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Al Cooper's Kinfolks
Albert M. Cooper

Home Card

Welcome to my family records. Pictured above is a family photo shot in the early 1940s in front of the home of my grandparents Joseph Cameron and Ida Perry. I was born in the front bedroom of this home. I owe thanks to many for these records. My grandfather Samuel Albert Cooper passed down records that he compiled in 1934 as well as records that my cousin James S. Cooper compiled in 1875. My great grandfather John Simpson Graham wrote and published a book, History of Clarke County, in 1923, in which he provided information about his connections with the Graham and Taylor families. My parents Graham Martin Cooper and Alberta Cameron passed along countless family photos and documents. My sister and my Cameron aunts and uncles have enriched the search with their help and memories. More recently I have gained valuable new insights from other researchers who have shared their records by e-mail. Most significant is information that the birth name of my 5G Grandfather Christian Cooper was Johann Christian KUPFER. These records do not reflect information and changes that have been accumulated since these webpages were created in August 1999. I would like to collobrate with anyone who has information that supports, supplements, or conflicts with these records.


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