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If you have questions, need more information, or wish to contribute to the genealogy charts on this page please send email to Ed Albert or Vonda Minner. While you're looking around, check out the Awards we've received. Please feel free to attach your genealogy contributions to your mail (any of the common formats are fine), and provide any documentation as to how they link to the person(s) on these charts. NOTE: The graphic in the background is the Albert family crest, which can be seen in color by clicking here. This family tree currently contains 32,206 individuals, including 11,057 family groups using 5,200 surnames. The genealogy information database was generated using DFT (Dynamic Family Tree) a program developed by Michael Horey. The database takes about five minutes to load (56k modem) and around 2 minutes for DSL/Cable modem users, but once loaded all of the data is immediately available without further loading delays like those encountered in moving between web pages.

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