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C. 1762 - 1844



1757 - 1806


1. ROBERT LINDSEY            MD.            Mary Reynolds

2. KATHERINE LINDSEY     MD.            Elias Stone

3.  PERMELIA LINDSEY       MD.            William Feland

4.  JANE LINDSEY                  MD.           Cuthbert Burton

5.  MARTHA LINDSEY           MD.           Ludwell Duncan

6.  ANN LINDSEY                    MD.           John Fresh

7.  JOHN V. LINDSEY, JR.    MD.            Catherine Miller


[transcriber's note:  Ruth Turner-Ziegel has used underlined text to create emphasis.  Since the internet standard says that underlined text is a link to somewhere else, I have changed the underlined text to a RED font to make it stand out.]

        Ann Christy was born in Culpeper county Virginia and moved with her parents to Botetourt County, then to Greenbrier County Virginia (West Virginia.).  She married John Valentine Lindsey in Botetourt or Greenbrier County.  She married 2nd., Spencer Stone of Lincoln Conty Kentucky, C. 1818.  Ann Christy Lindsey Stone died in 1844.  She died at the home of her daughter Catherine Lindsey Stone in Fayette County Indiana.  Ann is listed with the Elias and Catherine Stone family in the 1840 census of Fayette County as age 70-80.

        FAYETTE COUNTY INDIANA, PROBATE ORDER BOOK B, 1, PAGE 214, November 19, 1844:

        Isham Keith and Silas Henry Stone subscribing witnesses produced in Court the will of Ann Stone, deceased, of Orange Township.  The next of the will was brief.  She left her bed and bedding and all other household and moveable items to her daughter Katherine Stone and her interest and dower in the Estate of Spencer  Stone of Kentucky also to Katherine.  The will was dated 9 October 1844.
        John Lindsey was a son of Catherine and David Lindsey He was born C. 1757.  A deposition taken at the Boone County Kentucky Court House in December 1803, states his age as "about 46 years."

The Lindsey family was in Greenbrier county as early as 1771 (greenbrier formed from Montgomery Co. in 1777 and Montgomery from Bote[t]ourt in 1776).  David Lindsey is on the accounts of the Matthews Trading Post in 1771 and 1772, Catherine Lindsey, as widow of David, in 1773 and John Lindsey in 1772.

        John Lindsey's purchases at the Matthews Trading Post from 1772 to 1777 give us a glimpse of the needs on the Virginia frontier.  He purchased "awls, flannel, a knife, i gun lock, "shooting", rum, lead, linen, a hat, buckles, garters, "to making clothes, powder and a man's saddle."

        Greenbrier County Deed Book 1, page 26, 26 February 1788 records John Lindsey and his wife Ann, of Kentucky, selling 16 acres to Jacob Kuhn.  They had already disposed of 386 acres to Andrew Hamilton for 5 shillings.

        Deed Book 1, page 26, February 1788:  John Lindsey and his wife Ann to Andrew Hamiliton 386 acres "Great Levels"  for 5 shillings.

Greenbrier County Surveyor's Record Book has the following entries for John Lindsey:

                400 acres, 8 Jan. 1780, page 10
                200 acres, 15 Jan. 1780, page 29
                200 acres, 15 Jan. 1780, page 43
                400 acres, 22 July 1785, page 185
                450 acres,                    , page 245
                208 acres, 16 Aug. 1787, page 491
                100 acres, 1 Sep. 1785, by treasury Warrant.

        Greenbrier County Deed Book 1, page 13, 15 July 1785:
"I, John Linsey, hereby acknowledge that I have sold unto Catherine Lindsey, my mother, a negro woman named Nan (which I had of Robert Allen), all the bed and household furniture that is in the house, all the working tools of whatever kind on the plantation of my property, the right of which I hereby deliver unto said Catherine, her heirs for and in consideration of Bond she had on me of 500 pounds penalty for her dower as widow and relic of David Lindsey, my father, as witness thereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 15th. day of July 1785.  signed John Lindsey."

        GREENBRIER COUNTY VA. (W. VA) EARLY SURVEY RECORDS compiled by Larry G. Shuck, page 5:

        "John Tuckwiler, asnee. Stephen Grier, asnee John Lindsey, who was heir at law to Robt. Johnston, Dec'd., 200 acres in the bend of Greenbrier River, n.w. side, by Comrs.  Cert. March 17, 1782.

        Additionaly [sic], Survey Record Book #1, page 34: 56 acre parcel of land being John Lindsey's as "Heir at Law" of Robert Johnston.  This would indicate that John Lindsey was possibly the oldest grandson of a Robert Johnston.

        It is interesting to note that John Lindsey began to use his middle name Valentine or the initial "V" after the move to Kentucky to distinguish from the John Lindsey, son of Anthony Lindsey, a near neighbor.  It is possible that there was a relationship.

        The first record of John and Ann Lindsey in Kentucky is in Mercer County Deed Book 1, page 207:  "27 July 1790; between James Faris and Susanna, his wife, to Joh Valentine Lindsey  of Mercer County for 100 pounds, 101 acres on Salt River.  The 3rd. of November John Valentine Lindsey and Anna, wis wife, sold this 101 acres for 170 pounds to William Nourse.

Boone County Kentucky, Deed Book A. Page 188:

        Between Bird Price and Betsy Price of Fayette County, Kentucky and John V. Lindsey of Scott County, Price to Lindsey for 750.00.   300 acres on Woolpers Creek, beginning at a Hickory and Ash where the Courthouse Road crosses Marshall's South line.

      Deed Book A, Page 192
        21 Feb 1803

        John V. Lindsey and Anna, his wife, sold the above land to Thomas Green of Boone county.  This deed refers to "Lindsey Plantation". GEORGE CHRISTY, brother of Ann, was a witness to this deed.

        John V. Lindsey's Will is found in Scott County, Kentucky, Will Book A. page 287:

        In the name of God, Amen, I john V. LIndsey [sic], of the County of Scott and State of Kentucky being in low state of health but at present of sound mind do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament.

        First, I give my Soul to God who gave it existence and my body to the grave, trusting that my griends will give it a christian burial, and such worldly goods as it hath pleased God to bless me with I desire may be disposed of by my executors herein after mentioned in the following manner to wit:

        First, I give and bequeth to my beloved wife Ann the tract of land I bought of William Buckner and to [sic?  two] negroes, to wit, Jim and Grace, during her natural life and such part of my stock and household furniture as shall bbe [sic] by my Executors to be thoughtsufficient to support my familly and after death to descend as herein after mentioned.

        Secondly, I give to each of my unmarried daughters as they shall marry or come of age one horse beast and as much of the property as shall make them equal to what I have heretofore gave my daughters already married to them and their heirs forever.

        Thirdly, I give to my son John, after the death of my wife, the aforesaid tract of land bought of William Buckner and the negro boy called Isaac to him and his heirs forever.

        Fourthly, I give to my son Robert a black horse bought of William Henry, and should my son John die before he arrives at full age then and in that case I give to my son Robert the bequest left to my said son John to him and his heirs forever.

        After the death of my wife all the property remaining and not herein disposed of, I desire may be equally divided between all my female children to them and their heirs forever.

        Seventhly and lastly I do hereby appoint William Henry and William Cave executors to this my last will and testament, and do hereby invest them my said Executors with full power to carry this my will into complete effect,  In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 29th. day of September in the year of our Lord 1805.

John V. Lindsey

acknowledged before us

Joseph Eve
Betty Glass
John Eve
J. Benett

                                                                                             January Court 1806

Scott County Court

        This the last will and testament of John V. Lindsey dec'd. was this day in Court produced by the executors herein named and proved to be the act and deed of the said John V. Lindsey by the oaths of Joseph Eve, Betty Glass, and J. Bennett and ordered to be recorded and the said Executors having taken the oath and entered in and acknowledged their bond Certificate for obtaining a Probate is granted them agreeably to law.

                                                             John Hawkins, Clerk

        Know all men by these presents that we William Henry William Cave and John Hawkins are held and firmly bound unto John A. Miller, James McCrosskay and Samuel Shepard, Gentlemen and Justices of Scott County in the sum of four thousand dollars current money the payment to be made to the said Justices or their successors in office, we bind ourselves and every of our heirs Exors, Admrs. and Assigns jointly and severally firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this 27 January 1806.

The condition of the above obligation is such that if the above bound William Henry and William Cave, Executors of the last will and testament of John V. Lindsey dec'd. do make or cause to be made a true and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods chattles and credits of said deceased which have or hereafter shall come to the hands possession or knowledge of them, the said Wm. Henry and Wm. Cave or to the hands possessions or knowledge of any other person or persons for them and the same so made do exhibit unto the aforesaid County Court of Scott at such time as they shall be thereunto required.

Scott County Deed Book D, Page 219
September Court 1813:

A schedule of propertydelivered by the executors of John V. Lindsey to his widow for support of his family as agreeable to the decedants will, to wit:

There follows a long list of horses, sheep, hogs, cows and of farming equipment, and of household furniture, all appraised.

The final page is partially burnt:

-----------------given up to me----------------dict lodging and reasonable----------------------schooling-----------------may give up ---------------said Executors as much of the Property----------------out said children equal to them already portioned.
Given under my hand and seal this 14----------1806.

                                                                Anna Lindsey (Seal)
John Lemon

Scott County Court
September Court 1813

The foregoing Inventory of property delivered to the widow Lindsey agreeable to her husband's Will was this day produced in open court and ordered to be recorded.


                                                                    Cary L. Clark, Clerk of Court

Scott County Kentucky, Deed Book D, Page 339
28 May 1818

        Again a partially burnt record but enough remainging to indicate that it concerns a release of dower by Ann Christy Lindsey, now "Ann Stone".  This deed is signed by Ann Stone and Spencer Stone.

Scott County Kentucky, Deed Book E. Page 105
date not legible for day and month, 1819

        Records the sale by John Lindsey of the land purchased by his father from William Bruckner to B. S. chambers:  "119 acres conveyed by william Buckner heirs to ---------------- and willed by John V. Lindsey Dec'd. to   to John --------- the death of Ann Lindsey, the widow of the said deceased and deeded to John V. Linsey the younger  --------  Stone and Ann, his wife, late Ann Lindsey.

These documents prove that Ann married Spencer Stone by 1818 and John, the younger, was "of age" by 1818.

Primary records contribute the information that Ann and John V. Lindsey had two sons, Robert & John, Jr.  These same records tell us that Robert was the elder son and John, Jr. the younger.  They also indicate that John and Ann had some daughters but they do not tell us how many daughters or their names.  We only learn that in 1806, when John, Sr. died some daughters were already married and some were not.

I have not been able to trace any of the "married daughters" of 1806 but have found some records, mostly marriage records of the then "Unmarried daughters"

I have been successful in tracing the son, Robert Lindsey.  Essentially this success is because is my direct ancestor and I knew of him long before I became interested in "Records".


[transcriber's note:  I have received some information from Jack MacDonald, a researcher on this family, that there were two Robert Lindsey's.  One stayed in Kentucky and one moved to Ohio.  He contends that the one that moved to Ohio was not the Robert who is the son of Anna Christy Lindsey and John Valentine Lindsey.  I will include this information as time allows in an addendum.  Since this is not my direct line and I do not know who is right because I cannot research this, you, the reader, of this lineage will need to evaluate the merits of both arguments for yourself.]  Lindsey Addendum Preliminary Info

Robert Lindsey, named for his father's brother who died in Botetourt County, virginia, was born the 8th. of May 1780 in Greenbrier County, Virginia.  He came to Kentucky as a young lad of about ten years, with his parents and siblings.  He married in Scott County Kentucky, about 1807, Mary "Polly" Reynolds.   Mary was the eldest daughter of Aaron Reynolds and his wife Catherine Chambers Reynolds.  Robert and Mary Lindsey lived in Scott County and most of their children were born there but about 1830 they moved to Highland County, Ohio.  Robert platted the town of Buford, named for Abraham Buford who had received the Highland county land for his services in the Revolutionary War.

Robert and Mary Lindsey had the following children:

STEWART LINDSEY:  born 10 October 1808, Scott County married 27 January 1835, Highland County, Ohio Mary Hayes.  Moved to Pike County Illinois 1843.  Died there 29 Feb 1884 and is buried in Blue River Cemetery.  Their children: John Lindsey, Newton jasper Lindsey, James Christian Lindsey, Samuel Hayes Lindsey, Oscar J. Lindsey, Falissa Lindsey, Robert Lindsey, Charles Lindsey, and Mary Lindsey

JAMES C. LINDSEY:  born 9 January 1811, died 21 May 1849 never married, buried Buford, Ohio cemetery.

MARY CHARLOTTE LINDSEY:   born 26 May 1814, Tennessee (It can only be conjectured that Mary Reynolds Lindsey was visiting Aaron and Catherine Reynolds, who had moved to Maury County, Tennessee about 1808.)  Mary Charlotte married Abraham Vaughan (son of Abraham Vaughan and Mary Weaver Vaughan of Boone County, Kentucky) on  the 3rd. September 1837, Highland County, Ohio.  She married, 2nd., Jonathan Church 15 August 1868.  She is buried in Buford cemetery.

BENJAMIN C. LINSEY [transcriber's note:  This is the way she spelled it.  I do not know whether it was a typo or on purpose.]  Born 26 October 1816, Scott Co., Kentucky.  He married Ann Chapman the 10th of 1838, Highland County, Ohio.  He died the 29th. January 1895 in Pike County, Illinois.

CATHERINE LINDSEY, married the 10th. of April 1838 in Highland County Ohio to Hezekiah Taggart.  She married 2nd., November 1846, William Dye.

ROBERT LINDSEY, Jr., Born 1821 in Scott co., Kentucky.  He married Martha Wright the 3rd.  of November 1847 in Highland County, Ohio.

EDWIN LINDSEY, He married elizabeth Cravens on the 29th of Jun 1852 in Highland County Ohio.

CHARLES LINDSEY,  Born 1829 in Scott County Kentucky.

MARTHA ANN LINDSEY,  Born March 1819 Scott County Kentucky.  She married Everett Thompson on the 24th of January 1908 and is buried in the Buford Ohio cemetery.

SAMUEL T. LINDSEY, Born the 11 April 1827 in Scott County Kentucky.  He died the 16th. Novewmber [sic]  1844 and is buried in the Buford Ohio cemetery.

SOPHRONIA LINDSEY, She married Hyllias Hutsonpilar on the 20th. October 1837 in Highland County, Ohio.

ABRAHAM B. LINDSEY, Born 1824, Scott County, Kentucky.  He married Sarah Bliss the 4th. of October 1849.  He married 2nd, 1st. May 1865, Sarah Reed.  Both marriages in Highland County Ohio.

Source for Robert Lindsey Family:  Federal Census, Highland County Ohio Deed, Buford Cemetery tombstones, Highland County Marriage Records and Probate Records.  History of Pike County Illinois.

KATHERINE LINDSEY:  (ANN CHRISTY, JULIUS CHRISTY, SAMUEL CHRISTY (?)) Katherine was born in Scott County Kentucky on September 17th. 1795.  She married Elias Stone, son of her mother's second husband.  Katherine and Elias Stone moved to Fayette County Indiana in 1821 and to Wabash County Indiana in 1852.  Katherine died in Wabash County the 21st. of August 1873.  Her obituary states that she and Elias had 12 children, 100 grandchildren and 40 great grandchildren.  Elias Stone was born in Lincoln County Kentucky the 20th.  of February 1790.  He died 27 July 1870, Wabash County Indiana.  They are buried in Boundry Church Cemetery, Wabash County Indiana.

The children of Elias and Katherine Linsey Stone were:

SALLY STONE               Md.  _______  O'Neal

JOHN L. STONE            Md.  Born 16 Nov 1815, Md. Elizabeth Ginn 26 Feb
                                       1835, Md. 2nd. Camilla Fearis 27 Feb 1859.

MARTHA J. STONE      Md. Henry McPherson.

SPENCER STONE         Died 27 Jan. 1870.

SILAS H. STONE          Md. Emily Carruthers, 31 Aug 1843

WM. T. STONE             Md. Elizabeth Thomas 28 March 1847

ANN E. STONE             Md. Joseph Frazer (of Rush Co., Indiana)

CATHERINE STONE    Md. John D. Hale (of wabash Co., Indiana)

EMELINE STONE         Md.  John A. Carrothers

JOSEPHINE STONE     Md.  Hiram Linsey 6 Dec 1849 (Her cousin)


ELIAS S. STONE        Born 22 Feb. 1836, Fayette Co. Indiana.
                                   Md.  Mary A. Matlock 15 Oct. 1857. Capt. in Civil War.

The above listed children were named in Elias Stone's Will.  dated 30 October 1858, probated 11 August  1870.  Wife, Catherine Stone also named.  Wabash County Indiana Probate Records and Marriage Records.


        Married Wm. H. Feland 5 December 1818, Lincoln County Kentucky.


        Md. Cuthbert Burton 28 October 1824.  John V. Lindsey, Surety.  Consent of
        Spencer Stone and Ann Stone, Lincoln County Kentucky.


     Md.  Ludwell Duncan 21 December 1824., consent of Spencer Stone and
        Ann Stone. Lincoln County Kentucky.


     Md. John Fresh 17 June 1835.  Consent of Spencer Stone and Ann Stone
        for their "Grand daughter".  Lincoln County Kentucky..


     John V. Linsey, Jr. was born in Scott County, Kentucky in 1798.  He was named as an heir in his father's will.  Scott County Deed Book D, page 340, records Spencer and Ann Stone of Lincoln County release of dower to John V. Linsey, dated 28 May 1818.  Deed Book C, page 105, dated 1819, reocrds John V. Linsey's sale of 117 Acres on the Cincinnati Road, on Dry Run, to B. S. Chambers.

        John Married Catherine Miller on the 17 July 1827.  Hiram Miller was Surety and Jacob Miller consented to his daughter's marriage.  Hiram Miller was a witness.  Lincoln County kentucky marriage records.

        John had been buying land in Fayett County Indiana for some years before his marriage.  By 1830 he and Catherine and their two small children moved there.  John's sister, Katherine Lindsey Stone and her husband, Elias Stone (John's step brother) had already made the same move.  John continued to buy Fayette County land.  In the 1860 census he valued his Real Estate at $12,000.  18 December 1862 the Fayette County lands John V. Lindsey died owning were partitioned to his widow and heirs.

The children of John V. Linsey and Catherine Miller Lindsey were:

HIRAM LINDSEY,  Born 1828 LIncoln or Garrard County Kentucky.  Hiram married Josephine America Stone (his 1st. cousin) 6 december 1849, Wabash County, Indiana.  Hiram died May 1883, LaFontaine, Wabash County. (Obit.  WABASH WEEKLY COURIER.).

ELIZABETH LINDSEY, Born 4th. October 1829, Garrard County Kentucky.  she married William Clifford on the 28th. of December 1845 in Fayette County, Indiana.

ROBERT LINDSEY, Obit. WABASH PLAIN DEALER, 20 Dec. 1889, Burial in Falls Cemetery.

PERMELIA LINDSEY,  Md.  _______Wolf.

ELIZA LINDSEY,  Md. ________Duncan

John E. Linsey    Born 1834, Md. Ellen Smullen on the 23 February 1854.




John V. Lindsey, Jr. Sources:  Lincoln County Kentucky, Marriage Records, Scott County Kentucky Probate Records and Deeds, Fayette County Indiana Deeds, Wabash County Indiana Obituaries, Federal census Kentucky and Indiana.

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