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Complete Information This is my Antle connection..[Fleur de Lys]
Patrick Antle came to Fleur de lys from Conception Bay. He had two sons I know of;
1]Robert who married Joan Barrett of Fleur de lys
2]Michael who married Louise walsh of Coachman's Cove
Louise was a first cousin of my father. There were, I think, sisters who were not living in Fleur de lys.

Sadie, the daughter of Robert and Joan was my best friend growing up in the 40's and early 50's.Like most people of that time we lost touch with each other for about 30 years. Most of her family moved to Toronto and I married a mining man and moved just about everywhere. This past summer I went back to Fleur de lys to spend some time with my sisters who still live there. Out of the blue, one day, I got a call from Sadie in Toronto who, through some grapevine, had heard that I was
going back and wanted to arrange her holiday to meet me there. She did and we had a wonderful reunion. Of course, I told her that I was extremely interested in doing my family history and whatever history of Fleur de lys I could research.She then confided that she didn't think she could do that with her family as they had found out that her grandfather [Patrick Antle] may have been adopted by the Antles' and that his real name may have been a Mulcalhy or a Gear. Her family had been putting together bits and peices of rumors they had heard over the years and thought they had heard some reference to a story that when Patrick was a very young man that he had escaped some dire circumstance and that the Antles had given him refuge in their house and adopted him as their own.

Now I've really thrown you for a loop! Many of the early settlers in Fleur de lys came there from the towns of Conception and Bonavista bay. Fleur de lys has a really fine natural harbour and was a "stopping over"place for boats pursuing the labrador fishery.

I'm not aware if this Patrick had any other relatives still living in the Conception bay area. If you think this is worth following , you can let me know and I will get in contact with Sadie to see if she has anything else to add.

Received on May 3, 1999
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Patrick     Born   Conception Bay

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