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All of the ANTLEs in NF - Source Data #84

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Source1921 Census
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Complete Information SURNAME; Given Names; Place of Residence; Positions in Family; Date of Birth; Place of Birth; Religion; Occupation; Relationships; Comments

ANTLE; Arthur; Botwood; hd; Jul 1886; Botwood; Meth; Manager, Meat & Produce Co;;;
ANTLE; Victoria; Botwood; wife; Sep 1887; Fogo; Meth;; m to Arthur Antle, Botwood;;
ANTLE; Tom Wilmot; Botwood; son; Oct 1911; Botwood; Meth;; son of Arthur Antle, Botwood;;
ANTLE; Netta; Botwood; dau; Mar 1914; Botwood; Meth;; dau of Arthur Antle, Botwood;;
PAYNE; May; Botwood; SIL; Jun 1896; Fogo; CofE; Book Keeper; SIL of Arthur Antle,Botwood;;
KNIGHT; Dawe; Botwood; bd; Aug 1898; Mortons Hr; Meth; Engineer; boarding with Arthur Antle, Botwood;;
All I can tell you about the 'Antles' is that Elizabeth Banks Payne remarried a Thomas Antle. Both from Fogo, Fogo Island, Nf. They moved to Botwood from there. They had a son Arthur.

The 1921 census for Botwood shows the following Antles:
Antle, Arthur; Bwd; hd; Jul 1886; Bwd; Meth; Manager, Meat and Produce Co.
Antle, Victoria; Bwd; wife; Sept. 1887; Fogo; Meth; m to Arthur Antle, Bwd
Antle, Tom Wilmot; Bwd; son; Oct. 1911; Bwd; Meth., son of Arthur Antle, Bwd
Antle, Netta, Bwd; dau; Mar 1914; Bwd; Meth.;dau. of Arthur Antle, Bwd.
Netta Antle Baker, mentioned above, still lives in Botwood and could be a wealth of information for you. Let me know and I'll speak to her and get her mailing address or telephone number for you.
From Judy and Paul Gill []
I don't know if this is any help to you in tracing the Antles...but my great-great grandmother's sister, Rebecca Whetham married James Payne and one of their children, Victoria Payne married Arthur Antle. Hope this helps you...if it is a link, I may be able to elaborate further.
From Judy and Paul Gill []

My Summary:
James PAYNE married Rebecca WHETHAM
child: Victoria PAYNE married Arthur ANTLE
Elizabeth Banks PAYNE married Thomas ANTLE
child: Arthur ANTLE married Victoria PAYNE
Related People
Given NamesBirthDeathEventEvent DateEvent Place
Arthur 1886 Jul   Census 1921 Botwood
Victoria 1887 Sep   Census 1921 Botwood
Tom Wilmot 1911 Oct   Census 1921 Botwood
Netta 1914 Mar   Census 1921 Botwood

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