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BRIGGS, Stair [12309]
RIDDLE, Margaret [2]
(Abt 1834-)
WATSON, Alexander [12464]
FORBES, Isabel [12465]
BRIGGS, Thomas [12316]
WATSON, Marjorie [12317]
BRIGGS, Marjorie [12405]


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BERTOLET, Warren Ernest [12406]

BRIGGS, Marjorie [12405] 1

  • Born: 4 Feb 1901, Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland
  • Marriage: BERTOLET, Warren Ernest [12406] on 1 Sep 1923 in New York, New York Co, NY

bullet  General Notes:

Born in Esbank Town, Westfield Cottage, in Scotland.

The month of July was universal vacation month in Scotland, when everyone took a holiday. The Briggs family generally visited Grandmother Briggs in Leith, Scotland.

Aunt Marge attended Kings Bridge School, from about age 5. Progressions were called "Standards", 1st through 6th. They could take extra classes if they were scholastically and financially able. Rich families sent their children to Edinborough. Aunt Isobel took extra classes: French and literature, and finished schooling in Scotland.

In 1912, Aunt Marge came to Canada with her family, and finished her schooling there, as did her brother, Tom.

Aunt Marge and Grandma (Elizabeth Griffin) Sheward sang together in the choir at St. Paul's Episcopal Church. George Albert, however, never attended that church and went instead to the Methodist church down the street.

At 12 to 13 years of age, Aunt Marge went to Commercial School, where she took shorthand, typing, etc. She finished at 16, and worked for an implement company -- engines, silo's, etc. Her boss was an American, blind in one eye. He was not well liked, and committed suicide later.

In 1921, she went to visit my mother, because she was tired of Guelph. She managed to find work in Detroit and stayed on. In Detroit, she met Agnes, who became a lifelong friend (and "Aunt Agnes" to Aunt Marge's kids). Agnes worked in the same office, and was also a stenographer. The two shared an apartment for a while.

Aunt Marge and Agnes were swimming at Belle Isle one day, and were on their way home when a young man with a car offered them a ride home. The girls were glad to accept, since they were so tired from swimming. The young man was Bert, who would become Aunt Marge's husband a year later.

Bert had been transferred to Chicago, and Marge and Agnes got bored with Detroit, so they decided to go to Atlantic City. There they easily found work as stenographers. Agnes was interested in a man back in Detroit, and returned there. But Bert had written Marge and told her he had been transferred again, this time to New York City. He asked her to meet him in New York, and she agreed. He got her a room in the same rooming house he lived in, but they were married soon after, in 1923, in the Little Church Around the Corner in New York City.

In 1925, baby June contracted infant diarrhea, and it was not certain she would live. At the same time, her cousin Isabel, about the same age, also contracted the disease, and died of it. Marge was very close to her sister Isabel, and felt especially bad about the death of Isabel's child. Isabel died a few years later.

When Uncle Bert passed in 1981, Faye and June helped their mother sell their home on Tipsico Lake in Michigan and Mom moved to Virginia and has been with me ever since. They stayed there in the summer and went to Florida in the Winter. Their trailer home was permanently located near Everglades City the last ten or so years. They did travel through the United States and Mexico with a group of trailerites as a caravan. But finally became too much.

From Ron: When I was small, I stubbed my toe and went crying to Aunt Marge. She told me it was nothing, and had me look at the toe through the binoculars up-side-down. I saw immediately how small the sore was, and quit crying.

From Marge: Years ago, here was a "head tax" when you went across the border from Canada to the U.S., and then collected it back again when you came back into Canada. It was only a matter of a few dollars. ?? was about the same coloring and build as Marge, and needed some money, so Marge told her to go ahead and claim the head tax. Marge expected to marry Bert and become a U.S. citizen by marriage, anyway. But about that time, the U.S. repealed the law that stated if a U.S. citizen married an alien, the alien would automatically be naturalized. Now Marge had to prove that she had been in the country for a specified length of time. But she had given her proof of entry into the U.S. to ???. Therefore, for the several years until she was naturalized, she was not able to go back into Canada.

This was not that much of a hardship, since she and Bert were primarily involved with his family, in and around Detroit.


bullet  Noted events in her life were:

Residence, Between 1912 and 1920, Guelph, Ontario, Canada. 2 3

Residence. 3 Lived Half A Year In Everglades, FL, Other Half In Tipsco Lake

Residence: Detroit, Wayne Co, MI. 3

Residence, 1921, Detroit, Wayne Co, MI. 3

Residence, 1922, Atlantic City, Atlantic Co, NJ. 3

Residence, 1923, New York, New York Co, NY. 3

Residence, 1961. 3 Traveled In Rv 6 Months, Lived In Tipsco Lake, MI 6 Months

Residence, 1981, Richmond, VA. 1

Occupation: Stenographer.


Marjorie married Warren Ernest BERTOLET [12406] [MRIN: 4319], son of J. Warren BERTOLET [12467] and Bertha REINHARDT [12468], on 1 Sep 1923 in New York, New York Co, NY. (Warren Ernest BERTOLET [12406] was born on 27 Aug 1898 in Spring City, Chester Co, PA and died on 28 Jun 1981 in Fenton, Genesee Co, MI.)



1 June Marie Bertolet Wheeler (September, 1997).

2 Guelph, Ontario, Canada, Guelph City Directories (Repository: Guelph Public Library, Guelph, Ontario, Canada), 1920.

3 Marjorie Briggs Bertolet, Marjorie Briggs Bertolet (September, 1997).

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