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James Breakey & Mary Ann Cook of Scotland


[Editorís note:  Unless otherwise noted, the following lineage is taken from data supplied by Neil Hamilton-Smith of Edinburgh, Scotland, a descendant of James Breakey and Mary Ann Cook. (Correspondence to author dated 28 July 1987, 16 August 1987 & 27 February 1989)].

 1  James1 Breakey, weaver, married Mary Ann Cook 13 December 1824 in Glasgow High Church Parish,  Mr. John Barr, Relief Minister in Glasgow officiating. (Neil believes the Relief Church was very similar to the Free Church of Scotland).

Mary Ann Cook was born in Ireland 1798+/- one year, the daughter of James Cook, tailor, and Catharine Brown.  Mary Ann was a widow at the time of the 1851 Census, residing at 148 High St, Glasgow.  She died on 2 December 1857,  age 59, at 250 High St, Glasgow.  She is buried in Section 9, Class P, Lot 18 of Sighthill Cemetery, Glasgow without a gravestone. 

The children of James and Mary Ann Cook Breakey were:

2    i    Ellen Breakey born 1825

3   ii    William Breakey baptised 4 August 1828

     iii    Mary Ann Breakey baptised 24 1833, died 27 April 1914 from bronchial pneumonia.  She was a medical nurse, and unmarried.

      iv    Matilda Breakey born 1834; imbecile from birth; stayed with younger sister Catherine until the 1881 census. [Ed. note: Matilda Margaret Breaky christened 9 March 1836, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland (courtesy of  Church of Latter Day Saints).  Matilda died 1896, age 60, District of Partick, Lanark County (Statutory Index of Deaths 1855-1952 per research of Kenneth C. Breakey to editor)].

4   v    Catherine Breakey born 1 January 1838

5   vi    Jane Breakey baptised 14 June 1840

     vii    James Isaiah Breakey born 16 July 1843.  Not with mother in 1851 Census.

[Editor's note:  If the Irish or Scottish naming custom held true for this family, one might suspect that the first born son was named after his paternal grandfather, whereas the second born son was named after the father].

*  *  *  *

2 Ellen2 (James1) Breakey married  James Archibald, hatter, on 28 March 1847 in Glasgow. She was described as a 'sick nurse.'  The 1861 Census describes James Archibald as a 'silk hat finisher.'   Ellen died at age 58 on 5 December 1883 at 25 Queensferry St in  Edinburgh. 

Children:  Henry Archibald born circa 1848

*  *  *  *

3 William2 (James1) Breakey  married Elizabeth Stewart, age 22, (daughter of Charles Stewart, lithographic printer, and Elizabeth Patrick), on 26 June 1857 in Glasgow.  William was a warehouse man.  He died on 23 December 1918. [per Kenneth C. Breakey - 1861 Census indicates William and Elizabeth were living in Glasgow City with their first two children].


    i    James Cook Breakie born 28 April 1858; died 1904; unmarried.

    ii    Elizabeth Patrick Breakie born 6 March 1860

    iii.  Charles Stewart Breakie born 25 August 1861

    iv   Mary Ann Breakie born 24 August 1863; married; died 1929

    v    William Breakie born 11 December 1865; married; died 1947

    vi    Robert Stewart Breakie born 7 January 1868; died 1942; unmarried

    vii   Henry Archibald Breakie born 3 June 1870; died 1945; unmarried

    viii   John Gilchrist Stewart Breakie born 29 September 1874; died 1900; unmarried

    ix    George Straine Breakie born 29 September 1874;  died 1904 


[Neil's comment:  BREAKIE spelling adopted by William alone of James' children.  Whether this was caused by William or the Registrar's clerk, I don't know.  Another use of the spelling is by James Breakie, cotton weaver, and his wife Catherine (nee McGhee) who were in Maybole, Ayr.  No known association with my ancestors]

*  *  *  *

4 Catherine2 (James1) Breakey married George Straine, a piano maker & music seller from Ireland, on 30 March 1863.  They moved from Glasgow to Greenock, Scotland. George Straine was a member of St. John's Church of Scotland in Glasgow.  Catherine died on 6 July 1920.


    i    Mary Cook Straine born 10 April 1863

    ii    Isabella McKinney Straine born 11 April 1865; died 1937

    iii    George William Straine born 9 June 1867; died 1922

    iv    James Breakey Straine born 6 September 1869; died 1874

    v    Ellen Breakey Straine born 29 March 1872; died 1872

    vi    William Basil Straine born 11 October 1874; died 1874

 6 vii    Jane Breakey Straine born 13 April 1876; died 1922

    viii    Henry Archibald Straine born 21 May 1878.  At the time of his death in 1931 his mother is recorded as Catherine Hamilton Straine (Breakie) deceased.

    ix    Catherine Breakey Straine born 3 September 1880; died 1880

    x    Harvey Reid Straine born 13 February 1884; died 1884

* *  *  * 

5  Jane2 (James1) Breakey was baptised 14 June 1840 witnesses being William Evans and Andrew Breakey.  Jane married William Horn on 1 January 1867 in Partick (a district of Glasgow, north of the Clyde)  where they resided.


    i     Peter White Horn born 17 October 1876

    ii    Mary Ann Breakey Horn born 19 September 1869

    iii    James Breakey Horn born 31 January 1872

    iv    Helen Olive Horn born 3 December 1877

    v    Catherine Breakey Horn born 2 January 1880

    vi    Jane Cook Breakey Horn born 28 April 1881

    vii    Hugh Cameron Horn born 26 December 1883

*  *  *  *

6  Jane3 (Catherine2, James1) Breakey Straine, religious affiliation - Church of Scotland, married ? Forsyth.


    i    Georgina Mary Findlay Forsyth born 16 Feb 190?

    ii    Margaret Julia Breakey Gill Forsyth born 3 September 1907; unmarried

    iii    Elizabeth Olive Isabel Hamilton Forsyth born 8 July 1910