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DeHarts in the Wars

The Revolutionary War

Abraham, BLW #9245-100-15 May 1792, srv as a Pvt in the PA Line

Abraham, S39426, PA Line, sol enl in Berks Cty PA and after the war sol moved to Monroe Cty VA and his mother was living when sol left PA, appl 19 Jun 1818 Monroe Co. VA aged about 60, in 1820 sol stated he was aged 65 with a son at home aged 12 and 4 other children away from home

Abraham, srv as a Sgt in the 1st PA Regt.

Abraham, srv as a Pvt & Cpl in the 3rd PA Regt.

Abraham or as Abraham Gerheart, srv as a Pvt in the German Bttn of Cont Troops

Balthazer/Belthazer, srv as a 1st Lt in the 3rd NY Regt, 28th June 1775, to January, 1776.

Cisbart, srv in Capt Morgen's Co of Va Troops

Cornelius, S12769, BLW #26350-160-55, NJ Line, sol was b 29 Oct 1762 at Montgomery in Somerset Cty NJ and sol lived there at enl and in 1907 moved to Amsterdam in Montgomery Cty NY and sol appl there 14 Jun 1838, sol appl for BLW 18 Apr 1855 a res of Perth in Fulton Cty NY age 91

Cornelius, srv as a Pvt in the 2nd Bttn of Middlesex NJ Mil

Cornelius, srv as a Pvt in the 3rd PA Regt

Cyrus (as DeHart) or Cyrus D. Dart, S5426, BLW #557-300-9 Jul 1790, srv as a Capt in the NJ Line, sol appl 28 Mar 1818 NY City NY, in 1820 sol was aged 63 with a wife Mary aged 62 and children; Ogden 12, Jane Duel aged 28 who had a child and sol's daughter Mary aged 18, on 6 Jan 1826 sol lived at the Borough of Elizabeth in NJ, sol d 7 Sep 1831 and bal due was paid to his children; William C. and Mary E. DeHart in 1843 only surviving children. Pension: Essex Co. NJ, Capt. 2nd NJ line, Ann. Allow. $480, Sums Rec'd: $2166.66, placed on pension role 17 JUN 1828, commencement of pension:3 MAR 1826.

D'Hart, Cyrus (NJ). Ensign 4th New jersey, 4th December, 1775, to March, 1776.; Ensign lst New Jeresy 18th September, 1776; Lieutenant, 4th October, 1777; Regimental Paymaster, 22nd April, 1778, to January, 1781. Captain Lieutenant, 11th March 1780; Captain, 20th December, 1780; transferred to 2nd New Jersey, 1st January, 1781; retained in Consolidated New Jersey Battalion, April 1783, and served to3d November, 1783. (Died 7th September, 1831.)

Handrick, srv in Freilinghuysen's Bttn of NJ Mil

Hendrick, srv as a Pvt in Seeley's Regt of NY Mil

Pioneers of Old Hopewell, with Sketches of Her Revolutionary Heroes_ by Ralph Ege (1963 reprint by the Hopewell (NJ) Museum of a book originally pub. in 1908), p. 122-123: "On the morning after the battle of Princeton there occurred at this [Rocky Hill] mill a skirmish with the British which, like the battle of the preceding day, resulted in a victory for the Americans. A portion of the British army was encamped at Ten Mile Run, only a short distance from the residence of the great great grandfather of the writer,*..." "*The person alluded to in this connection was Hendrick DeHart, who was with General Washington at that time and participated in the battle of Princeton the day previous. Two of his little sons, Henry and Uriah, had a narrow escape from being exposed to the fire of Morgan's riflemen that morning. They had just been to the mill at Rocky Hill and were on their way home, going up the hill on the east side of the river, when they saw the British soldiers approaching and turned aside in the woods until they had passed. "Uriah, who was the great grandfather of the writer and well remembered by him, said that although only a small boy at the time, he recollected very distinctly seeing his mother take the copper kettle and go toward the spring, which was a considerable distance from the house. He followed along and saw her sink it in the spring, after which she took the gold ring from her finger and hid it under one of the stones in the walk."

Jacob or Jacob D. Hart, BLW #s 594 and 905, see Jacob D. Hart

Jacob M. (as DeHart), or as Jacob M. D. Hart, srv as a Cadet in the 1st NJ Regt

Jacob Maurier (as DeHart), srv as an Ensign in the 2nd PA Regt 2nd June, 1778; Lieutenant, 16th May, 1779; Aide-de-Camp to General De Kalb. Died 25th July, 1780, of wounds received at Bull's Ferry, 21st July, 1780.

"Yesterday sennight died of the wounds, he received in an attack on the block- house, near the English Neighbourhood, Lieut. Jacob M. DeHart, of the 2d Pennsylvania regiment (a brother to Col. De Hart.) This youth fell at the age of eighteen, bravely, and was universally lamented.--Every military honour was paid his remains by his affectionate brother officers." 1

James, Ann, W7006, NJ Line, sol d 18 Jun 1822, wid appl 14 Mar 1838 Middlesex Cty NJ aged 86 a res of North Brunswick NJ and sol lived near New Brunswick NJ at enl, sol m Ann (---) 18 Jun 1773 at Six Mile Run NJ, in 1792 sol had 6 children

James, srv int the 13th PA Regt

John, srv in the NJ during the Rev, card #5969 roll #14

Revolutionary War Courts: DeHard, John. Colonel Nichols' Regiment. Desertion: twenty lashes

D'Hart, Maurice (NJ). Major Aide-de-Camp to General Wayne; killed at Fort Lee, 18th November, 1776.

Phillip (as DeHart), or as Phillip DeHarsh, srv as a Pvt in Klock's Regt of NY Mil

Samuel, S35892, PA Line, sol lived in Oley Twnshp in Berks Cty PA at enl, appl 29 Aug 1818 Berks Cty PA aged 74 a res of Amity Twnshp PA, in Jun 1822 sol had moved to Mason Cty KY and in 1823 sol was still there and stated he had neither a wife or children, sol d 21 May 1824.

pg 222 - October Court 1821 Samuel DeHart produced in court his certain declaration of service whilst in the army of the United States in the late Revolutionary War and swore to the same in open court which is ordered to be certified to the Secretary of War.2
Court Order Book K, pg 149 - September Court, 1824 Satisfactory proof was introduced to the court showing that Samuel DeHart, late a private in the army of the Revolution, and inscribed on the pension list, Roll of the Pennsylvania Agency, at the rate of $8 per month, departed this life on the 21st day of May, 1824, and that administration of his estate was this day granted to Jacob Boone, which is ordered to be certified to the Secretary of War. See: Pension Claim No. 335892, Pennsylvania.
Court Order Book K pg 73 - December Court 1823 Samuel DeHart produced his declaration and schedule and swore to the same in open court which is ordered to be filed and it is ordered that a copy thereof be certified to the Secretary of War. He also proved by the oath of Jacob Boone that he the said DeHart is destitute of any property of any kind which is also ordered to be certified to the Secretary of War.
Additional info: This Samuel died May 21, 1824 in Kentucky. In December of 1823 he states that he is about 79 years old, he served under Captain Lewis Farmer in a regiment commanded by Colonel Miles in the state of Pennsylvania. He also swore that he had no wife or children. Joseph Boon was his credible witness February 2, 1819. He started receiving his pension in Oley Township, Berks Co PA. Application for transfer was filed June 22, 1822 in Mason Co, Kentucky where he was then residing. He enlisted in 1776 serving one year and 10 months as a private in Pennsylvania's Rifle regiment.

William or as William D. Hart, srv as a Lt Col in the 1st NJ Regt

William, srv as a Cpl in the 2nd Bttn of Middlesex NJ Mil

William. Serjeant, Captain Morgan's company, Second Regiment, Middlesex.

William C. Captain, Essex.

D'Hart, William, Major, First Battalion, First Establishment, November 7th, 1775; Major, First Battalion, Second Establishment, November 28th, 1776; Lieutenant Colonel, ditto, January 1st, 1777; Lieutenant Colonel, Second Regiment, September 26th, 1780; resigned.

D'Hart, William (NJ) Major lst NJ, 7th November, 1775; Lieutenant Colonel 2nd New jersey, lst January, 1777; resigned 29th December, 1781. (Died 16th June, 1801) - This looks like the same William as above

SECOND REGIMENT. FIELD AND STAFF. William D'Hart Lieutenant Colonel. Lieutenant Colonel William D'Hart, resigned.

Winant, S813, NJ Line, appl 18 Sep 1832 Middlesex Cty NJ aged 78 a res of North Brunswick NJ and sol was b there and always lived there, on 24 May 1854 Ann DeHart 1 of 3 children of dec'd sol rec'd final payment and was paid to 14 Apr 1837. Winoint, srv as a Pvt in the 2nd Bttn of Middlesex NJ Mil

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"Index to Revolutionary War Service Records Volume III: L-R" transcribeed by Virgil D. White The National Historical Publishing Company, Waynesboro, Texas 1995
Official Register of the Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Revolutionary War, as prepared by the State of New Jersey Adjutant General's office, 1870.
1 - Documents relating to the Revolutionary History of the State of New Jersey, Vol IV
2 - KENTUCKY PIONEERS AND THEIR DESCENDANTS by Kentucky Society of Daughters of Colonial Wars 1941-1950

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