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1158. William (MF) SHERMAN was born on 4 Jul 1811 in Marshfield, MA. He died on 10 Aug 1879 in Medford, MA. He has reference number 287.

He was married to Marietta SHERMAN (daughter of Arthur SHERMAN and Henrietta CHURCH) on 28 Nov 1833 in Marshfield, MA. Marietta SHERMAN was born on 6 Dec 1813 in Marshfield or Scituate, MA. She died on 11 Sep 1895 in Medford, MA. She has reference number 288. William (MF) SHERMAN and Marietta SHERMAN had the following children:

child1731 i. Arthur William (MF) SHERMAN.
child+1732 ii. Marshall Alonzo (MF) SHERMAN.
child1733 iii. Marion Abbott (MF) SHERMAN.
child1734 iv. Mary Elizabeth (MF) SHERMAN.
child1735 v. Henrietta Francena (MF) SHERMAN.
child+1736 vi. Henrietta Francena Church (MF) SHERMAN.
child+1737 vii. Thomas Benton (MF) SHERMAN.
child+1738 viii. Walter Scott (MF) SHERMAN.
child+1739 ix. Daniel Webster (MF) SHERMAN.

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