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Appendix C

The Mill at Lisnagalliagh

The following photographs were taken by author Ken Breakey in October of 2001.




 On 30 April 1983 Mr. Art Montgomery stated in his correspondence to author Marilyn Breakey, "To turn now to this Isaiah Breakey who had the mill in green vale [sic] and see what traces are left of Isaiah occupation.  Not much although one can trace where the old mill buildings were amalgamated into use for modern agricultural uses, see the old mill race, etc."

Peadar Murnane further states:  "Yes the mill that Ken photographed was Lisnagalliagh, just opposite Mt. Carmel.  It was popularly known as Greenvale,  then and now.  A family of Irwins lived in Lisnagalliagh and they were known as the Irwins of Greenvale to distinguish them from so many other families of the same name...The present building is a reconstruction of the original mill; it was possibly converted into a flax scutching mill or corn mill and finally to farm housing.  I would say that the present foundations are those of the original.  The water course runs by the gable end."