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SourceCollision At Sea by Gregory P. Pritchard, Lancelot Press, Hantsport,NS, 1993 ISBN 0-88999-538-9
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Complete Information ANTLE, Nicholas lost on the "Flora Alberta", single; Burin, NF; shows on the Lunenburg Memorial

On April 23,1943, the Lunenburg schooner, Flora Alberta, was rammed by the Northern Ireland Head Line/G.Heyn & Sons Ltd. steamship Fanad Head, which was in a convoy during World War II. This took place just off the coast of Nova Scotia. The definitive book on this incident is the excellent Collision At Sea by Gregory P. Pritchard, Lancelot Press, Hantsport,NS, 1993 ISBN 0-88999-538-9. The Flora Alberta was built in 1941 by Smith and Rhuland in Lunenburg.

Crew members (21 out of 28) lost from the schooner Flora Alberta April 23,1943


WESLEY ANDERSON Upper Lahave was a widower, had 3 children
HENRY BEST Lunenburg married
JAMES BUFFETT Fortune Bay, NF mate, age 47; married with 2 children; lived Lunenburg
CHARLES ERNST East Lahave single, brother of Lawrence Ernst
LAWRENCE ERNST East Lahave married with 2 children, brother of Charles Ernst
GORDON LEVY Lunenburg married with 2 children
EDGAR MAHAR Harbour Breton,NF married with 3 children
JAMES MALLOY Lunenburg married with 5 children
RONALD MILLER Blue Rocks married with 3 children
SAMUEL MILLS Northwest married
FREDERICK MORASH Blue Rocks age 27; single
ELDRIDGE RICHARDSON Blue Rocks married with 3 children
BRADFORD RITCEY Rose Bay cook, married with one child
CLIFFORD SELIG Lunenburg married with 3 children
IRA SMITH Vogler's Cove single
MICHAEL SMITH Burin, NF married with 7 children
BERTIE E.TANNER Blue Rocks age 45; married with 3 children
JAMES FREDERICK TANNER Blue Rocks engineer, married
STANLEY TANNER Blue Rocks married with 2 children
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Nicholas     Death 1943 Apr 23 Burin

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