address of someone with whom I could discuss the matter?  If the father-son relationship between Henry and John remains unsubstantiated/speculative, might I suggest that you somehow indicate that on your Burrus page?


                --- David




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