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Appendix B

Pictorial Essay of Memoirs - Book II

    The following photographs were taken, and the notes compiled, by author Ken Breakey on 17 April 2003 during his visit to the Presbyterian Historical Society, Belfast, NI.




                Index Pages                                                   Short Family History

    It is a bound manuscript notebook.  Pages 1 - 109, then jumps to 200. Page 110 is crossed out and it finishes with page 208.  Index 107 - 200 to 207.

    Title Page - "This is my second record book commenced in January 1901 -written by Thos. Breakey of Drumskelt."

    Book Two  contained an envelope with  the above short history,  and four  letters dated 1915-1945, all of which are  transcribed below.

* * *

Addressee unknown;  typewritten letter from 'Mary Breakey Gillespie, Gallatin, Missouri, America'; received 25 November 1915 is noted:

Almost all of the letter deals with the husband of Mary Breakey Gillespie, and his lineage,  with the exception of the following quote: " Father wrote our family record for Tom and it is in Drumskelt."

* * *

The following is a handwritten letter:

Drumskelt House, Ballybay, Monaghan, January 7th 1929

The Secretary, Presbyterian Historical Museum

Dear Lady,

I have been informed you have in the museum two (2) record books written by my father, Thos. Breakey, Drumskelt House, Ballybay.  I have lost these two record books through an episcopel (sic) clergman (sic)  who lost his memory & could not tell  me to whom he had given them.  I would like to know who deposited them with you & how the gentleman came by them.  I have no desire to take them from you, But would like to know, are they safe from anyone taking them away from the museum?

These two record books have been left to me by my father's will & naturally I am anxious that they should be safe.

Thanking you in anticipation, Yours Sincerely,  Rob't ? E. Breakey

* * *

Drumskelt House, Ballybay, January 12th 1929

The Secretary Presbyterian Historical Soc'y

Dear Madam,

Your letter of the 9th ins't has brought my long quest to a close.  I was so glad to know the books were in safe keeping.

I deposit these two (Breakey MSS) with the Presbyterian Historical Soc'y & should I want them at  any time, that I shall be allowed to have them & when I am finished, I will return.

Thank you so much for being so  prompt.

Yours Sincerely, Rob't ? E. Breakey

* * *

Drumskelt House, Ballybay (a formally printed heading); 17/7/45

Miss D. Stewart, Presbyterian Historical Soc'y

Dear Miss Stewart,

I have got your name from Mr. I. G. Bell. Sabbath School  Soc'y.

I have a very old linen stamp used in "Greenvale' Ballybay, where the Breakeys made linen.  It is brass the wording on the stamp is Isaiah Breakey, Monaghan, with the harp & crown in the centre.  It was used in a machine therefore has no handle.  Isaiah Breakey was born somewhere round 1734.  And I have also a belt with the ['crest and' - both words which are crossed out] coat of arms of the Breakey family.  If I send you these two, would you put them with my father's record book.  I am sure they would be interesting to many.

You can answer me at your convenience and should you decide to accept this, I will forward by Reg. Post.

Thanking you, Yours Faithfully, Rob't Breakey

* * *

Drumskelt House, Ballybay (a formally printed heading); 23/7/45

[Part of the addressee's address is missing. In the photographs taken by author K. Breakey one can see that a small embossed  clipping of the arms of Breakey (see Figure 5 in "An Investigative Report on the Arms of Breakey (de Brequet) in The Breakey Collection) has been attached to the letter.  However, the surname 'Stewart' is clearly visible.]

I received your letter dated 19th ins't -----you.  I have forwarded the belt and also the linen stamp together, and given them to Mr. Albert Saunderson [or Anderson]  who is going with the Rev'd James Kilgore to Belfast on Sunday next. the 24th ins't and I have given him instructions to leave the  parcel (which is addressed to you) with the Sabbath School Soc'y so you can be on the look out for it.  I send a copy of the Coat of Arms that is on the Buckle of the belt. The crest has been left out owing I expect to it making the buckle to large.  It's a fine piece of work.  The Coat of Arms were taken out in 1812 by my Grandfather, but the leather part is only [this is quite illegible but appears as 24] years put on.  It must be close on 150 years since the linen stamp was in use. 

I [illegible] they may be of interest to any members of the Breakey family who should call.

Again thanking you, Yours faithfully, Rob't Breakey

* * *

[Authors' Note: The old linen stamp and the belt with the Breakey coat of arms, to which Robert Breakey refers, have come up missing;  therefore author Ken Breakey was unable to photograph them. However, courtesy of  Bert I. F. Breakey, author M. Breakey has in her files an impression of the linen stamp (personal communication, July 1979).  Should the reader wish more information regarding the linen stamp, please see Chapter Six of 'An Investigative Report on the Arms of Breakey (de Brequet)' in The Breakey Collection.]