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FISK related entries in the Framlingham Parish Registers


These are mainly records from the parish records themselves. I have also supplemented them with entries from the Bishop's Transcripts. These are the entries with dates composed of just the year.
1563Tho. Fyske Marg't Moore  
1631Geo. FiskeEliz. Aldrich  
1635Tho. FiskeSu. Dodham  
1688Dan. Purse s. of F.Eliz. Fisk s. of F.  
30Oct1744THOMAS FISKESARAH GREEN both singlepersons of Framlingham by banns
30Sep1745ROBERT FISKE of Kelsale singlemanELIZABETH BULLARD of Sibton singlewoman by licence
17Oct1748HENRY FISK of Blythburgh singlemanSUSAN WYTHE of Framlingham singlewoman by banns
1750Tho. Fish s. of F.Eliz. Pratt, s. of F.  
06Oct1761 DANIEL WHEYMAN (widower) of this parish ANNE FISK (spinster) of this parish William Mantle, William Clarke by banns
03Jan1774 ROBERT FISKE (bachelor) of the parish of Dennington ELIZABETH READ (spinster) of this parish James Pulham, Robert Berry by banns
12Oct1799 ROBERT FISK (bachelor) of this parish SUSAN BUGG (spinster) of this parish Elizabeth Bugg, James Goodwyn by licence
25Feb1820 WILLIAM FISK (bachelor) of this parish FANNY BRIDGES (spinster) of this parish John Fruer Bridges, Sophia Bridges by licence
14Dec1823 REUBEN FISK (bachelor) of Dennington JANE ROSE (spinster) of this parish John Rose, Mary Hearn by banns
17Jul1826 JOHN PECK (bachelor) of this parish HANNAH BARKER (spinster) of this parish Mary Fisk, John Peck by banns
09Jan1828 SPENCER LEEK (widower) of this parish ANN BRIDGES (spinster) of this parish Wm Fisk, Silvanus Bridges by licence
09Jan1828 SILVANUS BRIDGES (bachelor) of this parish HARRIOT MIDDLETON (spinster) of this parish Wm Fisk, Spencer Leek by banns
16May1837 ABRAHAM FISK (bachelor) of this parish ELIZABETH WARDLEY (spinster) of this parish James Wardley, Louisa Robinson by banns
28Apr1839 GEORGE FISK full age (bachelor) labourer of Framlingham SUSAN READ minor (spinster) of Framlingham Groom's father - Robert Fisk, labourer, Bride's father - Abraham Read, labourer Witness - William Read, Robert Carr by banns
11Jun1841 AUGUSTUS FREDERIC WILLIAMS full age (bachelor) carpenter of Framlingham MARY ANN FISK full age (spinster) of Framlingham Groom's father - Charles Williams, excise officer, Bride's father - Henry Fisk, labourer,Witness - Natham Harsum, Mary Ann Butcher by banns
05Feb1845 WILLIAM FISK full age (bachelor) glazier of Framlingham REBECCA THURLOW full age (spinster) of Framlingham Groom's father - William Fisk, plumber, Bride's father - John Thurlow, stone mason, Witness - Thomas Thurlow, Henry Fisk, Fanny Fisk, Hannah Thurlow by licence
10Apr1846 CHARLES GOODWIN full age (bachelor) carpenter of Framlingham HARRIETT WILKIN full age (spinster) of Framlingham Groom's father - Charles Goodwin, butler, Bride's father - Thomas Wilkin, comerical, Witness - John Abbott, Fanny Fisk by banns
30May1849 THOMAS COOPER full age (bachelor) moulder of St Margarets Ipswich MARY FISK full age (spinster) of Framlingham Groom's father - John Cooper, labourer, Bride's father - John Fisk, labourer, Witness - John Fisk, Ann Fisk by banns
24May1858 GEORGE HUNT full age (bachelor) plumber & glazier of Framlingham ANN FISK ,full age (spinster) of Framlingham Groom's father - Guilfou Hunt, plumber & glazier, Bride's father - William Fisk, plumber & glazier, Witness - Fauer Bridges, Susannah Bridges of certificate from superintendent registrar of the Plomsgate district
26Dec1863 GEORGE FISK full age (bachelor) draper of Framlingham JANE GRAY full age (spinster) of Framlingham Groom's father - William Fisk, plumber, Bride's father - George Gray, farmer, Witness - George Gray, William Gray, Sarah Emma Gray, Henrietta Gray by licence
06Feb1867 SAMUEL BARKER full age (bachelor) labourer of Framlingham MARY ANN FISK 20 yrs (spinster) of Blythford Groom's father - Samuel Barker, labourer, Bride's father - William Fisk, labourer, Witness - George Barker, Georgannia Nichols by banns
15Oct1868 HENRY CHILVERS full age (bachelor) labourer of Framlingham CLARA FISK full age (spinster) of Framlingham Groom's father - Henry Chilvers, labourer, Bride's father - William Fisk, labourer, Witness - George Baxter, Samuel Lane Senr. by banns
26Jul1896 ARTHUR FISK 26 (bachelor) labourer of Framlingham MARY ANN WRIGHT 26 (spinster) of Framlingham Groom's father - Isaac Fisk (deceased), Bride's father - Isaac Wright, labourer, Witness - Jeremiah Hammond, Margaret Baker by banns
29Mar1909 ALBERT JAMES RAWLINGS 34 (widower) labourer of Framlingham SELINA SIMS 19 (spinster) of Framlingham Bride's father - Neil Sims, general dealer, Witness - Alfred William Mayhew, Rose May Fisk by banns
12Dec1920 PERCY HAROLD FISKE 26 (bachelor) engineer draughtsman of Framlingham JUANITA CARMEN O'VALLE 31 (spinster) of Leiston Groom's father - Herbert Fiske, engineer, Bride's father - Carolus O'Valle (deceased), Witness - Maurice George Plane, Jessie Fiske by licence

Burials upto 1920

12Nov1727ANN FISKMr Milles almswoman
07Jan1787GILES FISKage 71
16May1788SARAHwidow of GILES FISK
07Oct1794MARY FISKwidow
05Jun1803SUSANwife of ROBERT FISK
22Oct1809MARY ANN FISKinfant
11Sep1814MARY FISK of Framlingham17 months
04Mar1817SUSANNA FISK of Framlingham45 yrs
16Aug1818MARY FISK of Framlingham35 yrs
24May1819MATILDA FISK of Framlingham9 months
23Jan1822FRANCES FISK BALDREY of Framlingham 5 weeks
13Apr1827ELIZABETH FISK of Framlingham 74
16Aug1831ROBERT FISK of Cransford 78 yrs
05Oct1838ELIZABETH FISK of Framlingham infant
14Mar1839MARY FISK of Framlingham 83 yrs
23Dec1844JANE FISK of Framlingham (died of tyhlius fever) 4 yrs
17Jul1845CHARLES FISK of Framlingham infant
05Apr1846GEORGE FISK of Framlingham 33 yrs
05Apr1848FRANCIS FISK of Framlingham (Cransford) 68 yrs
16Dec1852FANNY FISK of Framlingham 56 yrs
22Nov1858WILLIAM FISK of Framlingham 62 yrs
22Mar1864EMMA FISK of Framlingham 26 yrs
03Jul1876FLORENCE JANE FISK of Framlingham 6 mths
03Jan1884ANN FISK of Framlingham 69
21Mar1885BEATRICE ELLEN FISK of Framlingham 5 months
10Feb1890HENRY FISK of Framlingham 66 yrs
18Dec1907GEORGE FISK of Framlingham 73 yrs
28Apr1916JANE FISK of Framlingham 74 yrs
12Feb1919HENRY FISK, Melton Asylum (Late of Framlingham) 51

Baptisms 1560 to 1774

Note my records are far from complete here. If anyone has the full details please get in contact with me.
31Jul1575NICHOLAS FYSKEthe sonne of MATHEW and ELIZABETH FISKE of Laxfield
11Sep1746Elizabeth Fiskbase dau of Susan YALLOP Benjamin FISKE being the reputed father
27Mar1774Robert Fiskson of Robert and Elizabeth FISK

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