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Complete Information This is what i know of the Antle name. My grandmother had told me that there were originally 4 brothers that had come over from England and settled in a couple different parts of Newfoundland. I believe at least one was protestant (penecostal) and another had chosen the Catholic faith. This is all I know and dont really know the origin of the information that my grandmother had recieved. My sister had told me once that there may be spanish in the blood but i dont know where she recieved her info either. I can believe it due to the appearance of myself and my father there is a little of the look on me and my father very much so, as well as quite a few of my uncles and cousins. My father comes from Bishops Falls Nfld. And there are catholic Antles in that small town as well. This is all I know hope I helped a little. If you find any revelations let me know please.
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