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Lackawanna County Municipal Governments


Lackawanna is the 67th and most recently formed PA county. It came into existence in 1878 from part of Luzerne County. Because geographical names change over the years, it's important to realize that while we may think of an area as a particular name, our ancestors may have called it something very different. For example, some of my ancesters lived in what is now the borough of Dunmore, Lackawanna, back when it was part of Providence Township, Luzerne County. This is significant for genealogists because it impacts where vital records may be stored, how the area was indicated in the census and directories, etc.

City Incorporated Settled Formerly part of:
Scranton 23 Apr 1866   Incorporated as a borough in 1856. In 1866 the boroughs of Hyde Park, Providence, and Scranton were combined with parts of Providence Twp to make up the city of Scranton.
Carbondale 15 Mar 1851 1824 Previously part of Carbondale Twp

Incorporated Settled Formerly part of:
Archbald 1877 1831 Blakely Twp
Blakely 27 Aug 1867 1786 Blakely Twp
Clarks Green 12 May 1914   South Abington Twp
Clarks Summit 30 Aug 1911   South Abington Twp
Dalton 4 Feb 1895   North Abington Twp
Dickson City 1875 c1859 Blakely Township
Dunmore 10 Apr 1862 1816 Providence Twp
Jermyn 3 Jan 1870   Blakely Twp
Jessup (Winton) 1877 1855 Blakely Twp
Mayfield 1891   Carbondale Twp
Moosic 1890   Lackawanna Twp
Moscow 1908 1830 Covington Twp
Old Forge 28 Apr 1899 1800 Old Forge Twp
Olyphant Jan 1877 1850 Blakely Twp
Taylor 23 Nov 1893   Lackawanna & Old Forge Twps
Throop 16 Apr 1893   Blakely Twp
Vandling 14 Nov 1899   Fell Twp

Incorporated Settled Formerly part of:
Abington Aug 1806 1797 Inc while part of Luzerne Co
Benton 1838 c1810 Inc while part of Luzerne Co, from Nicholson Twp
Carbondale 1831 1802 Blakely & Greenfield Twps
Clifton 14 Dec 1873 c1840 Covington Twp
Covington 1818 1815 Inc while part of Luzerne Co
Elmhurst 27 Apr 1941   Inc as a borough 27 May 1889, but gave up borough status
Fell Nov 1845 1818 Carbondale Twp
Glenburn 1877 1848  
Greenfield Jan 1816 1797 AbingtonTwp
Jefferson 1836 1781 Blakely Twp
La Plume     Inc as a borough 2 Apr 1885, but gave up borough status
Madison 7 Aug 1849 1830 Covington & Jefferson Twps
Newton   c1842-4 Falls Twp
North Abington 8 Oct 1867 c1801 Abington Twp
Ransom 1849 1769 Exeter & Newton Twp
Roaring Brook 24 May 1871 1847 Dunmore Borough, Jefferson & Madison Twps
Scott 1846 1800 Greenfield Twp
South Abington 8 Oct 1867 c1775 Abington Twp
Spring Brook 22 Nov 1853 1831 Covington & Pittston Twps
Thornhurst (Lehigh/Bucks) 1833 1842  
West Abington 1895 c1775 Abington Twp

Src: Hottenstein & Welch, compilers; Incorporation Dates for Pennsylvania Municipalities , Commonwealth of PA, 1965

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