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Scranton (PA) Republican , Sat 30 Sep 1916




The American Co

Poster Advertising

315 Linden St       Scranton PA

James Reardon, Pres




Anthracite Welding and Machine Co

Welding and Brazing, Aluminum, Bronze, Cast Iron,
Steel, Etc. General Repairing, Engines, Boilers,
Pumps and Other Machinery

Gasoline and Automobile Oils

Manufacturers of Anthracite Angular Pipe Couplings
Office and Works: Cor Wyoming Ave & Gibson St
Bell phone 3772-R     Scranton PA




Old Phone

Barrie Granite Works

Evan Roberts, Prop

Manufacturer of Fine Cemetery Work
Office and Works: Entrance to Dunmore Cemetery, Scranton PA




Established 1910

A L Besancon & Co

Florists and Decorators

Scranton Life Bldg
(Corner Spruce and Adams)
Scranton, PA
Both Phones




William Beynon           Albert E James

Beynon & James

Wholesale Dealers in

Leather and Findings

Shoe Store Supplies

Old Telephone 1529
315 Spruce Street       Scranton PA





Union Made


For more than sixty years the name of Scott has been closely associated with the Tobacco Manufacturing business in America.
The Firm of Clark and Scott was established in Scranton in 1898 and for the past eighteen years has been manufacturing a good honest tobacco that has always been in favor.

The First Union Made Tobacco

Clark & Scott manufactured the first Union Made Tobacco in Pennsylvania and today "Scott's Best" is as thoroughly union as it is uniformly good.

The factory is up-to-date in every respect. THe sanitary conditions are all that could be desired. Modern machinery is in use in every department and the latest improved methods of manufacturing good tobacco are employed. All things combine to make "Scott's Best" a sweet, fragrant tobacco for smoking and chewing.


Scott's Best



726 W Lackawanna Ave
Scranton PA

Clark & Scott

724 and 726 W Lackawanna Ave

Citizens of Scranton and visitors to the city during Semi-Centennial Week are cordially invited to visit our factory and view our methods of tobacco manufacturing. "The latch string is out."




Established 1887

W C Cowles


1842 N Main Ave

Wincester Roofing
We are sole distributors for this city of Wincester Roofing. Come in and get samples and prices on this Roofing before buying. We will save you money.
    Dickson Range
We are now showing a complete line of Dickson Ranges. These ranges are guaranteed and are practical in every respect.




The Dunmore Silk Co

600 Clay Ave, Dunmore PA

J F O'DONNELL, Buyer and Superintendent
J O'DONNELL, Secretary and Treasurer


Organzine -- Tram -- Crepe
10,000 Spindles - Electric Power
Employs over 80.

Branch in South Scranton




Electric City Bedding Co

Manufacturers of
Mattresses, Pillows and Box Springs
702 W Lackawanna Ave




Established 1864

bsp;            1864       1916
Salespeople . . . . . . . . .      3          20
Floor Space . . . . . . . . . 2,500    15,000
In Footwear
In Northeastern

Goldsmith Bros

Boots, Shoes and rubbers
Wholesale and Retail
304 Lackawanna Ave
Scranton, PA
Leaders in
For Fifty-two
Side of
We take pride in stating that
we are the ONLY house in
this city that has done business in the same location
and under the same name for

52 years





Free Legal Service on Sales, Purchases
and Rentals Through Our Agency

Gronfine & Greenstone

Real Estate
431-432 Connell Bldg, Scranton PA
Phone 2862-J




Res, Old Phone 693, 304 Broadway
Office, Old Phone 2862-J

Jacob M Gronfine

Attorney and Counsellor
431-2 Connell Bldg     Scranton PA




Established 1888

Gunster Bros

Plumbing, Tinning, Heating
Sheet Metal Work, Skylights, Cornices, Hardware, Paint, Glass.
Stoves and Ranges

325-327 Penn Ave




Old Phone 4670

B G Hamlin, MD

901 Prescott Avenue, Scranton PA
Hours: Until 10 am; 2 to 4 pm; 7 to 8 pm




Hat Hospital

406 Linden Street

for Ladies and Gentlemen

Statistics prove the Hat Hospital to be the only hospital in the City of Scranton where one can have a guarantee that within twenty-four hours New Life and form will be injected into any Old Hat. No matter whether you bring it to the Hospital dead or alive, it will be, when leaving here, a model suitable to travel with any correctly clad lady or gentleman attending the celebration of the City's Centennial.

Some Hospital, eh?

For your consideration, we print a partial list of the most prominent families of which we have remodeled many thousand members:

The Felts, Beavers, Velours, Velvets, Panamas, Hemps, Leghorns, and Milans

Hat Hospital Co

Bell Phone, 3923-J     406 Linden Street     Scranton, PA




Joseph Heen

Wholesale and Retail


1008 Pittston Ave
Scranton PA
New Phone 1339-K




Hotel Belmont

European Plan Restaurant and Cafe

Lackawanna and Adams Avenue
Near D L & W and Laurel Line Stations


Regular Table d'Hote Dinner,
11:30 to 2:00 and 5:30 to 8:00

A La Carte Service Day and Night




Service Counts

Business men and others have got the habit of calling up
7625 on the Bell 'Phone because they have learned that

Howes Draying Company

at Spruce St and Oakford Court

offers the most prompt, careful and generally efficient service
in Scranton. For your own satisfaction GET THAT HABIT.




Established 1887

Keller & Harris

Manufacturers of Harness

And Dealers in Horsefurnishing Goods

Trunks and Traveling Bags, Pocket Books, Gloves and Mittens
No 209 Wyoming Avenue




Established 1904

G R Kinney & Co

Shoes and Rubbers

303-07 Spruce St
Scranton, PA




Chas H Kipp

1335 Rigg Street, Dunmore

-- Packers of --

Chipped Beef, Table Mustand, Peanut Butter,
Horse Radish, Potato Chips, Ham and Bacon.




"Pioneers of the City"

S Lebowitz & Co

Department Stores
404-406-308 S Washington Ave
Scranton PA
Harry P Lebowitz, Sales Mgr




We Undersell
Don't Pay High Prices for Footwear
Buy for Less Here

Leonard Shoe Co

432 Lacka Ave
2nd Door From Wash Ave




Here's A Bigger Future For You

Mr Grocer and Mr Butcher

Thousands of your brother merchants all over the country have proved that the VIM Delivery Car stands for better service, better earnings, enlarged delivery capacity and power to pul in new trade.

Every inch of VIM is made for work . It is not a pleasure chassis with a wagon body but a real delivery car , designed and built to give a long life of dependable business service.

It is complete in ever detail -- ready to do your work the minute you buy it. No extras of any kind needed.

The VIM is low in initial coast and remarkably economical in upkeep and running expense.

Open Express Model, $695 Complete
(f o b Phila)

Closed Panel Model, $725 Complete
(f o b Phila)

It is simple to operate and take care of. Its mechanical parts are strong, powerful, and flexible in operation.

Its appearance of quiet elegance lends distinction to the tradesman's shop that it represents.

Let us show you what we mean.

Let us give you a demonstration today.
(This space for your name and address.)

VIM Delivery Cars

Power Plant Troubles Can't Tie Up


MACCAR TRUCKS are built with Muellar Demountable Power-plants. This means that in 30 minutes your truck can be earing its money again, no matter what power plant accidents may have happened. You just take out the damaged unit and substitute a new one.
These parts mounted in ONE UNIT, Dust-Proof, Compact, Vibration-Proof
Radiator Magnetto
Dash and Toe Boards
Brake and Foot Pads
1 ton        2 ton        3 ton        5 ton
Catalogues and Full Information on Request


Distributors Northeastern Penna
W A Christ, Gen Mgr
529-31 Linden St, Scranton PA




"The Spruce St Style Shop"
Presents the New Modes

"THE STORE INDIVIDUAL," John G McConnell's, is the mecca of all fashion leaders and style-loving women in this valley.

Invariably the new modes are shown here first, because we are ever alert to secure the very latest and most approved styles for our valued patrons.

Your own individual tastes are best expressed in a "McCONNELL" garment because the fabrics, colors and styles are always "DIFFERENT" and above the ordinary.

It costs no more to wear "McCONNELL" styles, and you at once take your place in the forefront of fashion's promenade.

Modish Autumn SUITS, COATS, DRESSES, SKIRTS and WAISTS are ready now for your inspection. We would appreciate a call from you whenever yoiu are ready.

Exclusive Agent for Knitted Sport Apparel

Of all stores between New York and Buffalo, "THE McCONNELL STORE" was selected to present this new line of Sport Apparel to you. Manufactured right here in your own home town, these garments have won their way into favor of the country's smartest dressers. A knitted fabric, of the finest Australian wool, that is moist-proof, non-saggable, unshrinkable and very durable.

Suits, Coats, Skirts and other Sport Apparel, of this famous fabric, in at least 50 shades. Prices very moderate.

John G McConnell

Established in 1899
Scranton Life Building, 532 Spruce St




New York Film Exchange

Good Service at Reasonable Prices

18-19 Burr Bldg    Scranton PA




Pennsylvania Silk Throwing Company

Dunmore PA

F L Kerstetter, Prop & Gen Mgr
1400 Spindles

Another new mill under construction at Glen Lyon PA
Finest and most modern equipment.
50,000 spindles -- 800 employees

Organzine, Tram, Flosses, Crepe de Chine Twist.
Over 20 years experience in Tussa Silks.
Prompt deliveries, Careful attention to all work.




Oldest Existing Furniture Store in the City of Scranton

Protheroe & Company

Manufacturers, Wholesalers and
Retailers of Highest Quality
Home Funrishings

Established 1886

We have been outfitting Scranton homes with satisfaction to our customers for over thirty years. THere is scarcely a home in Scranton that does not contain some furniture purchased at this store and there are hundreds of homes in Scranton and vicinity that have been completely furnished by us.

Oldest Existing Furniture Store in the City of Scranton


Seven Floors Stocked with Furniture, Carpets, Ruggs, Linoleum, Draperies, etc

We cordially invite our patrons, friends and visitors to the city during the Semi-Centennial Week to visit our store and inspect our line of home furnishings. Glad to show you around.

Scranton's Home Furnishers for the Past Thirty Years

422 Lackawanna Avenue




Footwear For Every
Member of the Family

David M Reilly

--The Shoe Man--

139-141 Wyoming Ave     Hotel Jermyn Bldg




Scranton Bedding Company

Established 1893

Manufacturers of
Mattresses, Box Springs, Pillows, Etc

1031 Capouse Ave, Scranton PA




Scranton Silk Co

Cliff Street

Manufacturers of Ribbons




Incandescent Lamps

Tungsten             Nitrogen

Domestic and Imported
Bell Telephone 2522

Scranton Specialty Company

Merchandise Brokers

327 Washington Avenue
R H Dean, President          Scranton PA




Spending Money At Home

Security Red Stamps are CASH STAMPS. -- They are also Merchandise and Premium Stamps

The difference between RED stamps and the ordinary garden variety of trading stamps is so marked that once a dealer or a stamp collector knows about it, he or she would never go back to the old way.

We would not go back to giving PREMIUMS only, if we could, and we could not because the people are too well pleased with our plan, whereby we spend our money right here at home.

The old idea about stamps was to make the collector save as long as you could, say until she had filled five or ten books. Our idea is to hasten returns by letting the collector CASH in as few as THIRTY RED STAMPS -- for a nickel in goods of dealer or a nickel in cash of us. Full New Red Stamp Books will buy you $2.50 worth at the Dealers, or you can get a clean fresh $2 bill from us. We have paid out to merchants in this vicinity, close to $25,000 in the last few months, instead of sending this money to Grand Rapids or Hawaii. We still have beautiful Premiums in our Parlor but it is for you to say what you want, Premiums, Goods, or Cash.

Red Stamps only cost the dealer 3¢ for each ten stamps -- the number he would pay you if you spent one dollar with him. Any reputable merchant will spend that to hold your trade. Red Stamps are better for the consumer than the Merchant's own register checks or coupons, because you're sure that Red Stamps will be redeemed AT ONCE -- no waiting, no red tape, and no juggling. Red Stamps are at the risk of no single merchant business but are backed by a $300,000 capital. Besides you can make your Red Stamps count faster by getting them with EVERYTHING YOU BUY.

Security Red Stamp Co

Eagle Building -- Scranton PA





Many years ago I saw that Scranton was the kind of a town I'd like to tie up to and decided that when I had firmly established my Wilkes-Barre store I would branch out by locating a big store in the Electric City.

I have been disappointed -- pleasantly. I had hoped to grow at a Scranton pace. I have grown even at a greater pace. Scrantonians have responded in a most gratifying way to my efforts to serve them.

The Dollar Hat proposition was looked upon with some misgiving at first. The people were a bit slow to appreciate the fact that if the dollar hat wasn't a good proposition I couldn't afford to lease a big store, install a raft of expensive fixtures and engage a large force of salespeople to launch it.

Gradually the misgivings and doubts were dissipated, business began to increase and inside of a year the Shepard Dollar Hat was accepted as a Scranton institution.

I have had such success in Scranton that I hace added a $1.50 Hat and named it after the city -- The Electric City Hat at $1.50 is as well known and thought of as our Dollar Hat. On the occasion of the City's Fiftieth Anniversary I wish to extend to the people of Scranton my heartiest felicitations and my sincerest wishes for a future full of happiness.

Shepard's Dollar Hat Store

E T Shepard, Prop
48 East Market St, Wilkes-Barre -- 230 Lackawanna Ave, Scranton

Geo Coskey, Mgr




H G Smith           W A Smith

H G Smith & Bro

Carriage and Wagon Works
General Blacksmithing
Rubber Tire Work a Specialty
Painting and Trimming.
312-314 Vine Street, Scranton PA
Old Phone




T G Smith            L J Murphy

Smith & Murphy

Dry Goods, Groceries,

-- Boots and Shoes --

530-532 Pittston Ave , Cor. Alder Street




Typewriter Sales Company

306 N Washington Ave
Scranton PA

R E Boone, Mgr        Bell Phone, 7090

Dealers in all kinds of TYPEWRITERS. Prices $15.00 and up.
$100 Model Underwoods for $35.00. All machines guaranteed.
The new visible WOODSTOCK Typewriter,
the best in the world, only 10¢ a day.
A test will convince you.

Repairing and Re-Building Typewriters A Specialty




G Perialas ;              S Perialas

Washington Confectionery

High-Grade Home-Made Candies Everyday
Soda and Ice Cream
All Kinds of Fresh Fruit Flavors

We make all our own candies

On the Courthouse Square   208 Washington Avenue
Old Phone 3551-R ;              Scranton PA




Established 1885

"Buying cheap goods to save money is like stopping a clock to save time."

Geo W Watkins

Extends a cordial invitation to the public to visit the Fall Opening of the finest selected stock to be found outside of New York or Philadelphia, consisting of furniture, draperies, wall papers, carpets, rugs and linoleums.

Having devoted thirty-one years of my life to the study of interior decoration and traveled over a good part of the world, thereby gaining a knowledge which is valuable to any customer who wishes to get the best and latest productions for their own furnishings.

My goods are unexcelled for their decorative quality and traditional value.

I have always and still will adhere to a standard of perfection, which has proven that true merit and consistent prices are always rewarded by permanent and lasting success.

No reliance can be placed on the general appearance of goods. I have never been tempted by competition to sacrifice quality to price, knowing that the triumph of depreciable goods is only temporary.

201-203 Jefferson Ave


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