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Complete Information John 1872, Schooner "Village Belle" of Brigus, commanded by Capt John Antle, Master, Lost with all hands incl Wm Roberts. Antle left wife & 2 children. Roberts left wife & 4 children
From: Who's Who In and From Newfoundland (Hazl)(Kaye)
"Capt. John Antle with 18 crew lost on the 'Village Bell' from Brigus in March 1872."
From H.M. Mosdell's "When was That" (c.1923):
"Communication to Harbor Grace Papers by Mr. Wilcox, the Magistrate of Brigus: The 'Village Belle', John ANTLE, Master, left Brigus for the Seal fishery in the month of March last, and has not since been heard of. It is feared the whole crew have perished. Ten of the crew were married men and have left over thirty young children. The following is a list of the crew, and families remaining: John ANTLE, Master, Brigus, wife and two children; ...etc.. The aid of the charitable is solicited. Subscriptions received by Mr. Robert MUNN or Mw. J. PATERSON of Harbor Grace. (July 30, 1872)".
From "Vital Stats and Items from Newspapers of Newfoundland, 1831-1872.
More from "Shipwrecks of Newfoundland and Labrador" Vol. III by Frank Galgay and Michael McCarthy:
"List of the Captain and Crew of the 'VILLAGE BELL' which Sailed from Brigus for the Seal Hunt on March 12, 1872 and was Never Heard from Again":

Name Home Community
John ANTLE (Captain) Brigus
Francis DRISCOLL Harbour Main
Abraham JANES Brigus
John JANES Brigus
John MARTIN Brigus
William MAYDEN Brigus
John NEWEL Brigus
Richard POWER Turks Cove
John PENNY Bull Cove
Robert PENNY Bull Cove
William ROBERTS Brigus
Ambrose SPARKES Bull Cove
Jordan SPARKES Bull Cove
Thomas SPARKES Bull Cove
Henry YOUDEN Bull Cove
John YOUDEN Bull Cove
Philip YOUDEN Bull Cove
Henry WEEKS Bull Cove
Related People
Given NamesBirthDeathEventEvent DateEvent Place
John, Capt   1872 Mar 12 Death 1872 Mar 12 Brigus

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