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SourceBC Vital Stats death record #7426
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Complete Information Annie BENNETT born 18 Apr 1854 in NF, married ? Antle and they moved to BC.
Death registration #7426 for Annie ANTLE:
Died: 5 Sep 1926
Residence: 3418 Ontario St, Vancouver
Was already a widow, had been in BC for 19 years
Parents: Chas Bennett of England, mother not known by informant
Informant - John Antle, son, of same address.
Buried: Mtn View Cemetery, 8 Sep 1926
Cause: bronchitis, contributors: arterio-sclerosis and myocarditis
Related People
Given NamesBirthDeathEventEvent DateEvent Place
Annie 1854 Apr 18 1926 Sep 05 Born 1854 Apr 18  
John     Living 1926 Vancouver

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