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Revolutionary War
The War of 1812
Civil War [1861-1865]
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Spanish American War [1898]
American/Phillipine War
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Amber Dalakas' DeHart Genealogy
Debra Howard
Gerald and Maxine Barker Kuhn
Dora Smith
Teri Pettit
Robert & Tena DeHart
Joyce Bunch
Robert DeHart
David Fridley
Lin Demko
Herb Lewis
Rebecca DeHart Bateman
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DeHart GEDCOM FILE - updated 8/28/98
DeHart Most Wanted - *those elusive descendants*
DeHart Picture Gallery - updated 10/24/98
GENCONNECT's Surname Resource Center "D"
GENCONNECT's DeHart Query Bulletin Board - Searchable
Post your DeHart Query to the DEHART GenForum
Patrick County, Virginia GENWEB - Many DeHart roots!
The DeHart House Ghost Story
DeHart Cherokee Connection
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