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     In an 1830 Tennessee census report, John Green stated he was over 60 years and born in Georgia. The similarity of names in several generations of his family seems to indicate he was the grandson of a Henry Filmer Green in Lunenburg County, Virginia and his wife Elizabeth Griffin, thus a descendant of Thomas "The Seagull" Green who was born at sea in 1635 as his parents were on their way to the Virginia Colony. A brother may have been Stephen Green who appears with John, and of the same age, in both the 1820 and 1830 Tennessee census records. Sometime before that date, John and his family had migrated from Georgia to Lawrence County, Tennessee. He may have been the John Green who married Hannah Chatman in Wilkes County in 1799. Census records show him as the father of six children, but except for a son John, we do not definitely know their names. Names in Lawrence County 1850 census offer the possibility that James (aged 51) and Frederick Green (aged 40) were also sons.

     His son, John Green (1813-1869), was born in Georgia but came to Tennessee with his family when he was a child. He married Winnie Dial and by 1850 had the following children: Patrick, Robert, John, Susannah, Anna, Martha, and William. After Winnie's death, he married Lucetta (Lucy) Goad (1728-?).The children of the second marriage in 1853 were Winfield Scott, Henry R., Winnie, Alexander, Luther, Margaret, and Mary E.
     Winfield Scott Green(1854-1920) moved to Weakley County before 1880 when he married Dosha Isabelle Taylor. They had four children: Lou, Oscar, Walter and Allen. Dosha died before 1889 and he married Frances Bryant Moore, a widow with three daughters of her own. The Moore family had been neighbors, living on the adjoining farm. The children of the second marriage were Daisy, Homer Brieford, Clarence Noble, and Horace Williard. Scott and "Mammy" Green lived on a farm near Sharon for 30 years. On April 28, 1920 the local newspaper carried this notice:

"After a long illness, Mr. Scott Green died Wednesday afternoon at his home in Sharon. He was one of the best known men of that community and was held in the highest esteem. "

     He was remembered with great affection by his grandson, Marvin Green of Sharon, TN (the son of Oscar Green), the only person we met who could tell us incidents of Scott's life.  [Jane Smith of Memphis, TN is the granddaughter of Lou Green.  No descendents of Walter (of Blytheville, AR) are known although he had a son, Allen Franklin Green.  Allen, Walter's brother, of St. Louis, MO did not marry and died at an early age.  Of the second family: Jackie Greene of Paducah, KY is the widow of Noble Green, Jr., grandson of Scott and"Mammy";  Ann Green Dooley of Biscoe, AR is the daughter of Horace Williard (Bill) Green, their son. No descendents of their daughter, Daisy Green Vinson of (perhaps) Dallas,Texas have been identified.]
     The eldest son of the second marriage, Homer Brieford Green (1893-1947), was a 25 year old railway worker when he married Tommie Leona Nash who was ten years younger.They left Tennessee to make their home in Mobile, Alabama. Their children were Mary Frances Green Harrison (1921-2007) and Thomas Nash Green (1925-2002). Devoted to his wife who died in 1946, Brieford survived her by only four months, dying of what his family believe was a truly "broken heart".

            Frances married J. Max Harrison (1914-1966) and they also made their home in Mobile.  Their children were James, Thomas, Patty (who died in 2004), Rosemary, Diane, Paul and Debbie.

           Tom married Lillian Virginia Pearson (see chart and profile).  Their son is Thomas Nash Green, Jr. (1948-) who wife was Connie Lynn Robertson (1947-1982). His son died as an infant in 1978. Their daughter is Martha Ann Green (1949-).