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DeHarts in the Wars

The War of 1812

Dehart, Aaron 3rd Regt (Freylinghuysin) New Jersey, Pvt
Dehart, Abraham Richmond County Battalion (Conner's) N.Y. Militia, Pvt
Dehart, Abraham Spark's Battalion, Penn. Volunteers, Pvt
Dehart, Abraham 3rd Regt (Freylinghuysin) NJ, Pvt
Dehart, Cornelius 3rd Regt (Freylinghuysin) NJ, Pvt
Dehart, Cornelius 4th Regt (Wood's) VA Militia, Pvt
Dehart, Gilbert 3rd Regt (Freylinghuysin), NJ, Pvt
Dehart, Jacob 1 Regt (Shappells), PA Militia, Pvt
Dehart, John 2 Regt Light Inf (Bache's) PA Militia, Pvt
Dehart, John 3rd Regt (Freylinghuysin), NJ, Pvt
DeHart, John C. 1 Regt Arty (Gitcher's), NY Vols.. 2nd Lt.
DeHart, Joseph Maj. Andruss' Detachment,(1812) NJ Militia, Pvt
Dehart, Matthew Richmond County Battalion (Conner's) NY Militia, Pvt
DeHart, Robinson Cpt. Beale's Co, Riflemen, La Militia, Pvt
Dehart, Thomas lst Regt, (Tsucheart's) VA Militia, Pvt
Dehart, William Richmond County Bn (Conners), NY Militia, Pvt
Dehart, William 2nd Regt (Seward's) NJ Militia, Pvt
Dehart, William F. 3rd Regt (Freylinghuysin), NJ, Pvt.
Contributed by and Origina Document Prepared by: Dave DeHart (Oregon) - Reference: National Archives on April 13, 1999. Index microfilm of veterans of the War of 1812.

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