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PARKER, Mary Dorsey [16803]


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WINDER, Edward Lloyd [3048]

PARKER, Mary Dorsey [16803]

  • Marriage: WINDER, Edward Lloyd [3048]

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The following is posted with the permission of Sheryl Slaughter. Sheryl is
not researching the Parker family.

Hi Leila, we had looked at William Heath Eldridge and Mary Jay before,
however, could we try to connect with William Heath Eldridge and Mary Jay



Parkers in VA

In 1650, two PARKER brothers came to VA; one located in Isle of Wight
Co., and the other in Accomack Co. Thomas PARKER of ³Macclesfield,² Isle of
Wight, Co., VA, born 1629, in England; died 1685, VA; married <<, and was the
ancestor of many distinguished men and women, one of which was Col. Josiah
PARKER, of Revolutionary fame, who was on of Washington¹s much trusted
officers; as a soldier he was distinguished; he was also a member of the
first Continental Congress. George PARKER, of Accomack Co., VA, born 1633,
in England; died in VA. He seems to have landed just previous to Bacon¹s
Rebellion, and doubtless obtained his title of Captain while in the service
of that redoubtable warrior. However, there is no authentic record of this.
He married <<, and was the ancestor of many distinguished citizens, of which
were Judge George PARKER, of Accomack Co., VA, and Robert PARKER, of Watt¹s
Island, many of whose descendants have filled positions of honor and trust.
The early records of the family in VA are very imperfect, and though it
is positively known that Dr. Alexander PARKER, of ³Tappahannock,² Essex Co.,
VA, was the grandson of Judge George PARKER, of Accomack Co., and a
descendant of Capt. George PARKER, of Accomack Do., VA, and a kinsman of the
Earls of Morley and Macclesfield, but the record is so vague it is best to
withhold it.

1. Dr. Alexander PARKER, of ³Tappahannock,² Essex Co., VA, was born in
Accomack, date unknown; his will was recorded in Essex Co., about the year of
1770; he married Susan <<.
11. (Judge) Richard PARKER, of ³Lawfield,² Westmoreland Co., VA, born in
Essex Co., died about 1815 in his 84th year. He was one of the prominent men
of the Colony; he signed the ³Declaration¹ drawn up by the gentlemen of the
Northern Neck; he was one of the first five Judges appointed in VA after the
Revolution; as a Lawyer and Judge, he was distinguished. He married Mary
BEALE, daughter of Capt. William BEALE and Anne HARWAR of ³Chestnut Hill.²
12. Thomas PARKER.
13. William PARKER.

11. Judge Richard PARKER and Mary BEALE had:
111. (Colonel) Richard PARKER, of the 1st VA. Regiment; he went with the
first battalion to the defense of Charleston in 1780, and was killed in the
trenches (See Lee¹s Memoirs for a beautiful tribute to this gallant defender
of his country.) Lee says, ³He died embalmed in the tears of his faithful
soldiers and honored by the regrets of the whole army.²
112. (Colonel) Alexander PARKER, served as a Captain in the Continental
Army; was present at the battles in the North and at Yorktown, where he
commanded a company of light infantry in Gen. WAYNE¹S division. It is said
that his company saved WAYNE¹S army in GA from an attack by Indians. (See
Lee¹s Memoirs, where full credit is given him.) He rose to the rank of
Colonel; resigned about 1807, and was appointed General in the State forces.
He married Mrs. REDMAN; they resided on his estate, ³Ellersley,² Westmoreland
Co., VA.
113. John PARKER, was drowned in the Potomac River while attempting to
board his ship, married Elizabeth MUSE.
114. William Harwar PARKER, of ³Rock Spring,² Westmoreland Co., VA, born
1752-4. He served with the Revolutionary War; was an Officer
in the VA State Navy, 1776-80, commanded a vessel called the ³Tempest,²
during the Revolution. He was a staunch and liberal supporter of the
Episcopal Church; married Mary Sturman, daughter of Foxhall STURMAN and
115. (General) Thomas PARKER, was a Captain in the Revolutionary Army,
serving in the 2nd VA. Regiment; remained in the Army, and in 1812 was a
Colonel, and served on the Northern frontier under General Wade HAMPTON. He
was made Brigadier General in 1812, and placed in command of the forces at
Norfolk, VA; was a staunch and liberal supporter of the Episcopal Church; he
resided on his estate, ³Soldier¹s Retreat,² Clark Co., VA. He married Sallie
116. Anne Harwar PARKER, married Mr. SPARKS, of Southampton Co., VA.
117. Fanny PARKER, married General John BLACKWELL, of Fauquier Co., VA,
son of Col. Joseph BLACKWELL and Lucy STEPTOE.
118. Elizabeth PARKER, married Leroy DAINGERFIELD, of Northumberland Co.,

114. William Harwar PARKER and Mary STURMAN had:
1141. Richard Elliott PARKER (Colonel), of ³Soldier¹s Retreat,² Clark Co.,
VA, died 1840. He studied law under his grandfather, Judge Richard PARKER,
of ³Lawfield,² served in the War of 1812, as Colonel of the 35th VA Regiment;
was in the battle of the White House, where he was wounded; served as U.S.
Senator from VA 1836-7; Judge of the Court of Appeals, and refused the
Attorney Generalship under President Van Buren. As a Lawyer and Judge he was
distinguished. He married Elizabeth FOUSHEE, daughter of Dr. William
FOUSHEE, of Richmond, VA.
1142. Foxhall Alexander PARKER (Commodore), born 1788, at ³Rock Spring,²
Westmoreland Co., VA. At an early age he entered the USN,and rose to the
rank of Commodore. He was placed in command of the navy yards at Boston, MA;
in 1848-9 he was selected to go to Germany to advise the Government as to the
construction of the navy, and upon his return he was put in command of the
Home Squadron; married 1814, Sarah Jay BOGARDUS, daughter of General Robert
1143. John PARKER, died unmarried.
1144. William Chilton PARKER, (Colonel), entered the army at a very early
age, and served throughout the War of 1812; it has been said that he was the
most talented of the four brothers; was a distinguished lawyer and a
brilliant orator; married 1) Margaret FOUSHEE, daughter of Dr. FOUSHEE of
Richmond, VA, 2) Eliza SPARKS, daughter of Mr. SPARKS and Anne HARWAR PARKER,
of Southampton Co., VA.
1145. Juliet Octavia PARKER, married Leroy DAINGERFIELD, son of Leroy
DAINGER-FIELD and Elizabeth PARKER, of North-umberland Co., VA.

115. Thomas PARKER and Sallie OPIE had:
1151. Eliza PARKER, married Colonel Armistead Thomson MASON, son of Colonel
Stevens Thomson MASON and Mary Elizabeth ARMISTEAD. No children.

1141. Richard Elliot PARKER and Elizabeth FOUSHEE had:
11411. Richard PARKER (Judge), of ³Soldier¹s Retreat,² Clark Co., VA; served
as Paymaster in the USA; a member of US Congress, and as Judge of his
district. He tried John BROWN, and was applauded by friends and foes for his
impartiality, firmness and courage; married Evilina MOSS, no children.
11412. Mary Juliet PARKER, died young.
11413. Margaret PARKER, died young.
11414. Charlotte PARKER, married Dr. William MCCORMICK.
11415. Elizabeth PARKER, married A. P. CRENSHAW.

1142. Foxhall Alexander PARKER and Sarah Jay BOGARDUS had:
11421. Robert Bogardus PARKER (Lieutenant), died 1842, he graduated at West
Point, 1814; appointed Lieutenant in the 4th Infantry, and served with
distinction in the Florida War, died unmarried.
11422. Foxhall Alexander PARKER (Commodore), entered the Navy in 1837, and
rose to the rank of Commodore, married 1) Mary GREEN of RI, 2) Miss MALLORY,
3) Caroline DONALDSON, of MD, daughter of Thomas DONALDSON and M. E.
Pickering DORSEY.
11423. Richard Leroy PARKER, USN, died 1861, served as a master in the USN,
died in service; unmarried.
11424. Archibald Daingerfield PARKER, Lieutenant Colonel, serving with
distinction in USA from 1861-69; was breveted for honor at Gettysburg, where
he was wounded. He married Amelia NESBIT, of Philadelphia, PA. No children.
11425. William Harwar PARKER, USN and CSN, entered the Navy in 1841, served
with distinction in the Mexican War; graduated at Annapolis, 1848, second in
a class of 150; resigned in April 1861, and offered his services to the CSN,
and served with dtinction throughout the war.
He is the author of several works on ³Naval Tactics,² ³Recollections of a
Naval Officer,² etc. He married Margaret Griffin MOSELEY, daughter of
Burwell MOSELEY, of Princess Anne Co., VA. No children.
11426. Mary Jay PARKER, married Dr. William Heath ELDRIDGE, of Alabama.
11427. Juliet PARKER, died young.
11428. Virginia Adela PARKER, married 1) Dr. Vaughn SMITH, 2) Peter
WAINWRIGHT. No Children.

1144. William Chilton PARKER and wives had:
11441. Eustace St. Pierre PARKER, who died in Mexico in 1861, while on his
way to join the CSA, unmarried.
11442. Hester PARKER, died in childhood.
11443. Juliet PARKER, died young.

11422. Foxhall Alexander PARKER and Mary GREEN had:
114221. William Harwar PARKER, USN, who was known as ³Pete PARKER.² He rose
to the rank of Captain.
114222. Mary Dorsey PARKER, married Edward Lloyd WINDER.
114223. Thomas Donaldson PARKER.
114224. John Donaldson PARKER.
114225. Henry Pickering PARKER.
114226. Leroy PARKER.
114227. Robert B. PARKER.
114228. Sarah Jay PARKER.

11426. Mary Jay PARKER and Dr. William Heath ELDRIDGE had:
114261. Bogardus ELDRIDGE (Lieutenant), served as 1st Lieutenant in the 10th
US Infantry.

114222. Mary Dorsey PARKER and Edward Lloyd WINDER had:
1142221. Alice Lloyd WINDER.
1142222. Mary Parker WINDER.

(from Colonial Families of the Southern States, Stella Pickett Hardy, 1911, NY)


Mary married Edward Lloyd WINDER [3048] [MRIN: 6009], son of Capt. Edward Stoughton WINDER [1331] and Elizabeth Tayloe LLOYD [2141]. (Edward Lloyd WINDER [3048] was born circa 1821 and died on 8 Sep 1839.)


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