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1054. Sally (MF) SHERMAN was born on 20 Jun 1780 in prob: Plympton, MA. She died on 7 Feb 1845. She has reference number 3412.

She was married to Lancelot BURGESS on 20 Jul 1800 in Carver, MA. Lancelot BURGESS was born about 1778. He died on 1 Apr 1821 in lost at sea. He has reference number 3455. Sally (MF) SHERMAN and Lancelot BURGESS had the following children:

child2133 i. Lances Wing BURGESS was born on 1 Feb 1803 in Carver, MA. He died in Nov 1816. He has reference number 7108.
child2134 ii. Sally Sherman BURGESS was born on 2 Oct 1804 in Carver, MA. She has reference number 7109.
child2135 iii. Charles T. BURGESS was born in Jan 1806. He died in Jan 1822. He has reference number 7110.
child2136 iv. James C. BURGESS was born on 23 Dec 1808. He has reference number 7111.
child2137 v. George R. BURGESS was born on 25 May 1810. He died in 1812. He has reference number 7112.
child2138 vi. William B. BURGESS was born in 1812. He has reference number 7113.
child2139 vii. George R. BURGESS was born in 1815. He died in May 1828. He has reference number 7114.
child2140 viii. Lancey Wing BURGESS was born about 11 Mar 1820. He has reference number 7115.

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