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All of the ANTLEs in NF - Source Data #82

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Source1921 Census
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Complete Information SURNAME; Given Names; Place of Residence; Positions in Family; Date of Birth; Place of Birth; Religion; Occupation; Relationships; Comments

ANTLE; Thomas; Botwood; hd; Nov 1856; Brigus; Meth; Sub Collector, Customs;;;
ANTLE; Mary; Botwood; wife; Jan 1857; Fogo; Meth;; m to Thomas Antle, Botwood;;
ANTLE; Frank; Botwood; son; Oct 1901; Botwood; Meth; Sales; son of Thomas Antle, Botwood;;
PENNELL; Susy; Botwood; ad dau; Feb 1898; Fogo; Meth; Hwk, at home; ad dau of Thomas Antle, Botwood;;
CRAMM; Dorcas; Botwood; serv; Jan 1904; Peters Arm; SalArmy; dom serv; serv to Thomas Antle, Botwood;;
Related People
Given NamesBirthDeathEventEvent DateEvent Place
Thomas 1856 Nov   Census 1921 Botwood
Mary 1857 Jan   Census 1921 Botwood
Frank 1901 Oct   Census 1921 Botwood

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