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SourceBrigus Past Glory, Present Splendour, Page 41
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Complete Information Spracklin family. Albert Sparkes, whose house is situated on the hill just behind "the Ark" site, purchased the old structure in 1973 and demolished it shortly thereafter. The Percy Roberts workshop, which was located a short distance East of "the Ark", was removed some years before. That a considerable portion of the land in this area was earlier owned by the Normans is substantiated by the following: On a small hill in the garden just behind the Albert Sparkes residence are two graves, each with a headstone. The inscriptions still clearly visible, read as follows:

In memory of JOHN NORMAN who departed this life 25 April, 1801 aged 42 years
My wife and children left behind
With aching hearts and troubled minds
I hope in Heaven their souls to see
Prepared for Christ to follow me.

Sacred to the memory of GRACE ANTLE who departed this life on the 24th of April, 1838, aged 77 years
Farewell, farewell dear children all I part with you in love,
And since we meet no more below Oh, may we meet above
Until the Lord doth come to judge The nations great and small
And you and I before Him stand And at His presence fall

Why should Grace Antle be buried next to John Norman? And in such a remote spot with no other graves around? The explanation is really very simple. John Norman was Grace's first husband and although John Antle, Grace's second husband was very kind to both Grace and her children she nevertheless chose to be buried beside her first husband. Also, it was not uncommon in Brigus in those days to be buried on one's own property, as evidenced by these and certain other grave sites…
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Given NamesBirthDeathEventEvent DateEvent Place
Grace 1760 1838 Apr 24 Death 1838 Apr 24 Brigus
John         Brigus

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