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Francis McGraw, birth date unknown, wife unknown, came from Ireland before the Revolutionary War.


+Jacob, b. 1750-1760, d. 10 MAY 1815, m. Elizabeth WALLER
+Francis, Jr.


Jacob m. Elizabeth WALLER 4 January 1780, daughter of Col. George WALLER. After their marriage, Jacob acquired a grant of 300 acres of land near Ward's Gap, VA, near Mt. Airy, NC. He later obtained land in NC, west of Mt. Airy on Stewart's Creek and Lovell's Creek. At his death on 10 JUL 1815 he left hundreds of acres of land to his children and no less than 30 slaves.

Jacob's four brothers also acquired large amounts of land in the area.

Jacob was a veteran of the Revolutionary War. He fought with his brother James and others with General Greene at Guilleford Court House.

+Samuel, b. 1795 or 1802, m. Savinnas "Sabine" SARRETT, b. ABT 1810


Samuel was born in Surrey County, NC, close to VA. He lived there until he was 36 or 38 years old. It is said that Samuel came into Fayette Co. VA from Grayson Co. (Now Carroll Co.) VA. He may have been staying with one of his older brothers or in-laws. He filed bankruptcy in 1836.

Samuel's wife, Sabine SURRATT was probably 11-19 years his junior, therefore placing her DOB aft 1810. She married at age 15 in 1825.

+John, 27 OCT 1826, m. Mahala COZORT


John, born in VA 27 OCT 1826, he went with his father, Samuel, from Grayson, Co., VA (later Carroll Co.) from the Hillsville, VA area to Raleigh Co. VA (WV) when he was 12 years old. After Samuel and his wife were separated, Samuel, unable to provide for his son properly, and thinking it best, brought him to the John Joshua FARMER place at Bolt, VA where he lived and worked with Josh FARMER from age 12 to 22. His two sisters remained with their mother.

John's wife, Mahala COZORT, was of English, German and Dutch descent. Her father, Peter G. COZORT with his brother John Haywood COZORT left England, date unknown, and first settled in Tar Creek, Ashe County, NC, one a carpenter, the other a blacksmith. Later both men settled in Raleigh County, VA. Peter G. Cozort, Sr. first married Sally ACORD CHRISTIAN and to them was born three children: Mahala, Sally and Henry. Sally ACORD, too was of German or Dutch descent - Pennsylvania Dutch who came to this country from the Upper Rhine River region known as the Palatinate.

John and Mahala were married 3 NOV 1848 by General Alfred Beckley at Shockley's Fork (now Glen White), VA (WV). They lived in Raleigh (then Fayette) Co. for two years moving then to Bolt, Breckenridge, and Shockley's Fork. In 1852 he bought land from Amos SHUMATE and moved his wife and two children, Mary and James to Wyoming Co. VA (WV).

+George, died in infancy
+Mary Elizabeth "Napper", b. 3 OCT 1849, m. John SIZEMORE
+James Dolliver "Jim" or "Collins", b. 27 JUL 1852, d. 5 MAR 1939, m. Rheuma ACORD
+William Harrison "Pole", b. 9 NOV 1855, d. 30 OCT 1916
+Marshall Perry "Mayhorn", b. 23 OCT 1857, d. 23 NOV 1921, m. Virginia Catherine FARMER
+Joseph Barrett "Gus", b. 28 FEB 1860, d. 23 DEC 1936, m. Nancy DANIELS
+Virginia Catherine, b. 5 OCT 1863, d. 23 SEP 1965
+Robert Lee, b. 23 MAY 1865, d. 21 APR 1947, m. Victoria DANIELS
+Louis Marshall "Bum" or "Boner", b. 27 NOV 1867, d. 18 FEB 1943, m. Lizzie COOK
+Horace Greeley, b. 6 MAR 1870, d. 21 AUG 1959, m. Pearl MCGINNIS
+Okey Johnston, b. 16 MAR 1872, d. JUN 1956, m. Nancy TOLLIVER


Mary Elizabeth MCGRAW and John SIZEMORE had the following children:

+Mahala m. Thye SHORT (Children: Bill, Sally, Fred, Chas, Ella, Goldie, Nannie)
+Joe m. Annie FOLLEY (Children: Arnold, Hattie, Beatrice, Opal, John, Ora, Olen, Elmer, Jack)
+William Harrison "Bill" m. Louella "Sug" LEMON (Children: Thelma, Roy, Fred, Harold, Basil, Gladys, Kethel, Wilma)
+John Lewis m. Charlotte "Lottie" MANNING (Children: Kelly, Gifford, Carl, Viola, Helen, Glen, Mary)
+Myrtle m. Azel ATKINS (Children: Lona, Wilma, Bob, Pauline, Faye, Lindon)
+Sarah m. Giles TRUMP (Children: John, Sadie, Ethel)

James Dolliver MCGRAW and Rheuma ACORD had the following cihldren:

+Ollie m. Oley COOK of Arista (Children: Gardner, Harless, Jim, Clare)
+Leora m. Beecher COOK of New Richmond (Sandstone) (Children: Roscoe, Gaye, Blanche, Moody, Waldon)
+Jennie m. Lloyd MULLINS (Children: Jim, Woolsey); m. Lon SCOTT (Children: Fergie, Wanna, Virginia, Grace, Ruby, Tommy)
+Triza m. Jack COZORT (Children: Creed, Grace, Virginia, Novella, Vaughn)
+Two children died in infancy of diphtheria

George McGRAW died in infancy.

William Harrison MCGRAW and Pauline MCGINNIS had the following children:

+John m. Etta DANIELS (Children: Arthur, Oscar, Posey, Lola, Duffa, Wilson)
+Gordon Burton m. Susie BROOKS (Children: Barb, Pauline, Norma)
+James Hereford "Fud" m. Mary WILLS (Children: Bethel, Keith, Kenton, Hereford, Darrell, Vivian, Buena Mahala, William Harrison, Ferne, Arley Alvin, Miletus Westfall, Conway Orville, Paul Terman, Rosemary, Leon Crandal)
+Gertrude "Gertie" m. Pate BROOKS (Children: French, Raymond, Homer, Burton, Paul, Thomas, Shelburn, Holroyd, Billy Randolph)
+Vergie m. Chas. BURTON
+Jessie Pearl died at age 14
+Ola Leona m. Ott BROWN b. 13 OCT 1897 (Children: Naomi, Jack, Ott Jr., Eulalee, Harless, Bill, Dennis, Betty, Mildred, Evelyn Mae, Norma Janice, Nancy Marie)
+Walter Wirt m. Opal SPENCE (Children: Larry, Benny, Sharon)
+Ruby Mary m. Fulton Wilson BROWN (Children: James Clayton)

Marshall Perry "Mayhorn" MCGRAW and Virginia Catherine FARMER had the following children:

+Okey Lee m. Elizabeth Jane WEBB (Chlidren: Willie A., Gaye, Virginia, Clarence, Beulah, Gussie, Wanda, Ella, O'Dell, Virgil, Ruth, Kathleen, Okey, Jr., Betty)
+Allie m. Lon KELLY (Children: Charley m. Bess TRENT, William Perry, Virgil L. (Lonnie), Virginia (Jakeman))
+Evie m. Walter LUSK (Children: Violet), m. Lee BAILEY
+John GREELEY m. Bess SHUMATE (Children: June, Virginia "Toots", Christabe)
+Laura m. Everett WYATT
+Tott never married
+Willie m. G.F. MINNEHAM
+Bessie m. Ottaway COOK, Beckley
+Minnie m. Ed E. "Ted" WILLIAMS

Joseph Barrett "Gus" MCGRAW m. Nancy DANIELS (daughter of Joel) and their children were:

+John Johnston never married.
+Ola Bert m. Cora SNUFFER (Raleigh Co. MCGRAWs) (Children: Mona, Orville, Lonnie, Ola, Mintie, Paula, Charles, Norris)
+Grover Cleveland "Jake" MCGRAW m. Ettz SIZEMORE and their children were:
+Sadie m. Gilbert GOODE (Children: Bonnie)

+Hattie m. John D. MEREDITH (Children: Janet, Johnnie)
+Hettie m. Hershel COOK (Children: Hersell, Jr., Dixie Kay, Sharon Lynn)
+Faye m. Thomas G. KELLY (Chlidren: Kelly)
+Clarence m. Audrey PRICE (Children: Rodney, Judith)
+Phillip S. m. Belle PHILLIPS (Children: Hazel m. J. Campbell GWIIN of Green Sulphur Springs, Irene m. Emmett D. HICKS, Princeton)

Virginia Catherine MCGRAW

Robert Lee MCGRAW and Victoria DANIELS (daughter of Joel DANIELS, sister of Nancy) had the following children:

+Joel of True, WV, m. Jane BROWN, daughter of Hedgman BROWN.
+Belle, m. Ken MCMILLIAN, Summers Co., WV
+Maudie, m. Thurman BROOKS
+John Dollins "Doll", m. _________ COOK, Jessie, Summers Co. WV
+J.C. "Doc" m. Laura TOLLIVER, daughter of Hiram TOLLIVER
+Sidney Lot "S.L." m. Grace STEWART, daughter of James STEWART
+Etsie Bryan m. Grace COZORT, daughter of Jack COZORT, b. 5 OCT 1896, d. 4 MAR 1965
+Ocie, m. Lacy STCLAIR, Lockbridge, WV, Summers Co.
+Charity, m. ___________ LEMON, Lockbridge, WV, Summers Co.

Louis Marshall "Bum" "Boner" MCGRAW m. Lizzie COOK (of Oregon) and their children were:

+Lillian m. Mr. MacAROY
+Lettie m. Jr. JACKSON of Wallowa, Oregon
+Guy of Portland, Oregon (Children: Sue Anne, Wallowa, Oregon)
+Guy, died at age 16
+Mabel m. James TRUMP of Raleigh

Horace Greeley MCGRAW "Dad" m. Pearl MCGINNIS of Raleigh County and their children were:

+Herbert Dwight m. Edna AKERS (Children: John, Dwight)
+Luther Carl m. Pauline NICKOLS (Children: Luther Carl, Jr., m. Betty YARDIS - c. David, Earl, Carol Lynn)
+Hallie Ermine m. Julis MCCOY (Chlidren: Rossey m. Mildred BROOKMAN, Gene, Marvin)
+Wilda Janice m. four times: Verne BLANKENSHIP, Carl SHUMATE, Howard SHUMATE, Ernest SHUMATE (Children: Bobby and Bill m. Fredericka MITCHEM)
+Horace Merill m. Rita RILEY (Children: Joseph)
+Naomi Pearl m. Ed KERNS (No Children)
+Galena Gretta m. Ed KERNS (No Children)
+Marvin Cornwell "Jack" m. Lois WITTEMANN (Children: Patricia, Michael, Timothy, Daniel)
+Garlyn Orla died at age 7

Okey Johnston "Oak" MCGRAW m. Nancy TOLLIVER and their children were:

+Hettie m. Shelby BROOKS (Children: Margie, Marcus, Virginia m. Woodrow MEADOWS)

Okey Johnston "Oak" MCGRAW married Lura COOK (daughter of Perry COOK and Julia Ann Surratt COOK of Saxon) and their children were:

+Donna m. John CLAYIBORNE (Children: Billie, Joyce, Susie, Iris, John O.J., Edith Faye)
+Sidney J. m. Donna SULLIVAN (Children: Charles S., Chambersburg, PA, Robert O., Narrows, VA)
+Woodrow m. Connie JACKSON (Children: Mary Kay, Jennie, Joe, Linda, Jimmie)
+Dennis "Mack" m. Rose BASH (Children: Gerald, Cheryl, Dennis, David)
+Huey Ernest "Dutch" m. Madeline COVEY (No Children)
+Perry Earl m. Pauline NICHOLS (no children, but raised Luther Carl, Jr.)
+Lessie m. Lon SHUMATE (Children: Janis, Jack, Glen)
+Merle, m. Hunter COLLEY of Tennesse (Children: Rosemary, Virginia, Carolyn m. Willis SHANKS "Billie", Ellen, Tommy)
+Sally Irene m. Olon SIZEMORE (Children: Eddie, Peggy, Mickie, Nancy, Daniel, Bobby, Stevie John)

Amber Dalakas

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