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Andert, Muth, Unger and Fleischhaker Families
of Pomogy, Hungary (Pamhagen, Austria)

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Presented here are selected transcriptions of marriage and baptismal/birth records from the LDS Microfilms # 0700897, 0700898 and 0700899 entitled Taufregister, Heiratsregister, Sterberegister of Pomogy, Hungary 1826 to 1895. In addition to birth/baptismal and marriage records there are death records on the microfilm, but I have not recorded that information. This microfilm captures Church records, which are handwritten in Latin, with the exception of the years 1844 to 1849, which are handwritten in Hungarian. In the Baptismal records, only the date of the Baptism is noted from 1826 to 1851. In 1852 the Birth date was added in addition to the Baptismal date. The dates I am showing for children follow this, Baptism (1826-1851), then Birth (1852-1895).

What is shown on each of these pages are the families in Pomogy, Hungary from 1826-1895 with the four surnames of ANDERT, MUTH, UNGER and FLEISCHHAKER that can be gleaned from this microfilm. In most cases the family starts with a marriage record. But you will find families where the parents have no marriage record shown. These families are deduced from the Baptismal/Birth records. They could have been married before these records began or married in a different village.

These families are recorded because they include the Surnames of my ancestors. My immigrant ancestors were Michael Andert and Marie Unger, who migrated to South Bend, Indiana, USA in 1897. Michael's parents were Anton Andert and Francesca Fleischhaker. Marie's parents were Francis Unger and Maria Muth. You will see in the files for each of these surnames these names highlighted in yellow, denoting my ancestors.

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