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St Stephen's Magyar

W Pass Avenue at Theodore Street  Mapquest map
[1714 Clearview Street]3
Scranton PA 18508
ph 570-342-4881

Established as a pastorate in ; currently under the pastorate of Holy Rosary, Scranton




St Thaddeus

see Holy Rosary

Built as a chapel of convenience for St Vincent's in 1859; established as pastorate in 1871; renamed Holy Rosary in 18736




St Thomas Aquinas chapel

  Mapquest map

Chapel of St Thomas College, now the main chapel of the University of Scranton




St Vincent de Paul (1853-1884)

see St Bonaventure's and St Peter's Cathedral

Saint Bonaventure was the first church built in Slocum Hollow/Harrison in 1847, a combined effort of the Irish and German communities; a new church was built closer to the center of town in 1853 and called St Vincent de Paul. When Scranton became a diocese, St Vincent's was made the Cathedral. Rededicated and renamed St Peter's Cathedral in 1884.




St Vincent de Paul

1201 [1145]3 Providence Road  Mapquest map
Scranton PA 18508-2294
ph 570-346-9739

Established as a pastorate in 1925; merged with St Joseph Lithuanian in Mar 2001, using St Joseph's rectory and office,28p292




St Vladimir Ukrainian

428 [426]3 N Seventh Avenue  Mapquest map
Scranton PA 18503
ph 570-342-7023



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  2. The Official Catholic Directory, New Providence NJ: P J Kenedy and Sons, 1997. Has the date 1901, either an error, or possibly when the Passionists were invited into the diocese.
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