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Source EmailSean Collins [] (corrected by Trina Antle)
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Complete Information The one and only Antle that I have is John B Antle (Windsor) married to Anna Marrie (Mt Carmel) and there three kids: John Bernard, Tracy and Trina.

On John B Antle. I just received this info from an 90 year old women. By going back over her records Anna her daughter who was married to John B, just guessing but to me it looks like they would probably be in their 70's . So that would put them around the 1920's time. So I would figure that they still should be alive. So if you can find there kids the best bet would be John Bernard Antle and he should be in his late 40's early 50's.

Correction from Trina:

John Bernard ANTLE (from Turk's Cove)
married on 7 Jun 1969 in St John's to
Anna Marrie 23 Nov 1945 (Mt Carmel) - 16 Aug 1990
John Bernard 5 Feb 1972 (Sudbury, ON)
Tracy Kathleen 5 Oct 1977 (Grand Falls) - 13 Apr 1999
Trina Anna 26 Nov 1978 (Grand Falls)
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John B         Windsor
John Bernard          

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