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Descendancy of Major Samuel Lane

Name: 1. Major Samuel LANE I
Father: Richard LANE (1596-1657), drowned in a storm at Eleuthera, Bahamas.
Mother: Alice CARTER (1603-Sep 1678)
Individual Facts
Birth abt 1628 in London, England
Immigration 1635 with his parents to the Isle of Providence, Bahamas. Returned to England by 1657.
Immigration 1663 in Anne Arundel Co., MD (age 35)
Military bet 1674 and 1681 in Colony of Maryland (age 46)
Death: 1681 in Anne Arundel Co., MD (age 53)
Will: 18 Jan 1681 in Anne Arundel Co., MD (age 53)
2. Margaret MAULDEN
Marriage: 1669 in Anne Arundel Co., MD (age 41)
3. Samuel LANE Jr (abt 1670-1715), b. and d. Anne Arundel Co., MD, m. Sarah Harrison (1680 - ?)
4. Dutton LANE (abt 1671-bef 8 Oct 1726), b. and d. Anne Arundel Co., MD, m. Pretitia Tydings.
5. Sarah LANE (abt 1675-)

Military: He was head of the militia opposing the Seneca Indians.
1. Larry A. James. The Lane Family, Maj. Samuel Lane and his Descendants. Larry A. James, Neosho, MO, 1997. Page 8.

Name: 4. Dutton LANE
Father: 1. Major Samuel LANE I (abt 1628-1681)
Mother: 2. Margaret MAULDEN (abt 1628-)
Individual Facts
Birth abt 1671 in Anne Arundel Co., MD
Land Grant 1699 in Lane's Triangle, Baltimore, MD (age 28)
Occupation Deputy Surveyor (1700) (age 29)
Will 31 May 1716 (age 45)
Death bef 8 Oct 1726 in Anne Arundel Co., MD (age 55)
6. Pretitia TYDINGS
Marriage abt 1690 in Baltimore Co., MD (age 19)
7. Dutton LANE (bet 1695 and 1700-1783), m. Diana Boring in 1732
8. Samuel LANE II (abt 1700-bef 1779), m. Jane Corbin about 1735
9. Richard LANE (abt 1702-1770), m. Sarah Fuller of Baltimore Co., MD
10. Margaret LANE (bet 1705 and 1708-aft 1742), m. William Merryman of Baltimore Co., MD
11. Sarah LANE (bet 1710 and 1715-), m. Robert Sweeting of Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD in 1733
12. Charity LANE (bet 1716 and 1726-)
13. John LANE (bet 1716 and 1726-1769), m. Avarilla Bosley in 1754

1. Larry A. James. The Lane Family, Maj. Samuel Lane and his Descendants. Larry A. James, Neosho, MO, 1997. Page 14.

Name: 9. Richard LANE
Father: 4. Dutton LANE (abt 1671-bef 8 Oct 1726)
Mother: 6. Pretitia TYDINGS (aft 1671-aft 1716)
Individual Facts
Birth abt 1702 in Baltimore Co., MD
Emigration 1746 in Pittsylvania Co., VA (age 44)
Death 1770 in Pittsylvania Co., VA (age 68)
14. Sarah FULLER
Marriage abt 1725 in MD (age 23)
15. Rev. Tidence LANE (30 Aug 1724-30 Jan 1806), m. Hester Bibbin in 1743
16. John Fuller LANE (1727-1785), b. Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD, m. Elizabeth Cloud in 1746, d. in Washington Co., TN (then NC)
17. Rev. Dutton LANE (15 Jul 1730-1801), m. Elizabeth Oakes abt 1758
18. Samuel LANE (4 Oct 1732-)
19. Jemima LANE (7 Mar 1735-)
20. Richard LANE Jr. (-)

1. Larry A. James. The Lane Family, Maj. Samuel Lane and his Descendants. Larry A. James, Neosho, MO, 1997. Page 20.

Name: 15. Rev. Tidence LANE
Father: 9. Richard LANE (abt 1702-1770)
Mother: 14. Sarah FULLER (7 Aug 1702-)
Individual Facts
Chr. abt 1724 in St. Paul's Parish, Baltimore, MD (age 0)
Birth 30 Aug 1724 in Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD
Emigration bet 1743 and 1772 in Yadkin River, NC (age 19)
Ordained bef 1772 in NC (age 48)
Misc. Executor for will of Stubal Sterns (Feb 1772) (age 47)
Emigration 1778 in Boone's Creek, Washington Co., TN (age 54)
Religion Baptist (1779) (age 55)
Military 1780 in North Carolina (age 56)
Will 2 Jul 1795 in Jefferson Co., TN (age 70)
Death 30 Jan 1806 in Whitesburg, Hamblen Co., TN (age 81)
21. Hester BIBBIN
Marriage 9 May 1743 in All Saints Parrish, Frederick, Frederick Co., MD (age 18)
22. Aquilla LANE (18 May 1753-24 Nov 1819)
23. John LANE (1757-)
24. Dutton LANE (1761-)
25. Tidence LANE Jr. (12 May 1763-25 Jan 1841)
26. Sarah LANE (12 May 1763-)
27. Richard LANE (bet 1764 and 1770-)
28. Joseph LANE (-)
29. Elizabeth LANE (-)
30. William LANE (-)
31. Senea LANE (-)
32. Samuel LANE (1770/71-1847) from whom Phillip Snow is descended.

Chr: He was christened "Tidings" according to the registry.
Misc1: Stubal Sterns was the preacher, who so impressed Tidence in his ministry.
Religion: He established this church as "the first pastor of the first permanent church organization of any denomination in the Tennessee country."
Military: He was a chaplain in the Revolutionary War at the Battle of Kings Mountain.
Death: Now Hamblen Co. TN, near Whitesburg.
1. The will of Stubal Sterns, dated 10-24-1771.
2. Larry A. James. The Lane Family, Maj. Samuel Lane and his Descendants. Larry A. James, Neosho, MO, 1997. Pages 31 - 40.

Living Descendants of Maj. Samuel LANE

Editor's NOTES: From my research I have found that Maj. Samuel LANE'S father, Richard LANE had two other children, a Jo (Joseph) and a Oziel LANE Richard LANE first came to VA. We find the following: "1635, Apr. 16 - These p'ties hereafter expresses are to be transported to the Island of Providence imbarqued in the Expectation , having taken the Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacie; As likewise being comformable to the Church of England whereof they brought testimonie from the Ministers and justices of peace, of their abodes: Richard Lane, 38; Alice Lane, 30; Samuel Lane, 7; Jo: Lane, 4; Oziell Lane, 3. " This is in "Musters of the Inhabitants in VA. pg. 67 In another refrence it states it was the year 1641, I am not sure which is the correct year, 1635 or 1641. Richard LANE died at Sea in the Bahama's.

Check out this web site I have on Richard LANE, father of Maj. Samuel LANE. Richard LANE

Many have thought that Joseph Lane of JAMESTOWN was the son of this Richard, however after doing much research, I have found, the Joseph LANE that was born in 1665 and md. to Julian, who is to have been the grandson of Richard LANE is actually the son of Thomas LANE who md. Elizabeth JONES in 1661(Jamestown, VA), thus cannot be descended from Richard LANE. For Richard did not have a son by the name of Thomas. See the following: Thomas LANE of Jamestown Email me if you have any questions on the Jamestown Lanes at Heather W. Bowers

See another GREAT web site on the descendants of Samuel Lane, son of Richard LANE

Dave McCutchan at: descends as follows:

Maj. Samuel Lane b. 1628 = Margaret Maulden
Dutton Lane b. abt 1675 = Pretitia Tydings
Samuel Lane b. 1700 = Jane Corbin
Samuel Lane b. Feb 8 1735/1736 = Kezia (Sias)
James Lane b. 1795 = Martha Steele
Hannah Isabell Lane = William Porter
Frank McCutchan = Pearl Evelyn Porter
Arthur McCutchan = Wynne Gillespie
Dave McCutchan