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Monaghan Verse: An Exile Remembers


            Sometime after completing Chapter Five and, in passing, mentioning the identity of J. Nunn, I happened across a possible reference to the gentleman.  It may be found at (Click on “Monaghan Names in Verse.”)

            The verse itself, rather lengthy, was printed in Toronto newspaper in 1879 and “refers to Monaghan as it was fifty years earlier [1849] (sic), at the height of the Catholic Emancipation Controversy.”  It is from a booklet, “A Souvenir of Monaghan,” Oct 1968.

            The verse itself mentions upwards of three hundred names of Monaghan locals; it is subdivided into categories: mercantile, professional, bakers, butchers, blacksmiths, sawyers, deformed citizens, miscellaneous.  Under the subdivision ‘Professional,’ the following was extracted:

                                   " Flemming, Reilly, Mitchell, Wright,

                                     Swanzy, Dudgeon, Nunn and Knight,

                                    Attorneys always silly grinning

                                    While they their clients cash were winning."