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BRIGGS, Stair [12309]
RIDDLE, Margaret [2]
(Abt 1834-)
WATSON, Alexander [12464]
FORBES, Isabel [12465]
BRIGGS, Thomas [12316]
WATSON, Marjorie [12317]

BRIGGS, Margaret [12387]


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SHEWARD, Edwin Kitchen [12388]

BRIGGS, Margaret [12387] 2

  • Born: 25 Feb 1898, Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland 3
  • Marriage: SHEWARD, Edwin Kitchen [12388] on 24 Jun 1919 in Guelph, Ontario, Canada 1
  • Died: 10 May 1991, Madison Heights, Oakland Co, MI at age 93 4 5

bullet   Cause of her death was Carcinomatosis, cecal carcinoma, dehydration.

bullet   Another name for Margaret was BRIGGS, Peggy.


bullet  General Notes:

Mom attended Kings Bridge School in Scotland, from about 5 years of age until about 12. She finished school before the family moved to Canada.

Aunt Marge and Mom delivered milk as a kids in Scotland.

When she was young, in Guelph, an Aunt of Frank Murphy (later Governor of Hawaii) lived next door. Frank took a real liking for Mom, since she was so comical and sharp-tongued. He wanted to adopt her, but of course Grandpa Briggs didn't agree to that. This same neighbor thought that Aunt Marge would "grow up to be a lady", so of course Aunt Marge thought the world of her.

Clipping from newspaper (Guelph Mercury?):
" A number of Taylor-Forbes employees gathered together Wednesday afternoon, June 11th, to present Miss Peggie Briggs, who is soon to be married to Mr. Edwin Sheward, of Detroit, with a handsome cut glass water set and tray, also an oak tray. Miss N. Evans read the address, while Miss H. Smythe and Miss H. Bradley presented the gifts..."

Dad was an avid fly fisherman. He frequently went to a local lake and rented a rowboat, which my mother would row for him to cast from. This was no easy task, as it required the boat to go sideways so he could cast crossways to not hook my mother or the boat. She was very adept at this, and quite willing. It was not unusual for us to camp overnight, I in my own tent, and my baby brother in a mosquito-net covered basinet, hung between two trees.

Once, my Dad hooked a water moccasin (snake) and it struck the boat as my Dad was trying to unhook his hand-tied fishing bug. My mother yelped, "That's enough! I'm going back to shore!" Upon reaching the shore where the other folks were camping, she jumped out and sat on the grass to relax. Just then, someone yelled, "Rattler!" Sure enough, one was coiled up about three feet from my Mom. She levitated straight up, and my Dad and a farmer took care of the snake. My mother let Dad know she had had enough fishing to last a lifetime.

Mom liked to die her hair. Aunt Marge remembers one time when she over-did it, and ended up with purple hair. Later, she wore hairpieces.

Mom worked for a while at Petrie's Confectionary in Guelph, where she learned to hand-dip chocolates. Later, with Dad's help, she produced many boxes for friends and relatives every Christmas.

She was always warm, and even in winter would go down the street with nothing more than a sweater clutched around her.

She liked to bake, and produced a constant supply of pies and cakes. Often, she beat the batter so hard, she had to give the spoon to my Dad to fix when she was done, because she had bent it.

My mother visited a family in East Detroit once a year, usually around Christmas time. When I described the woman to Aunt Marge, she told me it was Harry Snyder's sister. This is somewhat surprising, considering my mother's negative opinion of Harry.

My mother took care of the finances more often than not. One time in particular, when my father came home, he found that it was to be a special occasion: they were going to burn the mortgage. My Dad had no idea that she had managed to pay it off! But she was, after all, Scottish.

bullet  Medical Notes:

Had alzheimers for last 15 -16 years of her life.


bullet  Noted events in her life were:

Residence, Between 1913 and 1918, Guelph, Ontario, Canada. 6 7 8 At 117 York St.


Margaret married Edwin Kitchen SHEWARD [12388] [MRIN: 4311], son of George Albert SHEWARD [12475] and Elizabeth GRIFFIN [12476], on 24 Jun 1919 in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.9 (Edwin Kitchen SHEWARD [12388] was born on 12 Mar 1899 in Germantown, PA 3 and died on 3 Dec 1959 in Detroit, Wayne Co, MI 10.) The cause of his death was Heart failure.



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2 June Marie Bertolet Wheeler (September, 1997).

3 Ronald Sheward.

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